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10 Best Sweet Onion Substitutes

The sweetness of onion is a staple in many dishes. But, what do you do when they’re not available? In this article, we have a sweet onion substitute that can be used to replace the flavor and texture of onions in your favorite recipes.

You can do Sweet onion substitution with Garlic, Ginger, Mint, Lemon juice, Vinegar, Cumin powder, Leeks, Shallots, Scallions, Pearl Onions.

Substitutes For Vidalia Onions

  1. Garlic
  2. Ginger
  3. Mint
  4. Lemon juice
  5. Vinegar
  6. Cumin powder
  7. Leeks
  8. Shallots
  9. Scallions
  10. Pearl Onions

1. Garlic:

vidalia onion substitute

Garlic is the best substitute for a sweet onion! It has a sharp taste that blends well with other strong flavors like spices and more. We have different types of garlic at our store: white, green, purple, African. Our customer service staff would be happy to offer suggestions so you can find what will suit your needs.

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Imagine winter, when all of your friends are inside, without you. There is no one to let in the oven door for ten minutes to capture that toasty garlic flavor. One single whiff and you will be transported back in time both physically and emotionally as if you were there, eager for a hearty meal by the fire with those special someone stuffed animals.

2. Ginger:

vidalia onion substitute

Ginger contains both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can help you achieve the perfect balance of yin and yang for your day. Let Ginger take care of it for you – because we all know onion breath is no joy at breakfast time!

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No need to fear the gingersnap or a pint of Guinness this Thanksgiving. Give your taste buds a new adventure with our sweet ginger onion substitute! Starting off as its own spice in ancient Africa, ginger has traveled across the globe and become one of America’s favorite flavors to add to both food and drinks. Add some life back into dishes like ground turkey for tacos, or create sweet desserts that call for sugar by adding ʻshoga instead. It will be hard not to serve up anything without it once you see how great – and healthy! -it tastes in all your recipes.

3. Mint:

substitute for vidalia onions

Mint is a great Vidalia onion substitute.

When you think of onion, what do you think of? Tears. Nobody likes chopping onions, and even if they are the last ingredient in a recipe, it can be too much to bear! That’s why we use this product just for you so nobody will ever have to chop an onion again. With our mint-flavored Sweeting alternative snack on hand, food preparation is going to be a breeze.

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We all know how hard it can be to get the right amount of onion in your recipe. Well, you no longer have to worry about that! Meet Mint’s sweet, flavorful taste and trick your friends into thinking you made a delicious dish- with less effort!

4. Lemon juice:

substitute for vidalia onions

Don’t do anything crazy! Don’t use the oven! Need a sweet onion in your savory dish? Try squeezing some fresh lemon juice on top. So, it won’t taste just like it, but with the right amount of salt and pepper, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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It doesn’t give food that same slightly sweet taste that onion would have but is still the perfect way to add zest and personality to any dish. Not to mention there’s no risk of accidentally chopping off those pesky appendages…unless you forget it on the kitchen counter overnight – that will happen sometimes too.

Deliciously tart citrus that is perfect on soups and salads. To make it even better, the citrus belongs to those in the band “The Lemonheads.”

5. Vinegar:

10 Best Sweet Onion Substitutes

Sometimes you just need a little something to spice up your wit. And while most people think about using vinegar for cooking, this sweet onion substitute is perfect when you’re preparing food or serving at a dinner party! So, if there’s no vinegar on hand? Vinegar will do the trick.

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Acetic acid has a flavor that is similar to that of an onion, but one hundred times more intense. If you’re allergic to onions or just don’t like them very much, then this vinegar substitute will make your cooking tasty and relieving!

6. Cumin powder:

Cumin powder

Cumin powder is the perfect ingredient for all your dishes, and it also makes a really nice substitute for onions.

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One of the best things about cumin powder from Kitchen Curator is that you’ll get so many uses out of every packet: start off with 50mL or 100g worth of water to give your dish a rich onion flavor, use it as egg dust on pancakes and french toast for breakfast, sprinkle some into appetizers to add richness (it’s juicy!), bake biscuits using this blend to provide awesome depth, or try dressing up salads with it! You’ll soon find just how versatile this product can be.

7. Leeks:


imagine your favorite onion rings turned into festive green tree-shaped veggies. Leeks are sweet but starchy, so have a plate ready with ranch or cheese dip when you finish frying up this new fried food sensation!

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These hearty members of the allium family are not only a healthier option, they also have much more delicious flavor than other onion substitutes. Leeks are the perfect alternative to any recipe that calls for an onion or sausage and are as versatile as there is with any ingredient!

Leeks are slender, white disks of sweet onion-that can be used in most recipes.

8. Shallots:


Shallots are the perfect solution for those who can’t tolerate onions or just want something different during their cooking journey. They have a spicy taste that is less sweet than that of onion but still mellow in comparison to garlic.

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The texture also has somewhere in between a fresh onion and garlic. It has a crunch from the outer layer and softness on the inside. Some layers will be sweeter than others even within one specimen!

9. Scallions:

Sweet Onion Substitutes

Scallions are the perfect alternative to cooking with onions, without sacrificing any of the flavors. With a long shelf-life, the scallion’s ease in preparation and versatility will satisfy all your culinary wishes while leaving you smelling fresh.

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The perfect option for those who are allergic to onions or don’t want all the fuss. Scallions not only have a similar taste and texture but also share that healthy hunger-fighting power. So whether you’re trying to get your alternative of onion, or decided it’s time to switch up your diet. Rest assured that we’ve found a substitute worth giving a try!

10. Pearl Onions:

10 Best Sweet Onion Substitutes

Why wait for a craving to strike? Pearl onions are the craveable solution to today’s tricky food dilemma. This extraordinary onion substitute is mild and juicy, with a slightly sweet flavor. Plus, you don’t even need to peel them! They’re the perfect recipe addition because they can be sliced in long strings or chopped into smaller pieces depending on what you want your dish to look like – much easier than chopping supersized onions.

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Before cooking your pearl medallions, generously season each one with salt and pepper by tossing them back and forth between two hands (make sure your fingers are thinly spread). You could also add ground cumin or curry powder before cooking if you prefer an earthy, warming flavor.


What can I use instead of butternut squash?

Vegetables that can be used in place of butternut squash are pumpkin, avocado, and carrots.
Pumpkin has vitamin A and C which are powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals which assist in reducing the aging process. Naturally low in calories and high in fiber, a cup of cooked pumpkin boasts just 46 calories – making it a no-guilt choice for your sashimi dish or holiday dessert.”

What vegetable is similar to butternut squash?

In terms of taste, texture, and skin color, Brussel sprouts are the closest vegetables to butternut squash.
These sprouts can be a great substitute for butternut squash in many recipes where you might be looking for that similar taste profile. If you like to roast or saute your veggies, these Brussels’ are delicious due to their natural sugars caramelizing during cooking time! Give them a try!

Can you substitute carrots for butternut squash?

Yes, you can substitute carrots for butternut squash, but it will yield less and you may need to adjust some of the other ingredients to account for the difference in flavor. Butternut squash is richer, sweeter, and creamier than carrots so when substituting, reduce the amount of sugar accordingly. The same goes for any additional seasonings such as garlic powder or sage. And be careful not to overcook vegetables because what makes them more tender also breaks down their important nutrients like vitamin A and beta carotene that help promote eye health. So try roasting the carrots before adding them to your recipe instead of boiling or steaming them (the same goes for winter squash).

Can I substitute sweet potato for butternut squash?

Sure, since they’re both orange.
What you might not realize is that the term “butternut squash” actually refers to two different vegetables. Butternuts are winter squashes with a firm texture and just enough sweetness to balance out their natural bitterness. They have longer growing seasons in the north of North America (eastern Canada and the northeastern United States). Other types of winter squash grown in these regions include pumpkins, canaries, better news, acorns, and kabocha. Butternuts suddenly become a lot more delicious when you learn the following: The name butternut comes from an Algonquin word for sweet potato!

What is healthier butternut squash or sweet potato?

The answer is up for debate, but it mostly hinges on the type of sweet potato and how you cook or prepare it. If you’re just boiling a sweet potato (or even microwaving one), I would make butternut squash over sweet potatoes, because that’s the best way to get as many vitamins from a tuberous root vegetable.
However, if there is brown sugar in the recipe then there might be a case to be made for using white food items instead of yellow ones–either option will work, depending on your personal preference. Even better than browning sugar: adding additional cinnamon! Adding another spice like cardamom or ginger can also add depth to an otherwise plain dish.

Which is healthier acorn or butternut squash?

The acorn squash is smaller and lower in calories than the butternut squash because it has fewer carbohydrates.
Also, the butternut squash is very high in carbs, while the acorn squash is not as much. This ultimately means that the acorn squash will likely have a lower insulin response after its consumption. Of course, how many you eat will alter this; however, eating less of something with this kind of nutrition profile, to begin with, is always better. Though one medium portion of either should be enough to satisfy a craving for both flavors!

What can I replace the butternut squash with?

You could replace the butternut squash with sweet potatoes, carrots, or even a can of pumpkin.
Pumpkins are actually fruits instead of vegetables – so I would recommend either a can of pumpkin or sweet potatoes as their more readily available ingredients. Carrots are the other way to go if you want to make something that substitutes for the sweetness and texture but still looks like it’s got all its insides on the outside 😉 The choice is yours!

Are pumpkin and butternut squash interchangeable?

Technically, pumpkin and butternut squash are interchangeable, but they have different flavors.
Pumpkin is light orange in color and tastes more sweet and nutty while butternut squash has dark yellowish-brown skin and tastes somewhat more earthy with a stronger sweetness. So though they’re technically the same type of vegetable, they have different flavors so you might want to choose one or the other based on what you plan on using it for (like maybe a sweeter pie crust made with pumpkin, or an earthier side dish made with butternut squash).

Which is better butternut squash or sweet potato?

Sweet potatoes are usually slightly higher in calories and sugar, which can increase the risk of things like insulin resistance (high blood sugar levels) and diabetes. Butternuts contain more beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, and iron than sweet potatoes do. On top of that great nutritional profile that butternut squash packs a punch for much less caloric intake. So my advice is to try to keep serving meals with vegetables that offer variety in color as well as nutrition as part of a healthy diet because you’re getting all different kinds of health benefits when you diversify your food sources. I hope this helps!

What is a substitute for Sweet Onion?

Garlic is a substitute for Sweet Onion.
It is a member of the Allium genus, which is related to the onion and like onion contains compounds that stimulate the immune system and many consider it an antibiotic. Garlic has also long been used in folk medicine as both a preventive measure against colds and against parasites such as intestinal worms, with reported effectiveness rates varying from study to study. Moreover, garlic aromatics have anticarcinogenic properties linked with their ability to chelate heavy metals such as arsenic, indium, or lead that may be consumed through food contaminants or medication side-effects.

Can I use a yellow onion instead of a sweet onion?

Sure! And vice versa.
I recommend using whatever onion is cheaper, or whichever one you have more of on hand. If all your onions are yellow and you want some sweet flavor to your dish- no worries! Just use a sweet onion like it’s a yellow onion and add some sugar if needed. On the flip side, if all of your onions are so cheap that they can’t even be called a tenth of a dollar anymore because they’re mostly water? Cut up an expensive, fresh sweet onion and throw them into the pot with everything else- in every way but flavor, these two types of onions are pretty much identical when it comes to cooking purposes!

Which onion is sweet onion?

Sweet onion is a type of white onion that has a mild, sweet flavor. The amount of sugar varies from one variety to another, but it can be as much as 10% – 15%. Compare this percentage to Vidalia onions which are about 1% sugar and common yellow onions that have 0% to 2%. Compared with red or brown onions, the skin on a sweet onion is thin and translucent so they don’t need to be soaked in water before eating. Freshly cut sweet onions have green outer layers near the surface while they age. When unpeeled they turn from purple-brown to bright yellow in just hours because their protective covering goes through different stages of color change at maturity and during spoilage.

Can I substitute red onion for Sweet Onion?

Yes, you can substitute red onion.
There are many varieties of onions that are considered sweet, but they all taste somewhat different. For example, Vidalia onions from the Southeast US pack a deep sweetness well suited for sautéing or making dishes with white wine or lemon juice added to them. Walla Walla is similar in flavor profile and has a slightly longer storage time than Vidalias. Maui’s sweet variety (which tastes more like brown sugar or corn syrup) has become more popular due to its freshness and higher quality. Frenchman is an excellent sweet onion that can be used in any recipe where traditional Vidalia onions would work due to their similar taste and texture.

Which is sweeter yellow or white onions?

Yellow onions are sweeter than white onions because they contain more sugar.
Something that builds up from day to day, becomes the norm. The sweeter yellow onion probably contains more sugar because it has been allowed to store some of its natural sugars and has become sweet as a result. If the white onion is less sweet, this might be due to it being pickled for longer periods of time which results in less sugar available for tasting. To find out whether an onion is sweeter than another, please try them side-by-side and compare their sweetness levels yourself! It’s ok if you don’t find one of them very sweet – there is no accounting for every taste bud!

How do you tell the difference between a yellow onion and a sweet onion?

The easiest way to see the difference in their flavor. Onions that are more likely to be sweet have a slightly milder pepper flavor. Another way to tell them apart is by size, sweetness onions will be smaller than regular onions. 
The best way to go about this issue is by simply trying some of each type of onion and paying attention to what they taste like before you use them in your dishes! Mix up both kinds when cooking your next savory dish for a great tasting meal with added health benefits! Showing off how versatile this kitchen staple can be while discovering new flavors right in your home.

What can I use instead of sweet onion?

Quinoa, broccoli, and especially cumin are great substitutions for sweet onions. Cumin is often used in Mexican dishes like enchiladas or carne asada tacos. Similarly, quinoa is a popular ancient whole-grain dish that can be substituted for rice. Italian food such as penne al’arrabiata also makes use of this intensely savory spice that will add the same flavor profile to the dish as onion would otherwise have done with its sweetness. Penne al’arrabiata’s main ingredients are tomatoes, garlic, oil, and fresh basil–making it a delicious substitute when you’re out of onions!

What kind of onion is considered a sweet onion?

Vidalia, Maui, white pearl onions, Walla Walla, and Texas 1015. The best way to get sweet onions is to grow them yourself and often the sweeter the onion the darker it may be in color. This is because they have been protected from sunlight exposure as a result of being grown under or next to other vegetation such as berry bushes and grapevines which serve as natural shade from harmful UV rays.

Is a yellow onion and a sweet onion the same?

Many people compare yellow onions to sweet ones, but they’re not quite the same. The difference between a yellow onion and a sweet one is their flavor. Sweet onions have a more pungent, sweeter flavor than yellow ones do. Though they taste differently, both colors are equally as nutritious and have plenty of health benefits!
Aside from color and flavor differences, it’s worth noting that there is also a different specific variety of each type of onion which may account for reasonings behind some dissimilarities.

Is Red Onion healthier than white?

Red onions are healthy for you! They can help keep your blood pressure low, and may even reduce the risk of cancer. Studies have shown that red onion has more potent health benefits than white in terms of nutrition, but both types are generally pretty healthy.
Most people think that it is because they tend to eat less white than red onion when cooking, usually by about 50%. White onions also contain sugar and various sulfur compounds, which make them sweeter.


sweet onion substitute is a great way to add some flavor to your dish without adding too many calories. Here are 10 alternatives that can be used in place of onion for cooking savory dishes like stews, soups, or stir-frys. If you’re looking for more ideas, check out these 30 recipes with onions and garlic as the main ingredients!

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