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12 Best Substitutions For Maple Sugar

Recipes often call for sugar, and it is one of the staple ingredients when cooking. There are a number of different types of sugar. People use Maple sugar commonly for desserts. This ingredient is both part of the process of making maple syrup from sap and a consumable product. We sometimes see this component as alcohol or fat binding. But You can use it as substitutions for maple sugar with a sweetener like honey or brown sugar for a few recipes.

You can Substitute For Maple Sugar Brown Sugar, Corn Syrup, Backstrap Molasses, Honey, Cane Sugar, Coconut Palm Sugar, Turbinado Sugar, Caramel Syrup, Candy, Truvia, Coconut Nectar.

Top Maple Sugar Substitutes

  1. Brown Sugar
  2. Corn Syrup
  3. Backstrap Molasses
  4. Honey
  5. Cane Sugar
  6. Coconut Palm Sugar
  7. Turbinado Sugar
  8. Caramel Syrup
  9. Candy
  10. Truvia
  11. Coconut Nectar
  12. Coconut Sugar

1. Brown Sugar:

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is really just white sugar with molasses.  This makes it darker and gives it a deeper flavor. You can use Brown sugar instead of white sugar in most recipes that call for the use of maple syrup.  Its taste is not as strong, but You will find out a number of baked goods.

2. Corn Syrup:

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup makes an acceptable substitute for maple sugar. Check the ingredients on the package to ensure that you are getting 100% pure corn syrup. This should work well if you want to use maple flavor or if you do not have any maple sugar available. You may use Corn syrup most often as a sweetener for baking and other sweet treats.

3. Backstrap Molasses:

Backstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is another dark and rich type of sweetener that is quite similar to brown cane sugar.  It works similarly when you will mix it with maple syrup. Moreover, you can use it instead of maple sugar in some recipes where you would like that maple flavor. It can also provide a boost of iron and other minerals to your diet.

4. Honey:


Honey is another form of natural sugar. This form of sweetener could be used as an alternative to maple sugar in most recipes. You will want to use a substitute with similar grain size and texture so that the finished product turns out well. Maple syrup works best here, but if you have another sweetener on hand that will work, then go ahead and try it first before buying some additional ingredients or making a trip to the store just for one recipe ingredient.

5. Cane Sugar:

Cane Sugar

Cane sugar is a sweetener that is commonly for food production use. You can find it at most grocery stores and even some bulk food stores for sale. It works as an acceptable substitute for maple sugar. Though you may want to consider the taste first if you are looking to use this in baked goods. Cane sugar is the most common type of sweetener in many recipes. So buying some on your next trip to the store will make cooking easier when you need maple sugar.

6. Coconut Palm Sugar:

Coconut Palm Sugar

This 100% pure natural product comes from coconut palm trees. You know, This is harvesting without harming any tree or animal species. Most of these products go through minimal processing before they reach consumers, which makes them quite healthy. Coconut palm sugar also retains some of the minerals found in the tree or plant which is processed, like calcium and magnesium. This makes it a great substitute for maple syrup. Because you will get additional nutrients from this sweetener even if you are using it in non-baked foods.

7. Turbinado Sugar:

Turbinado Sugar

This natural sweetener comes from raw cane sugar. It has been stripped of anything other than its natural color and flavor. The final product looks similar to white table sugar. But still has a slightly darker look when compared side by side to refined white sugar. You can use it as an acceptable alternative to maple syrup in most recipes. Especially, it may need when you need something with a lighter flavor than brown cane sugar or corn syrup.

8. Caramel Syrup:

Caramel Syrup

This is a common sweetener that most people know and enjoy. You can use it as an acceptable substitute in many recipes. Though its sweetness level may not work for all applications. If you want to use this type of syrup or even a candy bar in place of maple sugar, then check the ingredients to make sure there is no corn syrup or other added sugars included in the mix. This makes it a healthier choice than other items on here. Though you will have to sacrifice some flavor and texture to use it. Caramel syrup has been around since the early 20th century when methods were found to turn out long strings of gooey caramelized sugar from boiling water mixed with various types of dissolved sugars. Molasses is one of the most common ingredients to add color and texture.

9. Candy:


You can use this in place of any type or grade of maple sugar. You will get Candy bars and marshmallows at most grocery stores. I think you may have to look a bit harder for hard candy in the store or online. The texture will not quite work for many recipes calling for maple syrup. On the other hand, it will still offer great flavor when added alone or atop other foods. Some examples are here like pancakes, waffles, brownies, and other desserts. Sprinkling some simple sugar candy on top of a bowl of ice cream or an oatmeal treat can bring sweet flavor without overpowering whatever you are eating as well.

10. Truvia:


This is a common natural sweetener. We are getting it from the stevia plant. You will want to be careful and check the label of any product you are buying. Some brands add corn syrup or other ingredients to their formula that will not work well in recipes. Some products may have even added sugar or molasses. It makes them much less healthy than if they were just using pure stevia extract from the tropical plant.

If you see an ingredient list with non-GMO erythritol or xylitol, then you know it is manufacturing properly without additional processing. I want to suggest to you is to find good quality formulas for this specific brand. The suggestion is to look online for them instead of shopping locally for maple sugar substitute items. Because many mass-production brands will add cheap ingredients to their products.

11. Coconut Nectar:

Coconut Nectar

This is a sweetener that comes from the sap of coconut palm trees. The nectar flows freely each time the flowers bloom on the tree. People can collect by hand or with special devices used for this purpose. It has been popular in tropical parts of Asia for many years. Though it is just starting to become more widely available in western countries like Canada and the United States.

This makes it an attractive alternative to maple syrup as well as sugar. Because you get all of its natural flavors without any artificial aftertaste. You can also use this product where you need brown sugar or molasses. Even though these are not interchangeable with one another in recipes.

12. Coconut Sugar:

Coconut Sugar

We are getting this is from the sap of coconut palms. Instead of just collecting the nectar alone, it has been dried out and ground down into a fine powder using various machines. You will not have to worry about any added molasses or other flavor enhancers. It would make it different than regular maple sugar.

It still retains its brown coloration and natural texture. For this, this makes it something worth trying. Especially, when you want some extra health benefits to go along with your sweet treats. This type of product works best in recipes that call for light sugars since cooking with dark maple syrup. It can make things slightly more bitter than usual.


Which is better maple sugar or maple syrup?  

That really depends on what you are using it for. Maple syrup can be used to replace table sugar while baking if you add a little extra liquid, such as milk or water, to make up for the reduced moisture content of pure maple sugar.

How do I use this?  

Maple sugar can be used just like regular table sugar or brown sugar. Most people prefer to use it this way instead of in its liquid form since that can be messier and harder to control when you are baking. You should stir maple sugar into your dry ingredients before adding wet items such as liquids, eggs, or sour cream. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating lumps in whatever recipe you are working on.

What to look for when buying maple sugar?  

It is not as simple as just picking up the first bag of pure maple sugar at your local grocery store. Pure maple sugar will contain no preservatives or additives that are considered unhealthy, but this does not mean it was made properly.

How do I cook with this?

When cooking with maple sugar, it is best to hold off on adding it until you have added your flour or other dry ingredients.

What is the difference between maple sugar and maple syrup?  

Maple syrup is made from the sap that comes out of maple trees at certain times of the year. It takes some time to turn this into a useful sweetener because you have to boil it down to convert the water into a sugar syrup. Pure maple sugar is just that, pure maple syrup without any of the moisture removed.

What is maple sugar made from?  

Maple syrup gets its rich brown coloration and slightly bitter taste due to the use of maple bark in its production.

How much does this cost?

Maple syrup can be relatively expensive for the amount you get, so maple sugar is often used by people who want to avoid a sweetener that has such a strong flavor.

How much is this?  

Maple sugar comes in a number of different sizes. You should be able to buy it in small packages that contain about 3 ounces (85 grams) for approximately $3.00 each.

How long does it last?  

Maple sugar can dry out after being left uncovered, so you should keep any that you are not planning to use immediately. You do not have to refrigerate pure maple sugar, but if you wanted to extend the life of a bag that has been opened, placing a small piece of wax paper over it might help matters.

What is the serving size?  

To get the most out of your maple sugar, you should use 3 tablespoons per 4 serving batch. This makes it easier to convert regular recipes to ones that contain maple sugar since they are often made with a cup of this sweetener instead of just a single tablespoon.


It is a surprising matter of fact that there is such a thing as a maple sugar substitute due to how unique real maple syrup is in flavor and color. The reason why this exists is that many times people will opt out of using real maple syrup due to the price being too high. Besides, availability issues resulting from fewer maple trees being grown due to other environmental factors. According to the Journal of Food Science, maple sugar is a colorless or almost colorless, odorless, and flavor-free syrup that forms when you boil down sap from maple trees. Most people think of the stuff on pancakes served at IHOP, but it’s really much more than that. You can use it in cakes, cookies, candy bars, ice cream, and many other desserts.

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