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16 Best Substitutes For White Pepper

White pepper substitute is good for seafood products as it can enhance the odor, taste, and appearance of the product. The capsicum has a strong flavor, especially when you add it to spicy food or pickled fish. It should be noted that high concentration will change the original flavor of some foods. White pepper substitute also has good color intensity and similar nutritional value compared to white pepper. Furthermore, this additive is non-spicy and people who are sensitive to spicy food can also use it in their meals.

You can Substitute For White Pepper with Green Pepper, Chilli Flakes, Black Pepper,Oregano, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cocoa Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Blasmic Vinegar, Peppercorn, Ground Ginger,Vinegar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Honey,Salt.

Top White Pepper Substitute

  1. Green Pepper
  2. Chilli Flakes
  3. Black Pepper
  4. Oregano
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Nutmeg
  7. Cocoa Powder
  8. Apple Cider Vinegar
  9. Lemon Juice
  10. Blasmic Vinegar
  11. Peppercorn
  12. Ground Ginger
  13. Vinegar
  14. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  15. Honey
  16. Salt

1. Green Pepper:

16 Best Substitutes For White Pepper

Green pepper is also a white pepper substitute. It has a lighter flavor and looks similar to the black one. The only difference is that green pepper isn’t ripened much which results in its different color.

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Technically, you can use this pepper for substitution if you are craving for the taste of a white one but if you want it to look more attractive just prior to serving in your dishes, feel free to add some red peppers on top.

2. Chilli Flakes:

Substitutes For White Pepper

For those who like adding a kick to their food, chili flakes are a perfect substitution option. It gives the same texture as using white pepper without all the extra condiments or seasonings because it is present in each chili flake ingredient.

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3. Black Pepper:

Substitutes For White Pepper

White pepper is often referred to as the black one’s substitute. So if you don’t have white pepper, why not use its counterpart?

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Black pepper and white pepper both have a very similar taste but they differ in color and type of heat. You can use them interchangeably as seasoning agents mostly because of their scent. But keep in mind that each substitution will give off a different flavor—as well as texture to your dish.

4. Oregano:

White Pepper alternatives

This herb actually has the same effect on dishes when compared with white pepper replacement. The only difference is that it has an aroma that can help enhance your recipe even more! It also comes cheap so you can buy them all the time without having to worry about going overboard or running out of stock.

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You can use it to season white soups as well and add some color because oregano comes in green, yellow, or red—the latter two being powdery.

5. Cinnamon:

White Pepper alternatives

This spice isn’t exactly a substitution for white pepper but more like its own flavor enhancer. It is usually the perfect companion during holiday meals such as Thanksgiving dinner. The only downside with cinnamon is that you have to use it very sparingly so your dish isn’t too overpowering with its taste or else everything will be tainted by its aroma!

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If you are going to cook something sweet though, cinnamon would be the perfect addition! Just make sure that there’s no salt content in your recipe before adding this substitution.

6. Nutmeg:


This spice is very common in continental Europe, England, and also during Thanksgiving in the U.S. You can use it as a white pepper alternative because of its lighter flavor but it’s best to know which ingredient you need more of—your main dish or the white soup.

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If your main dish needs some substitution, feel free to add a little bit of nutmeg on top!

7. Cocoa Powder:

Cocoa Powder

This substitution is great for those who want the white pepper taste without any kick and spice. Cocoa powder can go well with almost every recipe as long as you are not planning to eat it on its own because it has a very strong aroma of chocolate! Sprinkle some on top of your white soup or other dishes if needed!

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You can always adjust this substitution depending on how much flavor needs to be added to your food by using less or more cocoa than what’s in the average serving size.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can use apple cider vinegar as a substitution for white pepper if you will be eating or cooking something savory. It’s best to use this substitution with food cooked directly on the stove because it has a tendency of making your dish sourer as time passes.

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It’s best not to use apple cider vinegar if you are trying to cook or eat something sweet and fruity!

9. Lemon Juice:

Lemon Juice

Eating dishes with lemon juice instead of white pepper is a common substitution in many popular cuisines like Argentinian, Iranian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tunisian. Keep in mind that using lemon juice will give off a different flavor so there might be some remapping needed depending on what recipe you’re cooking.

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A good thing about this substitution is that most people have it at home all the time so using lemon juice for the white pepper substitute won’t be that hard after all.

10. Blasmic Vinegar:

Blasmic Vinegar

You can use balsamic vinegar as a substitution for white pepper if you are looking to cook something savory! It can also mix well with various spices thanks to its robust flavor so feel free to experiment on how you will use it for your recipe.

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Just like apple cider vinegar, it’s best not to use this substitution when you’re eating a sweet dessert or fruit dish!

11. Peppercorn:


While it’s possible to use peppercorn as a substitution for white pepper, it won’t work as effectively in your dish because this substitution is made from the same plant–a vine that produces berries with black, white, and green colors on its skin.

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The only downside about using pepper in substitution is that you might trigger an allergic reaction since they come from the same origin plants but typically, the amount of heat produced by white pepper is way more than peppercorn so those who plan to substitute should be cautious with their serving size!

12. Ground Ginger:

Ground Ginger

White pepper can be easily substituted with ginger if you don’t want your dish to have any kick at all. Ginger is best used when cooking Asian dishes because it will give off a very distinct flavor once mixed together with the rest of the spices in the recipe!

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It should also be noted that ginger powder and white pepper are not interchangeable so make sure that you read substitution labels carefully before using them for a recipe.

13. Vinegar:


You can use vinegar as a substitution for white pepper if you plan on eating something sweet or fruity! White pepper has a tendency of making dishes spicy so it’s best to use this substitution when your main ingredient would be fruit or other food items from the dessert category like ice cream.

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You can always adjust how much vinegar you want to use depending on how much white pepper taste the recipe is missing.

14. High Fructose Corn Syrup:

High Fructose Corn Syrup

White pepper can be substituted for high fructose corn syrup if a dish needs more sweetness and spicy flavor! Most people have this substitution in their kitchen at all times so it won’t be that hard to cook something with texture while using this substitution as the base.

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It should also be noted that white pepper has a tendency of making your food salty too so make sure that you reduce salt or sodium content when cooking since high fructose corn syrup naturally contains lots of sodium already.

15. Honey:


Honey is one way of substituting white pepper because honey is made from plants just like white pepper! If you want a substitution that will give off the same texture as white pepper but give your dish a boost in sweetness, honey is perfect.

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It should be noted though that pure honey does not contain any kick so sometimes you might need to reduce the amount of white pepper used if there’s already too much heat on the recipe because it’s hard to set up sweet and hot food at once.

16. Salt:


You can use salt as a substitution for white pepper when cooking something savory! This substitution works really well with meat dishes or parmesan cheese-based recipes since it will add more flavor than every bite needs.

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Just remember not to overshoe salt into your dish since white pepper has a tendency of making food salty too so reducing salt content is a must if you want to enjoy the savoriness of your seasoned meal.


What’s the substitution of white pepper for in a recipe?

If you are looking to use white pepper alongside foods such as seafood, chicken, and pork, it is best that you find recipes or ingredients that will not trigger an allergy. The substitution for white pepper while cooking fish and meat is salt because they contain similar properties!  

How can white pepper substitute vinegar?

When looking for a substitution for white pepper in a recipe that contains less heat, consider using vinegar as your substitution because they are both acidic. 

How can white pepper substitution be adjusted?

When cooking with white pepper, you should remember that white pepper can either add or reduce the amount of heat in a dish. If your recipe is spicy then adding a substitution for white pepper will make it hot and if a recipe isn’t spicy at all but needs to have some kick on its own then decreasing white pepper will make it spicy!

What substitution is best for white pepper?

Here are a few substitution ideas that will give your dish more kick: – honey, instead of vinegar – salt, instead of honey – high fructose corn syrup, instead of salt – vinegar, instead of white pepper

What substitution can I replace white pepper with?

For a substitution that gives off the most heat in a dish, it is best to use red pepper or chili powder! Other substitution ideas: – substitute cayenne powder for white pepper in gravy-based recipes – substitute white pepper with curry powder in meat-based recipes

How can I replace white pepper?

You should find substitution ingredients that are both salty and spicy so they will have similar properties to white pepper! 

Is white pepper a substitution for black pepper?

White and black peppers are both pungent so if your substitution is also spicy, it’s safe to say that the substitution of white pepper is interchangeable. The only difference between white and black pepper is their color.

Why white pepper substitution is not a complete substitution?

A substitution for white pepper should have the same amount of spiciness as your chosen ingredient if you want to enjoy a dish with plenty of kick!

How can I use white pepper substitution in my recipe?

When cooking with white pepper, remember that it is a substitution ingredient and not an ingredient element. Substitution ingredients are added to foods after they have been cooked.


White pepper is not just for spicing up dishes. It can also be used in substitution when cooking desserts or savory meals! Just remember that the substitution will always depend on the recipe so make sure you research substitution labels carefully before making your own adjustments to a recipe and enjoy trying new food items with these white pepper substitution tips!

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