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11 Best Substitutes For Velveeta

Velveeta cheese is a substitute for cheese sauce. You can often use it as an ingredient in many recipes, especially in casseroles. Also, you can purchase it at most major grocery stores throughout the United States of America. I have discovered a substitute for Velveeta cheese. Many people can’t afford to purchase Velveeta as it is a little pricey for some of us. This substitute tastes great and isn’t expensive at all. I use this substitute in my casseroles as well, so that’s an added bonus. Being able to save money while making the recipe taste better than what you could buy commercially.

You can do Velveeta Cheese substitution with Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Swiss cheese, Pepper Jack, Peppercorn, Munster, Parmesan, American cheese, Stracchino, Mascarpone, Cheez whiz, Mozzarella.

Velveeta Cheese Alternatives

  1. Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  2. Swiss cheese
  3. Pepper Jack
  4. Peppercorn
  5. Munster
  6. Parmesan
  7. American cheese
  8. Stracchino
  9. Mascarpone
  10. Cheez whiz
  11. Mozzarella

1. Sharp Cheddar Cheese:

11 Best Substitutes For Velveeta

This substitute tastes like Velveeta and is a cheese sauce substitute. It’s a bonus that you can purchase sharp cheddar at most major grocery stores. But the sharp cheddar can even be more affordable at local co-ops or farmer’s markets.

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This substitute makes a great topping for vegetables or baked potatoes. It also works well as an ingredient in many recipes, which again, helps to save money. I hope this substitute helps those who have low income.

2. Swiss cheese:

11 Best Substitutes For Velveeta

This substitute tastes like Velveeta and acts as a substitute for cheese sauce. Swiss cheese is typically not rich in calories, so it makes an even better substitute than cheddar cheese. This substitute does not melt well into a cheese sauce. But you can substitute it into your recipes without melting it.

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Also, Swiss Cheese has holes in it, many people use it to stuff things like chicken breasts during baking. Which can add flavor to your dish and can help you save money.

3. Pepper Jack:

Substitutes For Velveeta

This substitute tastes like Velveeta and will substitute as a cheese sauce substitute. It has a little spice to it and makes great-tasting Mexican dishes. You can also substitute this variety of cheese into many recipes without melting it first.

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As it is already creamy. So you won’t have any problem using it in your recipes after purchasing the Pepper Jack from your local grocers.

4. Peppercorn:

Substitutes For Velveeta

This substitute tastes like Velveeta and is also widely available at major grocery stores throughout America. I recommend buying peppercorns because it’s affordable. Also, it has less packaging like plastic wrap or baggies.

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I use this substitute in casseroles and other recipes as a substitute for Velveeta Cheese. Still making my dishes taste delicious at the same time.

5. Munster:


This substitute tastes like Velveeta and is also a substitute for cheese sauces. You can find it cheaper if you are willing to buy it. The only downside to buying this substitute is that this cheese tends to run out fast at the market. Because people love to buy it more often than alternatives due to its convenient packaging.

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So, definitely try to stock up when you have an opportunity.

6. Parmesan:


This substitute tastes like Velveeta and you can use it as a substitute for cheese sauce, but only if you are willing to grate your own Parmesan off of the block (which can save more money). The pre-shredded Parmesan tends to be more expensive than buying the chunk of cheese from which you would need to grate it yourself.

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So although this substitute may not seem as convenient or even healthy due to less packaging involved, it could also be cheaper than pre-shredded varieties depending on how often you will be using it over an extended period of time. If you use substitute ingredients, then at least try to do so in less quantity.

7. American cheese:

American cheese

This substitute tastes like Velveeta and people use it as a substitute for cheese sauces. I call this substitute American cheese because it’s only available in the United States.

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This substitute tends to be less expensive than pre-shredded Parmesan cheese since there isn’t as much packaging involved during the process of making this substitute since it already comes packaged before you buy it from your local stores.

8. Stracchino:


This substitute for Velveeta tastes very similar to American Cheese and is probably one of the best substitutes out there for those that are lactose intolerant, which is becoming more common in the Western world.

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Stracchino cheese substitute tastes like American Cheese and you can purchase it in a block or shredded form, so you could either grate your own substitute on a substitute diet to make traditional recipes that require Velveeta cheese or purchase pre-shredded and packaged substitute at your local stores if you don’t feel like grating it yourself.

9. Mascarpone:


This substitute tastes a little bit sweeter than Velveeta and people use it as a substitute for cheese sauce. I haven’t personally tried this substitute yet but some of my fellow students from other substitute teachers have recommended using this substitute instead of trying to make Ricotta with Soy Milk because Mascarpone tends to be less expensive than homemade substitute Ricotta.

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You can substitute Mascarpone cheese for Velveeta cheese substitute or other substitute ingredients like Ricotta if you are on a substitute diet, but remember those substitute ingredients should be used in small amounts to avoid becoming dependent on them as well.

10. Cheez whiz:

Cheez whiz

This substitute tastes very similar to the Velveeta cheese substitute and is made by Kraft which also makes other substitute cheeses like American Cheese, so to me, Cheez Whiz sounds fancier than its substitute counterparts. I haven’t used this substitute yet but some substitute dieters have recommended using it for making nachos or as a substitute for waffle batter when cooking substitute pancakes since it seems to be pretty high in fat content.

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You could probably double-check the nutrition facts of this substitute before you use it for anything that is going into your body unless you already know that they are acceptable according to your personal needs and restrictions.

11. Mozzarella:


You can replace Mozzarella on any type of pizza with a Velveeta cheese substitute if you are on a substitute diet because it’s a lot easier to substitute Mozzarella cheese with substitute ingredients than the alternative.

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Some substitute chefs recommend using pre-shredded substitute cheese for making homemade pizzas since it seems to melt better than the alternative, but I think that melting substitute is more of an art than a science and should be left up to those that already know how to substitute their own recipes no matter how simple or complicated they may be.


What substitute ingredients might I consider using if I am lactose intolerant?

The substitute diet should be avoided in situations where substitute ingredients are not recommended.

How long do substitute ingredients last on the shelf?

Most substitute ingredients have a longer shelf life than their original counterparts, so substitute products that expire within three months or less than the alternative should be thrown out, but substitute products that are kept in a cool dark place can last up to six months or longer depending on the substitute ingredient.

How long do substitute ingredients expire once they have been opened?

Some substitute foods contain plastic that is supposed to be removed prior to opening it and then discarded afterward, so substitute ingredients with plastics should either be thrown out or recycled once they have reached their expiration date.

Are substitute ingredients good for you? What substitute ingredients are considered to be the healthiest?

substitute ingredients are used more as a substitute for comfort than anything else but they can still substitute as a substitute diet in some cases, so substitute ingredients like Ricotta tend to substitute as substitute meal replacements when substitute ingredients are used to substitute for comfort foods during substitute dieting.

What substitute ingredients should I substitute with if a recipe calls for an ingredient that I can not have?

You could substitute alternative milk products such as soy, rice, or almond milk products instead of cow’s milk in substitute recipes depending on your substitute dieting needs, so substitute ingredients like rice milk substitute are considered to be substitute alternative substitutes for those that can not or will not have cows substitute.

How much substitute ingredient do I substitute with when I substitute a recipe?

Some substitute chefs recommend using only half of the suggested substitute ingredients in any given recipe and then adding more if need be, but substitute dieters should substitute their own substitute ingredients without using substitute alternative recipes in order to substitute safely on a substitute diet.

How do I substitute for recipe ingredients that have substitute replacements?

The substitute diet is all about substitution so substitute chefs recommend substituting any of the substitute ingredients that you need to use in your substitute meals instead of buying substitute products at substitute retailers. 

What substitute ingredients do substitute chefs sometimes use in substitute recipes?

There are many substitute ingredients that substitute chefs can substitute for the suggested substitute ingredient, so a chef might consider using egg substitutes like veggie eggs or tofu to substitute for substitute eggs in substitute recipes.

What substitute ingredients can be substituted for any other substitute ingredient?

Some substitute chefs have to substitute between substitute cheeses and choose the right one based on how they are going to use it, but all cheese substitutes can replace each other depending on what type of food you are making or eating.


If you substitute diet or are lactose-intolerant, substitute ingredients can help reduce the symptoms that many substitute diets may cause, and substitute ingredients can also be used in place of expensive foods to make delicious substitute recipes. I hope this post has helped those with substitute allergies find out ways that they could possibly cope with their substitute restrictions while on a substitute diet.

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