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12 Substitutes For Sweet Pickle Relish

What do you substitute for sweet pickle relish?  The answer to that question largely depends on what you are using it in. If you need a substitutes for sweet pickle relish, then we have 12 ideas for you to consider!

You can sweet relish substitute with Dill pickles, Sliced red onion, Green olives with pimento-stuffed inside, Diced celery, Parsley, Green tomato relish, Mango chutney, Cranberry sauce, Fig jam, Apple butter, Grape jelly, Cucumber.

Substitution For Sweet Pickle Relish

  1. Dill pickles
  2. Sliced red onion
  3. Green olives with pimento-stuffed inside
  4. Diced celery
  5. Parsley
  6. Green tomato relish
  7. Mango chutney
  8. Cranberry sauce
  9. Fig jam
  10. Apple butter
  11. Grape jelly
  12. Cucumber

1. Dill pickles:

Substitutes For Sweet Pickle Relish

Welcome to pickles, the world of the bitey and refreshingly sour. This one is for all you connoisseurs out there who are forever on the lookout for a new pickle adventure that never disappoints!

Dill pickles are a type of cucumber that is pickled in vinegar and spices, such as dill weed. Dill pickles are a great substitute for relish pickles. They are made with cucumbers, vinegar, water, salt, dill seed, and garlic. The pickles are then fermented in a brine solution. This gives them their sour taste and crisp texture.

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Let your taste buds sing with this jelly jar filled with dill peppers – it’s not just any pickle, it invented the party. These are dill pickles to round out your veggie tray, or just eat a jar for lunch!

Moist and flavorful with all the crunch you need without any of that sugar. They have a similar flavor and are perfect for topping burgers or hot dogs. Dill pickles are also a good choice for tartar sauce or potato salad.

Dill pickles are lower in calories than relish pickles, and they also provide some essential nutrients, including vitamin C and potassium. Dill pickles are also a good source of fiber.

2. Sliced red onion:

Substitutes For Sweet Pickle Relish

Ever heard about using Onion for a Pickles Relish alternative? Well now in comes the Sliced Red Onion to do all of that. With flavor identical to relish, this is an excellent high-quality substitute with no additives or colorings added. 

If someone is causing emotional strife in your life, the sliced red onion will not only make their absence easier for you (trust us), but it’ll also let the whole room know that some cajónes are going to get destroyed when they come back.

3. Green olives with pimento-stuffed inside:

Substitutes For Sweet Pickle Relish

A jar of spicy, pickled olives for those who love to add a little spice to everything. Made with your favorite ingredients like green olives and pimento inside. That is why we get it; Everyone loves a good sandwich.

Look at this leftover’s killer: olives stuffed with pickle relish. It is a healthy option. It has no preservatives and is low in sodium.

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Deli low-jacks for the family! Therefore, get your appetite ready as you’re about to sink your teeth into these fresh and tangy treats!

Nuts to pickle relish and everything in it! That is why our flavorful olives are stuffed with the most delicious pimento we could find. No, really these are delicious.

4. Diced celery:

Diced celery is a pickle relish substitute. “For anyone who’s craving a go-to for that classic, iconic cookie recipe – but with an ingredient list that won’t render you fat & tired before dinner processing time.

Diced celery is widely known to be a delicious substitute in recipes of kitchens around the world from pot pies to tuna salad sandwiches.” With diced celery variety, you can finally make that sandwich taste just like a real kosher dill. 

5. Parsley:

Tired of eating relish? You’re in good company. So, mix up some chopped parsley. So, you can use it as a substitute to make everything from tuna salad to the hollandaise sauce for your eggs benedict much more flavorful—and green! Freshly chopped parsley can be a great replacement for beefy taste and tanginess. Boost your health condition.

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6. Green tomato relish:

Green tomato relish

We can use it as a sweet relish substitute. So, Let’s make this clear, green tomato relish is not a new kale chip flavor. For example, like this: applesauce for people who don’t like apple pie filling. Green tomato relish is the perfect condiment to enjoy on top of anything from pizza to french fries.

If you’re trying to cut back on sugar in your diet, but want a side dish to spotlight onions, carrots, and crispy celery – this is the product for you. Made with all-natural ingredients and without any added preservatives or colorings, this spicy condiment will brighten up any meal with its savory flavor.

7. Mango chutney:

Mango chutney is a perfect pickle relish substitute. Is your favorite dish missing something or in need of some extra sweetness or freshness?

To clarify, Is there a cooking ingredient you want to replace with a healthier version, or is there a shortcoming you just cant’ get enough of fixing!? Maybe you even have a blender that can turn sauces into chutneys! Mango Chutney makes an excellent supplement to many dishes.

Made from fresh and ripe mangoes (complete with the fruit’s natural nutrients), our chutney has a sweet flavor that will make any meal better. Combine this true delight with curry flavors for aromatic perfection

fuse garlic and ginger whisked in oil together before adding small pieces of onion then simmering everything together until golden brown then add cubed potato salad and simmer.

8. Cranberry sauce:

When granny would throw a holiday party with dozens of family members, she always made cranberry sauce from scratch. So, It was a labor-intensive process that took 20 hours total and required three variations of sugar to produce the right balance to ensure every grandma got the sweetness they desired.

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Thankfully, we’ve shortened that time for you by at least four hours! In short, Canned Cranberry Sauce is sweet and tart with just enough spice heat, perfect on hard rolls or biscuits alongside turkey or ham at Christmas.

Cranberry sauce is a great substitute for relish pickles in terms of calorie count. Cranberry sauce has about 50 calories per serving, while relish pickles have about 150 calories per serving. This can be a great way to save on calories and still enjoy a favorite condiment.

9. Fig jam:

Nothing is as compact and utilitarian as this household favorite! Fig jam is the perfect substitute for sweet pickle relish. In addition, It’s delicious with cheese, crackers, chicken salad – you name it and fig jam will give just the right “zing” to make your products pop. However you use it, we know it’ll always be a crowd-pleaser.

10. Apple butter:

Firstly, we’ve taken the same rich apple goodness found in your favorite sweet pickles and transformed it into a savory delight. In addition, Apple Butter spreads on toasted croissants, muffins, and buttered bagels like cream cheese. Garnish salads with their tangy sweetness or try it as an alternative topping for hot dogs and griddled hamburgers!

Apple butter can be used as a substitute for relish pickles in terms of higher food value. Apple butter is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. It also contains antioxidants that can help protect the body against disease. Additionally, apple butter is low in calories and has no cholesterol or sodium. This makes it a healthy option for those looking for a nutritious snack.

11. Grape jelly:

Grapefruit jelly is the perfect substitute for sweet pickle relish. So, use it as a traditional condiment with hotdogs and hamburgers. Otherwise, make new culinary creations like smoked grapefruit BBQ spread for salmon. Moreover, artichoke, citrus dressing for an avocado salad. The familiar and sweet taste of grape jelly!

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Pungent, tangy red grapes mixed with sweet sugar to make a delicious spread. What could be better than smothering some waffles or toast in it? Add to graham crackers for an awesome jelly sandwich! With this jar of grape jelly, each dish becomes extra special.

12. Cucumber:

There’s truly nothing better than serving up your favorite pickles to spread on a sandwich, and now you can have them one step easier. Simply toss those sour dills in the trash and start slicing up these mild cucumbers for delicious snacking.

Mild flavored cucumbers are a great substitute for relish pickles. They are also a healthy alternative to traditional relish pickles, which are often high in calories. This makes them the perfect choice for those who are watching their weight or are on a restricted diet. In addition, cucumbers are also a good source of vitamins A and C.


What is the substitute for sweet pickle relish?

The easiest way to replace sweet pickle relish in a recipe is by simply adding some sugar or honey to the jar of dill pickles instead. But if that’s not a possibility, you could also mix dill pickles with diced red onion, minced garlic, and horseradish powder until it tastes like your favorite sweet pickle relish.

What’s the difference between sweet relish and sweet pickles?

While both relish and pickles are made from vegetables, sweet relish is made by cooking cucumbers in a pot of sugar syrup. This makes them sweeter to the taste and causes their texture to be softer. Sweet pickles are just crunchy cucumbers that have been soaked in vinegar solution, so they have a much more sour taste than sweet relishes. So far as savory foods go, this answer doesn’t really qualify for a lot of expansion (unless you like the tickle?) but I do hope it hits the spot!

What can I substitute for dill pickle relish?

One of the best substitutes for dill pickle relish is roasted red bell peppers. Just roast up some red pepper and use it instead of the pickles in your recipe. I’ve made horseradish-Dijon coleslaw with this substitution at a picnic, and no one could tell! It’s also super good on sandwiches, especially burgers.

What is a substitute for pickle juice?

 Try vinegar. Most likely you are looking for “pickle juice”. There is not a direct substitute for pickle juice, but as long as you put it on your food before refrigerating, the vinegar will give it an acidic taste. Vinegar can be made with many different types of fruits such as coconut or apple cider vinegar.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid any preservatives and have time on your hands (this takes up to 48 hours), ferment half of the cucumber in some olive oil and store it in the fridge! This process will result in what is known as “sour cream.”

What can you use if you don t have dill?

A great substitute for dill is cilantro. It’s fresh and has a bit of a lemon aftertaste which balances out the salty taste of potatoes. As with every herb, be sure to chop it really finely so as not to give away that you’ve used parsley instead!

Is relish just chopped pickles?

Not really. Relish contains cooked vegetables that are chopped fine, dill weed, and spices in the pickles. Spices in the pickle are a misnomer, as all veggies are chopped finely so there are no such things as “spices” anymore… but it’s still good!

What type of pickles does Mcdonald’s use?

This is a good question. The answer depends on what part of the world you’re in. In Canada, we use dill for our pickles- but I’m not sure about other countries! McDonald’s doesn’t use any special type of pickle to make their sandwiches taste better- they just want to give people choices so that they can make the sandwich as the person likes it.

You can get kosher dills or swiss cheese and these are only available at select McDonald’s restaurants in North America- but there are many other kinds you can order like Big Mac, Chipotle BBQ, or Grilled Artichoke & Roasted Garlic Chicken Ciabatta if you prefer those types!


In conclusion, there are many ways to enjoy the flavor of sweet pickles relishes without actually using it. Moreover, here are 12 substitute for sweet pickle relish that you can try in your next recipe! Do you have a favorite substitute?

So, let us know and we’ll add it to our list. Remember, there is no need to miss out on all those excellent recipes just because you don’t like or cannot find this condiment at your local store. If none of these work for what you’re looking for, consider making some homemade dill chips instead – they’ll satisfy both salt and sour cravings with their tangy taste!

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