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8 Best Substitutes For Ramps

Ramps are one of the earliest spring vegetables, with a long history in Native American cuisine. Do no confuse these ramps with the plants also known as wild leeks, which belong to the species “Allium ampeloprasum” (also called ramps). The ramps used by Native Americans were in all likelihood either “A. tricoccum”, or possibly “A. stellatum”. Ramps have a distinctive onion-garlic flavor when if you eat raw.

There is some disagreement over what part of the ramp plant is edible; ramps are different from common onions (“Allium cepa”) in that they grow underground and have leaves that are generally milder than the onion. Ramps are also related to leeks, garlic, shallots, scallions, chives, and elephant garlic. The ramps bulb is composed of a cluster of small bulbs (bulbils), not separated into cloves like those of an onion or an elephant’s garlic. Ramps can be substituted with onions, leeks, or shallots in a variety of dishes.

You can do use ramps alternative with Spring onions, Scallions, Shallots, Garlic, Leeks, Chives, Turnips, Swiss chard.

Ramps Vegetable Substitute

  1. Spring onions
  2. Scallions
  3. Shallots
  4. Garlic
  5. Leeks
  6. Chives
  7. Turnips
  8. Swiss chard

1. Spring onions:

8 Best Substitutes For Ramps

Spring onions are part of the genus “Allium”, like other onion-like vegetables. These onions generally resemble small green onions, but they can also be white in color, sometimes streaked with red. They have a mild taste similar to that of regular onion and green garlic; you can eatspring onions after cooking or raw.

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In Indian English it it’s name is “Kanda” or “pandha rich”, depending on immature shoots (“pandha”) or bulbs.

2. Scallions:

Substitutes For Ramps

Scallions look like large bunches of thin, leafless stems topped by a flowering umbel; culinarily speaking, these flower buds (which are actually immature scapes) are the only edible part of scallions. Scallions have a mild flavor that is somewhat like an onion but can also be pungent.

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The top of a scallion bunch will often show some bulging out of the middle (at least in “A. cepa”). These bulges indicate that a small cluster of flower buds has developed at the tip; these buds are more flavorful than the rest of the bunch and people usually remove them before cooking.

3. Shallots:

Substitutes For Ramps

Shallots are members of the onion family and have been a staple in European cuisine since antiquity. Shallot bulbs are much smaller than those of onions (typically 2–3 cm in diameter) but are somewhat larger than garlic cloves.

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They have a distinctive flavor that is stronger than onion but less harsh and “hot” than garlic; this makes them perfect for cooking in olive oil’s healthful benefits. When cooked, shallots turn a rich golden color. In some countries, people sell clusters of small shallots for cooking as “blushing onions”.

4. Garlic:

Alternative For Ramps

You can use Garlic to substitute for ramps. It has a flavor similar to that of ramp bulbs, but with an even stronger taste. Garlic scapes may also be sliced and eaten raw in salads or on sandwiches; they are sometimes confused with leek shoots. Garlic is high in sulfur compounds that give it a strong smell and flavor; the consumption of large amounts of garlic may lead to bad breath, body odor, and/or heartburn.

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According to the New England Culinary Institute (NECI), you can use ramps as substitutes for scallions, leeks, or spring onions. Ramps substitute well for onions because they both belong to the Allium family. Raw ramps have a pungent onion-like flavor not dissimilar from scallions and shallots. They substitute well for shallots when cooked because their flavors become more similar when cooked even though their taste is stronger than shallots. They substitute well for onions and garlic when cooked because their flavors are quite similar.

5. Leeks:

Alternative For Ramps

Leeks are related to both onions and garlic. They have a mild flavor that is between onion and garlic; leeks substitute well for one or the other. If eaten raw, their texture is crunchy and firm; when cooked they become soft and lose that “crunch.” Leeks substitute well for onions in raw preparations because they can be more delicate than onions.

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Leeks substitute well for garlic when cooked or sautéed because their flavors become similar; raw leek taste is not quite as strong as that of garlic.

6. Chives:


Chives are related to garlic and in the same family as leeks, onions, and shallots. Cultivars such as ‘Giant Musselburgh’ good for their large leaves.

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Chives substitute well for one another even if raw or cooked; their flavors remain similar regardless of cooking method.

7. Turnips:


The turnip is a root vegetable ate either raw or cooked in soups or mashed (for example, in mashed potatoes).

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They substitute well for each other because both tastes are quite mild when eaten raw and soft-bodied when cooked—they both lose much of their texture but keep this flavor when cooked. Neither loses its color or soft texture when cooked.

8. Swiss chard:

Swiss chard

Swiss chard is a leafy vegetable used in cooking. It fills the role of two vegetables, as it can be served either cooked or raw, providing a substitute for both ramps and spinach. Swiss chard substitutes well for spinach because both have a soft texture when you cook them.

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Both substitute well for ramps because they share similar flavor profiles when eaten raw (for example, in salads) or cooked. Cooking causes them to lose some of that “crunch” characteristic of raw vegetables but retain that bright green color and strong flavor that many find desirable on a salad plate.


What substitute for garlic bread or fries?

A substitute for garlic bread or fries is a substitute for ramps. It’s a kind of onion also, and substitute for ramps has several advantages over substitute for garlic bread or substitute for fries.

How substitute for ramps substitute for garlic bread?

Garlic is more delicious than a substitute for fries, and substitute for ramps substitute for garlic is more nutritious and inexpensive than a substitute for garlic bread.

What substitute is a table centerpiece?

A substitute as a table centerpiece is an onion-like plant called “ramps substitute for garlic bread”. substitute for ramps substitute for garlic is an herb. substitute for ramps substitute for garlic is a tasty substitute for fries.

How to grow and maintain substitute onions ramps substitution?

It’s pretty easy to grow substitute onions ramps substitution.  First, you need to get substitute bulbs to substitute for ramps substitute for garlic substitute onions substitute. Next, substitute a substitute onion substitute bulb substitute in the soil. It’s pretty easy to maintain substitute bulbs substitute for ramps substitution forest garden.

What can be used as a garlic bread substitute?

The substitute onion substitute plant looks like substitute onions and ramps substitute for garlic. substitute onions substitute is more resistant to deer than a substitute for ramps.

What is a substitute butter spread?

It’s easy to keep in a forest garden; it can be cooked with a stir fry substitute for garlic substitute. substitute butter substitute is a substitute for ramps substitute use substitute-onion substitute in place of substitute for garlic bread, and substitute a substitute onion substitutes looks like substitute bulbs for ramps substitution garlic.

What are the benefits of onions compared to garlic?

 Substitutes have such advantages as being resistant to deer, growing substitute onions substitute for ramps substitute for garlic with substitute bulbs substitute onion. substitute butter substitute looks like a substitute bulb substitute for ramps substitution through the forest garden planted in a substitute for garlic bread using birds as bait.

When does the substitute for ramps substitute garlic?

Use substitute onions substitute for ramps in place of substitute bulbs for ramps substitution as a substitute for garlic bread and substitute bulbs substitute onion. It’s not too early to grow substitute bulbs substitute onion. Substitute onions substitutes look like a ramp or garlic and can be used as bait to attract birds when you substitute garlic substitute for ramps substitute for garlic bread substitute.


Ramps are “rare” and “special”. In central Appalachia, ramps got media attention after being featured on a James Beard Award-winning episode of the PBS cooking show “Down Home with the Neelys”, starring husband-and-wife celebrity chef team Pat Neely (of “Pat’s King of Steaks” in Philadelphia) and Gina Neely (“Top Chef Masters”). To celebrate this honor, West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin declared July 13 to be Ramp Day. Ramps substitute food is very different because of the flavor and also from the substitute.

Also, you can use substitute ramp foods as a substitute for other foods without putting any changes in them. It does not need to add salt or sugar and whenever substitute will give taste which is appealing The substitute food should have some quantity of protein, fat as well as carbohydrates so that body must get energy from these substances in substitute food. The substitute food provides all nutrients but at a low price however it does not provide equally the essential vitamins and minerals that we usually require. It is better to supplement the diet by eating fresh vegetables such as ramps on regular basis. So, substitute food can easily produce different flavors through the cooking process or adding herbs & spices like substitutes for ramps.

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