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10 Best Substitutes For Ponzu Sauce

Ponzu sauce is a Japanese dipping sauce that you can use in many dishes. Seaweed, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar are the key ingredients. If you don’t have ponzu sauce at home but want to enjoy a tasty dish of fried chicken or some shrimp tempura, try one of these 10 substitutes for ponzu sauce!

Substitutes For Ponzu Sauce

  1. Worcestershire sauce
  2. Soy Sauce + Lemon
  3. Nam prik pla
  4. Soy sauce
  5. Mentsuyu + Vinegar
  6. Mentsuyu + Lemon
  7. Soy Sauce + Vinegar
  8. Mentsuyu
  9. Soy Sauce + Orange Juice
  10. Mentsuyu + Fruit Vinegar

1. Worcestershire sauce

Worcestershire sauce: substitutes for ponzu sauce

Worcestershire sauce is a distinctive, piquant condiment that uses tamarind juice and molasses with the addition of garlic and anchovy pasteThis tangy sauce is a completely vegetarian product in addition to using it in various ways including as a substitute for Ponzu Sauce in Asian cuisine Just add to Teriyaki or any stir fry recipe to take it up an extra notch. 

Well-traveling British folks use Worcestershire sauce to add flavor when cooking up curries abroad due to its accessibility throughout The East Indies.

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2. Nam prik pla

 Nam prik pla: substitutes for ponzu sauce

Your favorite Thai dish is incomplete without a crispy pile of nam prik pla. With its tangy flavor, this versatile sauce adds light, healthy flavors to salads and soups. Also, you can use it as a dipping condiment for finger foods on your next lunch break. 

Simply add some raw ginger and garlic to that bottle of soy sauce you always have on hand to experience one of the most dynamic flavors from Asia.

Nam prik pla is the new hot ticket. Dried Thai chilies, soy sauce, and vinegar combine to give you an amazing test. 

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3. Soy sauce

Soy sauce is one of the substitutes for ponzu sauce

Ponzu is a briny, sour dipping sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine. So take a break from cooking and cook your food with soy sauce! 

A full of nutrition, this savory seasoning not only tastes great but adds necessary vitamins and minerals to all kinds of dishes that require sauces. Plus it’s vegan-friendly!

This soy sauce has a fruity, salty flavor that will take any dish from good to fabulous. It’s also full of nutrients and minerals like iron, vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorous – plus it tastes amazing!

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4. Mentsuyu + Vinegar

Mentsuyu + Vinegar

Mixing Mentsuyu with vinegar is an ingenious way to balance out the salty taste of this magnificent sauce. The rich, tangy taste will bring back memories of country living.

Mentsuyu + Vinegar is an original Japanese sauce with the unique flavor of soy, mirin, and rice vinegar. With this delicate combination, you can marinate sushi rolls for a subtle tangy taste while complementing the sweetness of the fish.

You can also pour Mentsuyu + Vinegar on vegetables or serve as a  sauce for tempura shrimp. It pairs well with ramen noodles topped with fresh vegetables to create a meal that’s light yet bursting with flavor!

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5. Mentsuyu + Lemon

Mentsuyu + Lemon

Miso is a staple in Japanese cuisine. We have created a refreshing derivative of the classic white miso paste by adding tangy lemon to bring an extra level of acidity and complexity!

This Mentsuyu + Lemon packs in loads of nutrition from the fermented soybeans, fresh lemons for Vitamin C, and minerals from seaweed. It’s great for when you need that acidic punch without introducing any dairy products – this healthy alternative is perfect in your favorite stir fry or salad dressing!

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 6. Soy Sauce + Vinegar

 Soy Sauce + Vinegar

With this creative duo, you can jazz up your meals with a zippy vinegar sauce. Pour it on veggies, tofu, rice noodles – the possibilities are endless!

This synergy of vinegar and soy sauce is perfect for those who love either condiment individually but want an even better flavor. It’s also great as a complete replacement for cooking sauces such as ponzu that contain processed sugar or corn starch.

7. Soy Sauce + Lemon

Soy Sauce + Lemon

Skip the sushi takeout and bring our zesty, tangy lemon-soy sauce to your next family gathering. Pour over rice for a delicious twist on chili-lime fried chicken, or use as a dipping sauce for dumplings.

Ever get a craving to dip your crunchy vegetables in soy sauce but feel guilty about the sodium? The ingenious folks at Fujioka have created a GMO-free, gluten-free solution to this problem.

Certainly, their easy-to-use Soy Sauce + Lemon is good for you and good for the planet! It has all of the taste and none of the regretful feelings that come from slathering yourself with an unhealthy condiment. So, Give it a try today!

8. Soy Sauce + Orange Juice

Soy Sauce + Orange Juice substitutes for ponzu sauce

Soy sauce on its own often has an overwhelming and pungent taste. But by adding a hint of fresh orange, aromas and flavors for this dish just explode! Giving you the perfect vegan alternative to traditional ponzu sauce that’s not overpowering with flavor nor too salty or sour, it’s simply – Just Add Orange Juice!

Forget about all that ponzu sauce, this recipe is the future of Japanese cooking. It reminds you of your favorite citrusy soy sauce but with real oranges in it. Juicing never tasted better!

It’s also a great source of vitamin C and potassium, so you’ll never go without it again. Because who doesn’t love feeling healthy?

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9. Mentsuyu

Mentsuyu + Lemon

The versatile sauce that goes with anything! Made from a blend of soy, vinegar, and glazed orange peels, you can use Mentsuyu for dipping sauce or whipping up your favorite dishes.

This amazing sauce is the only thing that Mizuki children can enjoy on their donburi. 

A little goes a long way and it gives wonderful flavor with every bite. There’s no icky fishy taste! Like ponzu, it does not contain sugar but instead uses daikon in place of soy sauce.

 10. Mentsuyu + Fruit Vinegar

Mentsuyu + Fruit Vinegar

We all know the incredible nutrients and vitamins we get from fruits and vegetables, but we don’t always have time to prepare them. Especially if you’re looking for a quick meal or snack before heading back to work. Well, that’s where Mentsuyu + Fruit Vinegar comes in-a a convenient product with the benefits of fresh fruit and bottles of nutrition! 

All-natural, no MSG, no preservatives said MEIJI Tetra Pak Inc., who creates this innovative food blend. You’ll find it tasty (have you ever tried ponzu sauce?), filling (with fewer calories than rice), and refreshingly healthy!

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What can I substitute for ponzu sauce?

There are many substitutes for ponzu sauce, including red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, carrot juice, or mustard mixed with honey. You can also skip the soy sauce in your dish and add simply salt to give the same flavor! All these flavors are tangy-sweet when it comes to their taste. If you’re looking for an Asian-style dipping sauce that isn’t as salty as ponzu, then sugar cane juice will work too.
You can even use Pineapple juice as a substitute if combined with A1 steak sauce and ginger powder; this is sometimes called “Hawaiian A1.” Experiment with different combinations of flavors until you find one that suits your palate best!

Is hoisin sauce similar to ponzu sauce?

Hoisin sauce is a type of Chinese dipping sauce, while ponzu sauce has origins in Japan. Whereas hoisin sauce comes from Northern China, ponzu originates in the Southern prefecture of Shizuoka.
Both sauces are soy-based and contain hot peppers or chiles for an added kick of spice. Hoisin often contains sugar with garlic, vinegar, star anise, ginger, and cloves to round out the flavor. Ponzu’s base typically consists of rice vinegar rather than white vinegar used in hoisin drinking vinegar–explaining why it tends to be sweeter!

Can you replace soy sauce with ponzu?

Yes. Ponzu is a citrus-based sauce from Asia, whereas soy sauces are from Asia and America. Ponzu is mostly made with soybean paste, rice vinegar or mirin, sugar, and seaweed or sesame seeds. All these ingredients can be substituted with soy sauce in recipes that require a very simple preparation for a great-tasting meal.
Ponzo flavors commonly align well with frying fish because it makes the scales stick to the outside of the fish when fried instead of sticking to the blowtorch that many chefs use for broiling fish.
Is ponzu the same as soy sauce?
Yes, they are the same. Japan’s traditional dipping sauce is soy-flavored. Ponzu is one of its most popular variants, made with lime instead of soy sauce and sometimes sesame oil for flavor.

What is poke sauce made of?

Poke sauce is often made from soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, boiled white sugar water, and ketchup. The mixture of these ingredients creates the savory, slightly sweet, and tangy flavor that is loved by poke connoisseurs everywhere for its authenticity.
Poke (pronounced POH-Keh) originated in Hawaiian culture centuries ago when fishermen used sharp pieces of coral to quickly harvest eating fish right off the reef.

Can I replace fish sauce with soy sauce?

Soy sauce does have a strong taste that is similar to fish sauce, so it can be substituted for soy sauce. A few things to keep in mind are saltiness and texture. Soy sauce does tend to have a stronger salt flavor than fish sauce, so if you are watching your salt intake then soy may not be the best choice of replacement.
Salt is available on food shelves or tables of grocery stores at varying degrees depending on the needs of the consumer, so this should not be an issue for most people.

What can I use instead of ponzu sauce?

We all know how hard it can be to find a substitute for this great sauce. That’s why we want to share with you some of the most common substitutions! 
– Teriyaki Sauce + Rice Vinegar
– Soy Sauce + Rice Vinegar
– Sriracha + Lime Juice + Coconut Aminos (or Tamari, which would work too!) 
– Sour Cream & Onion Dip Mix – just double up on this mixture and disregard the sour cream. It also makes for the perfect Japanese dip that pairs well with fries, veggies, or just about anything else! So, Try adding splashes of lime juice or sriracha for taste! 

What is ponzu sauce made of?

Ponzu sauce, literally translated as “vinegar soy sauce” in Japanese is a type of dipping sauce used traditionally in Osaka and West Japan. Its preparation is nothing more than combining soy, water, and sweet wine together after they mixed it with vinegar and katsuobushi. The traditional way to enjoy ponzu is by putting it on tofu or raw fish dishes.

Does Walmart have ponzu sauce?

Walmart does not actually sell ponzu sauce.
Ponzu is a citrus-flavored Japanese sauce typically served with sashimi, yakitori, and cooked seafood dishes. Instead of adding cider vinegar to the traditional soy sauce mixture in making ponzu, I recommend adding orange or lemon juice to it.
Kikkoman also offers fresh-squeezed lemon that will work beautifully in the recipe. It’s made without any cholesterol or artificial preservatives and contains just 10 calories per pack! As an added bonus – they apply less than 1% bleaching agents on oranges before squeezing them for you which means you’re getting all delicious natural flavor from ripe

What is ponzu sauce used for?

Answer: Ponzu is a sauce made from citrus fruit, lemon as well as soy sauce. The main difference between this kind of soy sauce and other kinds is that it is not brewed with wheat or barley malt yet relies on pure powdered koji.
In Japan, ponzu means “blessing” or “good fortune.” This recipe lends to those who need a little bit of good luck in their life!


We hope you find this article helpful and that it inspires you to get creative in the kitchen. Once you try these, I assure you will just fall in love with these alternatives. If there are any substitutes for ponzu sauce we forget to mention, do comment below!

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