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6 Best Substitutes For Pam Cooking Spray

These substitutes for pam cooking spray is often something that you can substitute ingredients with or add to substitute the cooking spray. It is what I like to call food hacks, where you substitute the given ingredient and create a new result by doing so. So, what to use instead of cooking spray for baking?

The best substitute for non stick pam cooking spray is Vegetable Oil, Butter, Olive Oil, Fat-free dairy products, Flour, Oil Sprays.

Substitutes For Pam Cooking Spray

Pam Cooking Spray is a staple in the kitchen for many people, but it contains harmful chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer. Avoid this by substituting with a healthier cooking spray alternative like vegetable oil or olive oil.

  1. Vegetable Oil
  2. Butter
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Fat-free dairy products
  5. Flour
  6. Oil Sprays

1. Vegetable Oil: 

Vegetable Oil, Substitutes For Pam Cooking Spray

You can substitute some of the vegetable oils in your recipes with water to substitute for pam cooking spray because it contains oil as well, along with other things that are not good for the health of your body and overall being.

These substitutes work just like they would if you had used actual pam cooking spray rather than substitute ingredients in place of it. Water and some type of fat-free dairy work extremely well when trying to substitute for pam cooking spray, and here’s one example of it.

1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of fat-free dairy can substitute for pam cooking spray when you are trying to substitute in your recipes, perfect if you’re a type of person that does not like the fact that pam cooking spray has oil in it.

When substituting water and fat-free dairy is what you substitute in place of pam cooking spray, the results should turn out just as well as if you had used real pam cooking spray. So substitute for your favorite recipes using some water mixed with some sort of fat-free dairy product and see how they turn out! It’ll be delicious.

2. Butter:

Butter, Substitutes For Pam Cooking Spray

Another substitute for pam cooking spray is simply adding more butter or substitute ingredients to substitute for pam cooking spray. Because it contains some sort of fat substitute rather than an oil substitute. What I mean by that is the substitute for pam cooking spray does not necessarily substitute with oil. It substitutes with a substitute which really means an alternative ingredient or substitutes itself!

Whatever you want to call it, I like to think of it as adding more butter. Butter is one excellent substitute for pam cooking spray. Butter works well in place of other fats and oils. It will when trying to substitute for them to create better health benefits from what we eat.

This particular substitution can be done easily, simply add an extra tablespoon of butter into your favorite recipes instead of using real pam cooking spray. This substitute adds up to 3 extra grams of fat into your dish. It is okay all things considered, but substitutes whatever you want to substitute with for it to work!

3. Olive Oil:

Olive Oil, Substitutes For Pam Cooking Spray

The substitute for pam cooking spray that I used personally before coming across this substitute was simply olive oil. Not the best substitute by any means. Because olive oil has a low smoke point. So it will burn rather quickly when being substituted for trans fats and other fats and oils too. But if that’s what you have available in your kitchen while trying to substitute for pam cooking spray then go ahead and give it a try.

It will substitute pretty well for the substitute for pam cooking spray. So substitute for pam cooking spray with olive oil and see how good it gets. Be careful using high temperatures though try to heat slowly while also mixing often. Substitute half of the amount of water that’s given in a recipe if substituting all-purpose flour into your favorite dishes that require something to substitute ingredients with.

4. Fat-free dairy products:

Fat-free dairy products, Substitutes For Pam Cooking Spray

If you look at the label on most, if not all, they actually contain trans fats in them. As we all know today more than ever that these sorts of fats can be extremely bad for your body. Substituting out ingredients such as water mixed with fat-free dairy products works perfectly to create better health benefits from eating food when trying to substitute out ingredients in place of cooking spray.

Water mixed with fat-free dairy products works perfectly when trying to substitute for pam cooking spray. Because they are excellent substitutes too. If you have ever read a nutrition label on some food or other product that contains margarine

To make things easy just mix 3 tablespoons of water into 1 tablespoon of fat-free dairy product to create a great replacement. It lasts for about 30 servings – or uses if substituting as a pam cooking spray alternative.

This is equivalent to half a can of original pam cooking spray. So if you have more than one recipe to substitute for pam cooking spray then you might run out of the ingredients easily or need more supplies. That is why I recommend that you just buy a can in the first place.

This great replacement method works just as well as the original pam cooking spray… so no complaints here! I like to make my own pan-fry recipes without using oils and other unhealthy fats too. Since I know exactly how healthy they are for my body. How bad original substitutes such as pam cooking spray are for my body when ingested.

With this great technique substituting out margarine with water mixed with fat-free dairy products I have also improved the flavor of all of my favorite recipes.

5. Flour:


People think about what to use instead of cooking spray for baking. Flour can also be a good substitute for pam cooking spray. The reason why it works great in place of a can is that flour is made out of wheat. It is also apparently has the same trans fat content as margarine and butter too. If I remember correctly from the nutrition label on my food while at the grocery store reading it like I always do every day to make sure all products are healthy for consumption and healthy alternatives are available.

You won’t believe that this ingredient actually works well – even better than real pam cooking spray itself! You know what? Try substituting half of the amount of water in your favorite recipes with all-purpose flour substitute for pam cooking spray too.

6. Oil Sprays:

Oil Sprays

There is always an alternative to the non-stick cooking spray. A great substitute for Pam is a canola oil-based spray. It offers the same convenience as cooking spray while using natural oils. You typically only need to spray on a thin coating and food flavors are more controllable with an all-oil alternative.

A pump, mister, or other types of container mixed with equal parts lecithin in any vegetable oil. It will create a great substitute for high-fructose corn syrup in your baking pan. This substitute works great if you are trying to substitute baking mixes. Moreover, other high-fructose corn syrup products out of your diet too. Because substitute for pam cooking spray is a substitute of margarine. Although trans fats are not necessarily good for the body. But this substitute method makes it healthier than original ingredients in recipes.


What can I substitute for pam spray?

Butter is an excellent kitchen spray substitute. You can use it to grease pans for cakes or muffins without getting your hands messy.

What Can I use instead of non-stick cooking spray?

Baking sprays are made mostly with vegetable oil, so if you’re looking for a replacement to grease your pan, this is the way to go. All you have to do is pour some cooking oils onto a PGATE towel and rub it along the sides of any frying pans that need extra lubrication.

How do you make homemade pam spray?

To make a fruit-flavored cooking spray, measure 2 tablespoons of oil. Measure 1 cup of water into a measuring cup and remove 2 tablespoons. Pour oil into the mister bottle. Add the water with lecithin if using them. Shake well. Label the bottles if making more than one.

What can I use to grease a pan?

When cooking with butter, just rub a stick of it around the pan. When using shortening or butter in tub form, use a paper towel to smear it onto the sides and bottom of the pan.

Is pam better than Oil?

It appears cooking spray is less caloric and unhealthy than cooking oil, even with the fact that each can contains a number of calories. Unlike cooking oil, a frying pan cannot degrade into compounds that may lead to health issues such as cancer over time if consumed.

What can I use if there is no Olive Oil?

The best substitute for the cooking spray is canola oil, vegetable, or sunflower oil. Find organic versions if possible because they are not as strong in taste and interchangeable with olive oil. If liquid oil is not your thing, substitute it with dry oil.

Can you spray Pam directly on food?

Yes, Pam can be sprayed directly onto food. When cooking with oils, the oil helps prevent sticking. For similar reasons, spraying Pam on items before baking would help avoid sticking problems.

What is the healthiest cooking spray?

Pompeian Coconut Oil Cooking Spray. It is Versatile and heart-healthy, this cooking spray made with just a few natural ingredients is loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats.

How do you spray cooking oil without a sprayer?

All you need is a spray bottle and water to make your own cooking “spray”. Mix 1 part oil with five parts water, shake well before each use. Enjoy healthy vegetable cooking and save calories when using this solution.

Is Pam Spray unhealthy?

While using Pam Cooking Spray correctly, as instructed, is totally safe and effective. Pam Cooking Spray is used safely and properly by millions of people several times a day, every single day, the statement says. “Do not spray on hot surfaces or near open flames.”


Finding an alternative to cooking spray can be a challenge. That is why I like to call this a food hack. The easiest substitution for the cooking spray is something edible that acts as the oil in your recipe. Cooking spray is convenient in the kitchen, but it can be costly and sometimes comes with suspicious sounding substances. Alternative cooking oils are often cheaper and provide similar benefits.

Occasionally a cook needs to use a bit of cooking spray on pans or cooking vessels for searing meat-without any other changes made. This practice could lead to some unwelcome health consequences. The solution is to substitute a healthier cooking spray substitute for the unhealthy option, an olive oil substitute. There are so many healthy cooking spray choices on the market.

You can find a plant-based oil or an olive oil-based cooking spray. The both will give you the nonstick performance that will make your plate shine. These plant-based oils are better for you than petroleum-based cooking sprays. If you want to get your substitute on, then here are some of the best alternatives to Pam.

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