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14 Best Substitutes For Kirsch

Kirsch is a cherry brandy that has been distilled since the 16th century. Kirschwasser is also known as “kirsch” in other countries, which means “cherry water” in German. It has an almond flavor and can be served chilled or poured into coffee/tea for extra flavoring. The kirsch is most often used to make cocktails such as the Black Russian, French 75, Sparkling Kirsch Cocktail, and Cherry Blossom Martini; it can also be used to make desserts like cherries jubilee or cordials with a variety of flavors including peach-almond and raspberry-mint. This article will introduce 14 substitutes for kirsch.

You can kirsch substitutes with Apple cider, Cranberry juice, Blue Curacao, Creme de cassis, Peach schnapps, Black cherry juice, Pineapple juice, Kirschwasser, Kummel, Slivovitz, Aquavit, Ouzo, Rhubarb, Apricot juice.

Top Substitutes For Kirsch

  1. Apple cider
  2. Cranberry juice
  3. Blue Curacao
  4. Creme de cassis
  5. Peach schnapps
  6. Black cherry juice
  7. Pineapple juice
  8. Kirschwasser
  9. Kummel
  10. Slivovitz
  11. Aquavit
  12. Ouzo
  13. Rhubarb
  14. Apricot juice

1. Apple cider:

Substitutions For Kirsch

Apple cider is a holiday favorite with many people. It’s festive, tasty, and a great replacement for wine when you’re not of age or find that some alcohol can trigger the symptoms of your illness. It’s also sticky enough to choose any cookie recipe!

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With all these amazing features, it’s no surprise apple cider is everyone’s go-to drink this season. Taste apple cider made with apples and fresh, local honey. Homemade perfection for this season and every season!

2. Cranberry juice:

Cranberry juice is a kirsch substitute. Say goodbye to the bitter, acidic drink that your Aunt Ida favors. This cranberry juice is just what you need. Made with apples and blueberries for added sweetness, this juice will please every palate! All you need is love.

And some cranberry juice, apparently- guaranteed to please your palate and soothe your sour stomach. It’s the perfect remedy for when all you can do in the cold winter month is lay around, watch television, and drink a pint or two of last season’s rosé wine.

3. Blue Curacao:

Substitutions For Kirsch

Do you like getting way too drunk, but think every night should be a prolonged celebration? Say hello to our blue curacao! It’s the perfect addition to your next party because it will make sure everyone has an amazing time (with even comparatively few drinks). C’mon, if you’re celebrating something worth celebrating then we really need to do it right.

You can have the tastes of tropical paradise in your glass! This colorful and fragrant cocktail is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking to relax by the pool or just want something different, this is a hit with everyone.

4. Creme de cassis: 

Substitutions For Kirsch

Creme de cassis never disappoints. This luscious, dark-hued spirit is perfect for late-night drinking with guests. Tell the bartender to make something fun and festive- we recommend a Kir Royale or Creme De Cassis Rita! Creme de cassis is a drink that is very similar to the kirsch. It comes from France and has flavors of black currant, chocolate, plum, and cinnamon. You will look forward to camping trips after tasting this delicious drink.

5. Peach schnapps:

How do you love the taste of peaches? Sweet and succulent, juicy with delicate skin. For everyone who loves peaches, but finds themselves attracted to other fruits like kirsch, here’s Peach Schnapps! Perfect for when you need all the sweet and fruity goodness without any of that pesky alcohol burn.

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This is how you turn up like a good girl. Fermented with peach extract, and watered down to a sweet 18% alcohol by volume, the intense peach flavor of Peach Schnapps makes this deliciously crisp liquor the perfect substitute for kirsch.

6. Black cherry juice:

Black cherry juice is a perfect kirsch substitute. Have a vintage night on the town without the booze, and drink everyone under the table with our Black Cherry Juice. Traverse alleyways lit up by strings of Christmas lights and window displays hung from ceilings dripping in tinsel.

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Drink this on your way home so you can finish off the party! If you’re looking for that classy cocktail, don’t look any further than our Black Cherry Juice. delicious and divine ruby red liquid, perfect for mixing with other drinks or as a stand-alone.

7. Pineapple juice:

Green pineapples are one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidants, which may protect cell membranes in the bloodstream from damage. These wildly healthy fruits also contain vitamin C and flavonoids that have been shown to fight against cancer. So it’s no wonder you need a cup of juice for an instant dose. Pineapple juice is the perfect way to make your party an even more tropical paradise.

8. Kirschwasser:

Moms and dads across America are rejoicing! A new thing to drink is on the rise. That’s right! Kirschwasser, a substitute for kirsch that will help broaden your horizons whether at home or out and about with friends. Quench your thirst without any of the usual alcohol-related worries – this one is riddled with flavor but not alcohol. Go ahead… have another glass full of enjoyment (but please be responsible).

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9. Kummel:

Kummel is a great whiskey for mixing with club soda; it’s also the perfect vestige of home life. With its sweet-meets-fruity flavor, Kummel has been cherished as an alternative to kirschwasser for generations across many cultures.

10. Slivovitz:

Slivovitz is the next best thing to kirsch – it’s basically like kirsch, but better. It outdoes other aperitifs in flavor and has hints of fruit flavors like apricot or plum that will excite your palate. Give your taste buds a treat this autumn with Slivovitz!

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11. Aquavit:

Aquavit is an aged spirit that tastes like a light, refreshing version of vodka. So, You can add it to your drink for the perfect summertime cocktail! We can’t imagine enjoying Lillet Blanc without Aquavit these days.

12. Ouzo:

Ouzo has been a popular Greek spirit for centuries. Used in cooking and baking, Ouzo’s unmistakable flavor is also perfect to mix with other spirits or enjoy on its own. We promise that you’ll experience the superior taste of our ouzo mixed at around 25%. Ouzo makes for a great substitute for kirsch cocktails when you don’t want to deal with the headache that accompanies them. Plus, it tastes just like regular wine!

13. Rhubarb:

Rhubarb is a versatile and delicious fruit. So, you can mix it into just about any drink, iced tea with brown sugar instead of sugar cubes. Consequently, It has the perfect flavor to augment anything sour. Take a sip of freshly squeezed orange juice with finely grated rhubarb – it’s like biting into an orange creamsicle! Add some fresh rhubarb to your spinach salad for some tangy bite or toast up some muffins before topping them with this tart fruity syrup.

14. Apricot juice:

Get your yum on with these juices. We have a ripe lineup straight from the orchard, cold and ready to peel. With natural apricots, all-natural fruit flavors like lemonade, blackberry, apricot juice are nothing short of amazing. With other great fruity choices such as apple juice cocktail or orange juice mixed berry blend you’ll find something perfect for any taste preference; mix in some bubbly water for a favorite hot day refresher!


What can I use instead of kirsch?

Luckily, there are alternatives to kirsch. There are a lot of other types of fruit brandies they can try, such as either Calvados or applejack brandy which many people enjoy using in their favorite German recipes. Some people may also find that port is quite nice as well for some dishes like a cherry pie or plum cake where it might be used in cooking the apples or plums. No matter what though, the important thing is that they experiment with various different types until they find one that suits them best – with all those options out there who knows just what surprises await! 

What are kirsch cherries?

Kirsch Cherries are cherries that have been soaked in a neutral spirit with sugar and left to infuse for a minimum of two weeks. The resulting fruit becomes “wet” or juicy.

Is kirsch the same as cherry brandy?

Kirsch is made from cherries but it’s not the same as brandy. Brandy is distilled twice, whereas kirsch is only distilled once. Brandy also needs to be distilled out of grapes, and because there’s no fermented base wine leftover in the bottle, you don’t need to age peppermint – which allows for a much faster turnover of the product. This makes for cheaper production costs than with kirsch, which requires more expensive production costs because it needs to be aged for up to 5 years before bottling.

What can I use instead of cherry liqueur?

For a cherry-flavored martini, you’ll want to get together some of the usual ingredients such as gin, dry vermouth, and an olive. Next, add ½oz of maraschino liqueur (reduced sugar is fine). Sweeten with ~2 teaspoons of granulated sugar. Mix in a cocktail shaker with ice for 20 seconds or until cold then shake again without ice and pour into your martini glass over one large cube of ice. Garnish with an olive and enjoy!

What is a good nonalcoholic substitute for brandy?

You could try a dash of ouzo, as this has a lovely anise flavor that would complement the chocolate nicely. You could also simply pour apple or pear cider over your chocolate dessert, which can be quite tasty. Whatever you do, make sure it is chilled first – the coldness of these beverages will cut through their sugar content and elevate the flavors of both fruits and cocoa without adding any bad sugars to your diet.

What is the best cherry liqueur?

The best cherry liqueur is one that has the best balance of both flavor and sweetness. I personally prefer Lillet-Brandy-Cherry, for its deep wine notes, or Torani Amer for its light freshness. However, it’s impossible to say which brand your taste buds will prefer so you might have to try a few before you find the perfect “cherry” for you. Enjoy!

Can you drink kirsch straight?

For those who like a stronger, more sour flavor, it’s best to mix kirsch in wine ratios from 50% to 70%. But for those who prefer a sweeter taste, it is better to mix the spirit with other juices or syrups. But yes–one can drink kirsch straight. Some people would even call it an acquired taste! 🙂 And no worries if you don’t like the first drink–you can always scoop up your next drink.

How much is a bottle of kirsch?

It varies. “Kirschwasser is usually sold under the international standards governing most forms of liquor in bottles with volume sizes of 100-, 200- or 375-mL. Price for a 100 mL bottle typically ranges from £5 to £10 (~ US $7–16), while a single serving at a bar will cost around £3.50, and 2€ (US$2) for 20kcal.” 200 mL bottle would be about 8 pounds, but it can depend on the location you buy it in as well as its age and brand.

What can you do with cherry pits?

Cherry pits are a rich source of flavonoid antioxidants. But don’t try to eat any, the chemicals make them too bitter. You can add them to ground meat when you prepare it for cooking or mix powdered cherry pits into your coffee if you want an intense caffeine kick. It’s also rumored that they’re good at exterminating spiders within your home!

What is the best Kirsch?

The best kirsch is the one you enjoy, not the “best”. The reason for this is that each and every human taste are slightly different. There are no standards to judge whether a beverage is good or bad because it’s so subjective. Plus, there are so many people out there who like kirsch but don’t even know what it really tastes like if they’ve never had any other kind of alcohol before. So stop asking questions about which type of alcohol is better than the rest when most likely you just haven’t tried enough different types to compare between them.


In sum up, here we are talking about 14 Substitution for Kirsch. In the end, Kirsch’s work is a testament to how you can live your life by accepting that everything changes and being able to find joy in it all. Is there any substitute of kirsch that is missing? Feel free to mention them below! We’re always looking for new ways to improve our lives with small tweaks like these. Cheers!

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