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5 Substitutes For Green Pepper In Meatloaf

I’m not a massive fan of green peppers, but I love meatloaf. To get around my dislike for green bell peppers, I use some substitutes for green pepper in the meatloaf recipe.

If you crave substitutes for green peppers in meatloaf, here are some options in this article. These special ingredients give your meatloaf a spicy kick while still imparting the flavor and texture of the pepper.

Substitutes For Green Pepper In Meatloaf

  1. White Onion
  2. Purple Bell Pepper
  3. Raddish
  4. Pimentos
  5. Orange Bell Pepper

1. White Onion

White Onion is substitutes for green pepper.

White onion is a versatile vegetable and usable to make meatloaf, curry, or go great in your favorite pasta dish.

The color of fresh, white onion is more delicious for some people. The flavor too! Now you can have your meatloaf as usual, with no green paper to punch through. But a flavorful dish made from the dish’s namesake ingredient.

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2. Purple Bell Pepper

Purple Bell Pepper

Introducing the Purple Bell Pepper: a modern, more sustainable, and tastier culinary substitute to the green paper. Used by professional chefs in place of green pepper when making meatloaf, it’s also delicious on burgers and sandwiches! 

We all know that kids love Jolly Ranchers, so why not have some for dinner? Serve up this sky-colored meal at your next family night or potluck. And watch people’s puzzled faces turn into the curiosity of this unusual vegetable. Check out Substitutes For Green Pepper In Casseroles

Purple Bell Pepper is a great way to get more nutrients in your diet while trying something new. This bell pepper balances things out by adding sweetness to the savory taste of meatloaf. It also helps curb the appetite longer after eating it. It also nourishes our bodies with its vitamin A content which keeps us looking youthful on top of everything else! 

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3. Raddish

Raddish, substitutes for green pepper in the meatloaf recipe.

Raddish is an adorable little thing that packs quite the punch. Rich in fiber, easily digestible, and they remind you of your mom’s green paper bag when cooking meatloaf for dinner!

With Raddish, there are no more tears when chopping up this tough vegetable! Plus, With just one bag of Raddish, you can make over 20 servings of meatloaf. That is enough to feed an entire family or party! 

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4. Pimentos


Everyone is talking about pimentos. We know they’re the trendy new replacement for green paper in meatloaves, but what can’t these teensy peppers do? Filling up celery cups at a holiday party, spicing up chicken lasagna, or pairing with avocados and tomatoes on a toasted baguette. These little gems are getting better with age.

Do you want to know how it feels when it meets garlic? It tickles, does not make you sneeze. This is the feeling pimentos give exactly to meatloaf or hamburger because they are full of aromatic spices. It makes them look much better and sometimes taste. So we will provide our next dinner home cook excuse for boredom fragrant table decoration with these bit of red peppers that can complement any dish!

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5. Orange Bell Pepper

Orange Bell Pepper

You want a beautiful green bell pepper, but you can’t find one — what do you do? You substitute an orange bell pepper! They may be more expensive than green ones, so we recommend buying them in bulk. But they’ll taste just as good, and nobody will be the wiser.

Your kids might rather have a piece of the pie—so make it with a flavored bell pepper instead. Hidden in this meatloaf is the zesty taste of peppery orange deliciousness. Experiment! Make your meatloaf with red or yellow peppers for a rainbow of flavors that will be sure to please the whole family. Let’s discuss getting more bang for your buck!


What can I use in place of green pepper?

It isn’t easy to replace a green pepper without changing the dish. Substituting a red pepper would give you something more like an unripe, spicy version of the same vegetable, which may or may not be what you want in your recipe.
Salt and vinegar work for many things in condiments and even salt and spikes in some dishes. If I’m trying to get tanginess, I might add one to two tablespoons of pickle brine – it preserves the color well, which can help hold cultural flavors. Beyond that, it’s mostly food coloring level tinkering to make up for flavor shifts; fat content needs changes, etc.

What color pepper is closest to a green pepper?

The pepper color green is different from the typical red or yellow bell peppers, so it would be difficult to identify a pepper closest to green pepper. But if you have been buying the incorrect type of green beans for many years, usually called string beans in North America and French beans in Great Britain and Australia, then green beans may be nearest.
Young fresh green beans that are cooked tender-crisp can range from light olive green to bottle-green depending on time after picking, length of cooking, and how they’re preserved. Freezing at 0°F will keep these colors, but they won’t snap when bent due to water penetration into the thicker cell membranes caused by prolonged immersion in cold water or low temperatures during a cook. 

Fleshy inside green. Stems are green. The bottom of the stem is light purple. Leaves are paler yellow/green with dark green veins in the leaf structure. Six ribs running up the stem with three ridges per rib reside on the outer side of the stem below, towards the outside edges of each rib, creating a separation of space between each rib that gives it a striated look-light purple versus dark red near top and leaves have no ribs.
Still, instead of alternating rows of leaf formation peculiar to all members in this genus-peppers will be fleshy; seed pods will ooze when ripe/when handled roughly or cut across their surface where there are obvious pores only at the notched bottom end.

Can you substitute red pepper for green pepper?

That’s a tricky question. It depends on what the recipe specifically calls for. In general, they are very similar in flavor and can often be used interchangeably depending on your taste preference or level of tolerance for nightshades in your diet.
The most commonly used pepper is jalapeno. In restaurants, it usually comes either with a green or orange peel because it usually flips back and forth at any given moment due to how quickly it spoils.
In my experience, it’s easier to have guests spot their peppers, so I’m not touching everybody with the same pepper! Please share your comment below if you have more thoughts on this topic or don’t because that might start an argument about which

Can I substitute jalapeno for green pepper?

There is no good substitute for jalapeno pepper.
The spice called jalapeno comes from a specially cultivated, hot variety of chili pepper called the “jalapeño.” A green bell pepper, on the other hand, is milder and has a different flavor.
In terms of heat level, it would be as if you substituted one cup side of soup with corn broth instead of vegetable broth. The result will taste different – not at all bad – but different enough that your cooking dish won’t have the same flavors as before.
In Latin America and Puerto Rico, squash blossoms are often pickled and served as pieces accompanying fruit or cheeses instead of sliced jalapenos and onions. When

Are bell pepper colors all the same?

Ok, this answer is too easy. The colors of bell peppers can differ by variety; some may be green, some yellow, or red. Green bell peppers are the most popular, and you see them in almost all grocery stores across the US.
Yellow bell peppers are also common, but you’ll typically only find them at specialty retailers like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Market because they’re usually grown in warmer climates to produce higher quality fruit with more flavor.
Red bells have a slightly sweet taste that people seem to prefer over the yellow varieties, but they’re not found in many stores because they need warm weather to grow. 

Do different color peppers taste different?

The flavor of pepper is the product of two main chemical contributors – piperine and capsaicin. They work together to make the “heat” flavorful rather than painful or unpleasant. The actual flavor of pepper usually has more to do with its age and where it’s grown. For instance, habanera peppers had a rich buttery tropical taste because they’re grown near banana and sugarcane plantations.
There are three different types of heat that you can experience any hot pepper: 1) spice (intense deliciousness); 2) heat (burning the whole way down); 3) incredulously intense heat (so hot you can’t stand it). Different peppers bring on these

What can I use instead of red and green peppers?

Red and green pepper can be replaced with any colored bell pepper.
The inside of the bell peppers are usually the same color- some may be more orange or more yellow, but they all taste like bell peppers! If you’re looking to make your dish prettier with “Christmas colors”, try making it with avocado, which is usually purple on the outside and has no flavor. Scoop out healthy chunks of avocado onto spaghetti noodles for an easy entree that should look very inviting at your next party!

What can I use in replacement for onion in meatloaf?

There are several different kinds of substitutes for onion, including onion powder, garlic cloves, green onion, shallots, and leeks. The trick is to cook these substitutes until they have released their moisture or what you want the flavor profile to reflect in your meatloaf recipe.
If you’re cooking with onions for flavor but can’t eat them due to personal reasons but don’t want it to taste like pure garlic all the time even though this is fine, then �» simply substitute grated apple. The trick here is that apples are usually stored longer than fresh onions so by �» gating the apple first assures the other ingredients (like soy sauce) won’t make it

Is it necessary to cook onions before putting in a meatloaf?

If I cook the onion with some olive oil for a few minutes, it will be soft enough to puree with less stringiness. You can also finely chop them or use finely grated onion too.

Are red peppers and green peppers the same

In the United States, the red bell pepper is a cultivar from green bell peppers. Another way to know if you have bought a red bell pepper would be to check where it was grown. Red bell peppers are typically grown in Arizona and California. Green bell peppers are usually from outside of those states to be more orange or yellowish shading.
In other countries, green and red paper made from chili were both known as “bell,” so this might not have become an issue since they’ve always been used interchangeably.


It’s easy to see that there are many substitutes for green pepper in meatloaf. The most vital thing is to use the flavor profile of the pepper you’re substituting, whether spicy or sweet and look at how much volume you need when making your substitution. If you want more ideas on what substitutes for green pepper make great additions to a dish, check out these recipes with our favorite substitutes above!

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