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5 Substitutes For Green Pepper In Casseroles

A casserole is an excellent dish for parties, but sometimes you may not have all the ingredients needed to make it. This recipe has five different substitutes for green pepper in the casseroles recipe.

Some people love the flavor of green pepper, while others find it too strong and overpowering. If you are exploring substitutes for green peppers in your casserole recipes, try adding one or more of these ingredients. Give your dish a little zing with a substitute ingredient.

Substitution For Green Pepper In Casseroles

  1. Yellow Onion
  2. Spinach
  3. Poblanos Pepper
  4. Sichuan Pepper
  5. Cubanelle

1. Yellow Onion

Yellow Onion is one of the substitutes for green pepper in the casseroles.

Most of the casserole recipes use green paper to make them more colorful.

We are providing an alternative solution for making your food more attractive by using Yellow Onion, which is a healthy and natural way.

You’ll find that our yellow onion pepper is much more flavorful than plain green paper. Not only does it add cheery color to your dish, but our product also offers a tangy flavor and a slight crunchiness white potatoes lack.

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2. Spinach

Spinach, substitutes for green pepper in casseroles

You want to make your casserole healthier, but you don’t like the green paper taste.

We all know that spinach is a superfood, and it makes sense to add it to our daily diet. However, we also know that adding spinach leaves into our favorite dishes can be difficult because of the strong flavor and texture. You can check also Substitutes For Green Pepper In Spaghetti Sauce

Spinach is a replacement for greenery in casseroles without changing the recipe too much! It will still have all its nutritional value while being tasteless and taking on any other flavors added to your dish! This way, you get everything good about spinach without sacrificing taste or texture!

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3. Poblanos Pepper

Poblanos Pepper

Green paper is a widespread ingredient in casseroles. It gives the food a nice green color but also has a very faded taste.

You can make delicious meals without all the green paper. Say “so long” to all your old workarounds that relied on meat, cheese, butter, cream, or artificial flavorings. Poblano peppers are a healthy substitute for beef or cheese in casseroles—slice them open and stuff with seasoned rice. Then top it off with your favorite salsa before baking until tender!

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4. Sichuan Pepper

Sichuan Pepper

Make your casserole a little more interesting with Sichuan Pepper! With an easy and accessible alternative to the green paper, you’ll never have to worry about over-salting again. Let the spice do all of the work for you without any pesky add-ons that can leave things bland.

Just throw some in whatever dish you’re cooking. Watch Netflix while it cooks, and when it is ready, sizzle up something besides bacon. Pineapple Fried Rice is delicious, or Thai Coconut Curry will also hit the spot if you are feeling exotic.

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5. Cubanelle


If you don’t like using plain ol’ green paper that doesn’t taste like much, then Cubanelli is the food out for you! Made from all-natural ingredients such as cabbage and paprika — we make sure not to leave anything left in the bowl. 

One of the best ways to enjoy cubanelle without doubts about its preparation is by using it as a substitute for green paper in casseroles. This simple trick will also help you create tasty dishes that will surprise your family members at dinner time!


What can you replace red pepper with?

Red pepper usually offsets the blandness of many dishes, so the most effortless substitution is to try something with a little more oomph.
You can use onions instead of green pepper while cooking but may alter other flavors too much if left in the dish for serving. Other substitutes include using strong spices or condiments such as cayenne or liquid Aminos to add heat and flavor to your plate.
All-natural ginger paste is also an excellent option that offers a great depth of flavor while adding lots of zings!
Many people find it too spicy, though, so considering that will help you adjust accordingly when deciding what substitute works best for you.”
A possible answer could be 1/4 cup tomato sauce (can)

What can I use if I don’t have bell peppers?

If you are cooking a flavorful dish, you could experiment with other vegetables. Zucchini is very mild and would likely work just as well in this context, or if that doesn’t sound good to you, then anything else that’s on hand might seem similar in texture and flavor profile.
If it’s not for use in a savory dish, tomatoes are both sweet and tangy, so people often use them in lunch-type salads like sandwich filling. And avocados also fit this same mold because they’re slightly sweet and soft, too.
I know Americans love guacamole! Diversified choices are depending on your tastes, but avocado is probably my top pick out of the three though it will change the flavor profile

What vegetable can you substitute for green pepper?

The best vegetable substitution for green pepper is chopped cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced white onion.
To make the process easier, I recommend using sautéed broccoli or frozen peas if possible. Some people even prefer spinach to green peppers!

Can I use cubanelle paper instead of green paper?

You can use cubanelle to make a quilt and then cut it into paper, but I’d advise against using that for writing.
Cubanelle has too many tight fibers and doesn’t come loose quickly. It’s also not as absorbent as green paper to take ink, which is needed for writing.
Plus, tomato season is coming up–if tomatoes fall off the vines onto your quilt, you’ll need to throw the entire thing out! The green paper is better-suited for taking juice from wet tomatoes without sticking, so it’s good news all around if you choose green!

Cubanelle paper can be substituted for green paper because it has a similar quality and feels to it. The only way to understand is to try both and see which you prefer.
Using cubanelle is an excellent choice if you’re making something other than paper, such as wrapping a gift! As the phrase goes: “anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

Can I use pimiento instead of green paper?

Yes. The red paper pimento is also known as devils’ lettuce or amaranth, and the green paper pimento is sometimes called legal hemp.
The red paper pimento can be used on white bread with brown sugar for a beautiful pickled egg salad sandwich! It goes well with tuna salad too! The green paper pimento is more of an acquired taste; it’s more an herb than a pepper. For instance, you might use it in chicken fajitas or omelets, but not on sandwiches like the red one.
You can use it as the “skin” on eggplant Parmesan if you fry the eggplant. Start by slicing the eggplant into broad, even slices, then cut each piece half lengthwise to make two long halves. Brush the halves with olive oil or another healthy fat, lay them down on a paper towel, and salt both sides.

Place a baking sheet under-side of the paper towels if desired for easier cleanup after frying, grease your cooking utensil with coconut oil or another deep-frying fat of your choice (lards are completely fine too). Pan fry until softened, then flip over to brown another side for an additional 3 minutes until they’re soft all through. Set aside onto paper towels to remove excess oil and set aside

Can I use yellow pepper instead of green paper?

Yes, it is possible. What’s most important when peeling a pepper is that you wash off the yellow layer that can form on the pepper; this layer will need to be peeled off before you start shopping. 
You can use yellow pepper in place of green paper, but the color won’t be the same. The pigment that makes food turn green is chlorophyll. The more intense the color, usually means it has more to do with chlorophyll. Yellow peppers will only give off a little bit of this pigment when cooked without adding additional ingredients like lime juice or vinegar, so they’ll often turn out light brown instead.
Plus, this might be even better for people trying to avoid carotenoids because it means you won’t get stained by them! Supplementing with either juice or vinegar will help increase that intensity and produce a darker tint.

Can I use red onion instead of green paper?

Yes, you can use red onion instead of green paper. However, you will want to avoid using tomatoes in place of green apples.
While both are round objects with yellow skin and many seeds, tomatoes are typically more comprehensive than apples.
A red onion would be too large at this point in your project.
You’ll want to do some planning before cutting up an apple and a tomato so that they’re the same size as the green pepper shown here.
Green peppers for green paper? Why not two halves of cucumber each slit lengthwise for green paper–you could slice into one side, so it bleeds out its fleshy white innards for green? 
That sounds like way too much work

Can I use shallots instead of Green pepper?

Suppose you’re cooking for more than one person, yes if you’re cooking for yourself, no.
It is possible to grow enough shallots in a home garden situation for this question to be feasible if we follow the advice of author and culinary educator Paula Wolfert and plant two rows of every variety of vegetables, so our 10-foot row becomes 15 feet of vegetables total.
Shallots can be harvested more often than green bell peppers (every two months vs. 3-5 months) but not as often as onions (every four months vs. 8-12 months) furthermore, while they can survive on their own without mulch or watering (something particularly helpful if they live next to an assignment like garlic).
While there is no difference in taste, the form will be different.

Shallots are typically stored in jars or containers like garlic. Green peppers are sold whole and sometimes packaged in bags with other vegetables. 
Chefs recommend using shallots whenever possible. They are cheaper than green peppers at grocery stores because they don’t need to be kept fresh by freezing them (since they’re dried) as green peppers do. You may also want to consider using red pepper or yellow pepper instead for more color contrast on your dish!
Shallots have a different texture that is not as “bubbly” when grated, while green onions tend to have a much softer pulp while being chopped.


If you are looking for substitutes for green pepper in casseroles, this article has some great tips. We hope the suggestions we’ve provided will help save time and money when cooking your favorite recipes.

You will want to make sure that any substitutes are ready to use first before adding them into your recipe, so they do not continue cooking. If this sounds too difficult, we recommend ordering our pre-made organic frozen meals, including bell peppers.

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