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10 Best Substitutes For Gochugaru

One of the most popular Korean ingredients is gochugaru, a spicy red pepper powder. With it being so popular, how do you substitute for it? So many recipes call for this ingredient that sometimes it’s hard to find! Here are 10 substitutes for gochugaru

You can do gochugaru substitute with Cayenne pepper, Ground cumin, Dried ancho chili powder, Coriander seeds, Crushed red pepper flakes, Crushed red pepper flakes, Ancho chile powder, Paprika, Ginger powder, Cinnamon sticks, Chipotle Powder.

Korean Chili Powder Substitutes

  1. Cayenne pepper
  2. Ground cumin
  3. Dried ancho chili powder
  4. Coriander seeds
  5. Crushed red pepper flakes
  6. Ancho chile powder
  7. Paprika
  8. Ginger powder
  9. Cinnamon sticks
  10. Chipotle Powder

1. Cayenne pepper:

10 Best Substitutes For Gochugaru

Cayenne pepper is a great gochugaru substitute.

A sprinkle of cayenne adds a kick to the tongue like nothing else. This little pepper can do wonders, like cooking up all your favorite dishes with a twist. So spicy yet so sweet: whether it’s for some old-school buffalo chicken wings or some vegetable fried rice, now you have more than just chili flakes at your disposal!

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Korean food is all the rage right now. The flavors are bold. Warm spices like gochugaru make it delicious without overpowering anything else in a dish. And Korean’s don’t just use this spice to punch up flavor- they use it religiously across their dishes. So why not bring Korean flavors into your own kitchen at home? You can create amazing recipes with cayenne pepper or seek out substitute alternatives—just be careful, some people might know the difference!

2. Ground cumin:

gochugaru substitute

Are you looking to start a new Korean BBQ restaurant? Looking for something with rich flavors and aromatic earthiness that will make your customers crave more? Look no further than ground cumin! Ground cumin can be substituted for gochugaru in barbecue recipes. The spice makes your food pop with flavor while still allowing it to taste authentic and of the region. Stock up on our bulk selections, it’s so affordable!

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perfect for soups and tacos, this mild roasted ground cumin from the Middle Eastern gingerbread region is a great way to spice up your dish or shake things up.

3. Dried ancho chili powder:

gochugaru substitute

If you find yourself in a pinch for time or on a budget, there is an easy solution – dried ancho chili powder. This go-to spice is the perfect substitute for our Korean classic of gochugaru and can be sprinkled over anything! And it is a great gochugaru substitute.

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The spicy heat in your BBQ won’t even come close to the one ounce of spice that an entire package of our dried ancho chili powder will provide! Choose between white, dark, and black varieties for a unique flavor profile. These are perfect for any dish you can imagine because these powders have been dehydrated at their most flavorful stage – so it’s all about the taste. If you’re looking to get creative with some authentic flavors this is the way to go!

4. Coriander seeds:

korean chili powder substitute

Coriander seeds are a spicy seed that is a perfect substitute for gochugaru. Pair them with caraway, cardamom or cumin to liven up your dishes!

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Consider your Korean cooking without gochugaru, then consider it with coriander seeds. If you need a sweet, spicy kick, this spice will be your best friend. This versatile spice can also add depth to a bed of rice and other grains like barley or oats. Give these unique spices a try in this amazing recipe: pickled vegetables accompanied by chicken wing marinade made with fresh chili peppers, garlic and lemon juice-a perfect appetizer for any meal!

5. Crushed red pepper flakes:

korean chili powder substitute

What would go great with your spicy Korean food tonight? A little bit of crushed red pepper flakes. Trust us when we say it won’t blow your taste buds – in fact, you’ll never want to eat hotpot without it!

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Create your own Korean recipes and keep the foreshadowing to a minimum with our crushed red pepper flakes. This potent topping will add just enough heat to set your dish apart from all those spicy favorites. Turn up your kitchen game and make it yours!

6. Ancho chile powder:

ancho chili powder

When you need some heat in your dish, but don’t want to waste money on expensive gochugaru spice mix. This ancho chili powder blends spices up any dish with a unique flavor and is perfect for when you’re cooking something spicy or for those who can’t take the heat!

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Ancho chile powder is great for any food that needs a little more spice and spice heat without being too spicy. Unlike gochugaru, ancho chile powder won’t leave your tongue feeling like it can’t catch up to the heat- just feel that wall of increased warmth slowly building. Some recipes you might want to try with our four-ounce jar include Carnitas, Pork Chile Verde, or Grilled Vegetables Tacos in Adobo Sauce. Make something delicious today!

7. Paprika:


This spicy, bright red cooking staple is a versatile ingredient used across the world. Paprika can be sprinkled on hummus or lentils before they are baked to add color and spice, ground up in sauces for soups and curries, part of a rub for smoking meat, and muddled with honey that becomes a sweet drink you can offer your friends at your next dinner party.

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Paprika is a really amazing spice! It’s made from dried spicy pepper pods that are ground up into a deep red powder. Paprika is perfect for dishes that require heat, and this blend does it well. It has just the right amount of kick to make your dish sizzle in no time!

8. Ginger powder:

ginger powder

You can find this versatile ingredient in many dishes from savory Korean foods to California fusion cuisine. Moreover, ginger powder is a great way to add a spicy, peppery, zesty flavor to your dishes without adding unhealthy oils and fats. So, all you have to do is sprinkle it on at the end of cooking!

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In addition, ginger powder is a great way to add a spicy, peppery, zesty flavor to your dishes without adding unhealthy oils and fats. All you have to do is sprinkle it on at the end of cooking!

9. Cinnamon sticks:

Cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon sticks that will make you forget all about gochugaru! There’s nothing like the warm, sweet aroma of fresh cinnamon to spice up a dish. Also, this is guilt-free seasoning – no more worry over eating too much or getting heartburn from being spicy!

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One of the most popular flavor profiles in Korean cooking is the spicy, sweet goodness that can only be found by using gochugaru. This often daunting and complicated spice is often swapped-out for cinnamon sticks, because who wants to painstakingly grind up chiles into flakes to make a powder? Cinnamon doesn’t even taste like kimchi!

10. Chipotle Powder:

Chipotle Powder

This dry mix is perfect for all of your Korean cooking needs. Not only does it have the kick and spice you’ve come to expect from gochugaru, but now you get a versatility that will make homemade Korean meals easy!

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In addition, you can add this seasoning blend as a garnish or to the soup base, with rice or noodles. This is an excellent substitute so you don’t heat up your kitchen instead of cooling it down in these hot summer months!


What can I use instead of gochugaru?

Gochugaru can be substituted with crushed red pepper flakes, dried chili, or any other spicy flavoring. Experiment by trying different spices in your recipe and see what you find the most flavorful for your taste buds. Being adventurous is fun! I just substituted gochugaru with some fresh lemon zest from my tree and white pepper as a twist on my bacon stuffed French toast recipe. Give it a try! I hope this helps!

Can I use red pepper flakes instead of gochugaru?

Sure you can!
But if you like Korean food, I recommend using gochugaru over red pepper flakes. And if you’re looking for a more run-of-the-mill option, I would recommend soy sauce or sesame oil as other alternatives to those two especially.

Is gochugaru the same as chili powder?

There are many types of chili powder, but the type that is most similar to gochugaru is Cajun seasoning. If we’re referring to that–after all, it’s a specific type of spicy red pepper–then yes they are the same.
That being said, sriracha mixed with a pinch of cayenne can also serve as an acceptable approximation for gochugaru.
If you’d like some tips on how to use this amazingly flavorful and versatile spice, take a look at this recipe for Korean-style fried chicken!

Can I use Kashmiri chilli powder instead of gochugaru?

Yes, it’s an acceptable substitution.
Kashmiri chilli powder is traditionally a blend of dried red Kashmiri chiles and various other spices like black pepper, cumin, garlic, cloves etc. Compared to gochugaru which has a delicious smoky flavour with hints of sweetness and fragrance. The main difference you will find between the two is that while gochugaru provides gentle heat with the smokiness as its unique flavor profile kashmiri chilli powder is much hotter than its counterpart.

Are crushed red peppers spicy?

They can be. According to the Scoville scale, a popular way of measuring the spiciness of foods, crushed red peppers are about five times as spicy as black pepper and have more than twice the spiciness level of cayenne pepper.
Actually, red peppers contain something called capsaicin- an irritant that is said to cause a type of “spicy” sensation on your tongue and mouth (known as piquance). By some estimates, a person could develop physical addiction or dependence after eating roughly 100mg worth which is equivalent to two small habanero chiles or one large jalapeno pepper every day for at least three months. So yes- crushed red peppers can be spicy!

Can you use cayenne pepper in kimchi?

Yes, but it is considered to be less traditional.
It is common in Western-style kimchi recipes to use garlic varieties such as purple, white or even garlic chives. But the most common variety used in kimchi making when using our kimchi kit is Korean garlic which contains much less flavour than its western counterparts so that the other flavours don’t dominate. To enhance the flavour of your Western-style kimchi, add some pure and natural cayenne pepper! Be careful though because too much may make your finished dish very fiery!

Can I use paprika instead of gochugaru?

No.Paprika contains much sweeter flavor and is much too weak for Korean dishes, such as kimchi. For the larger amounts used for kimchi, you will need to find ground gochugaru in a Korean grocery store or ask your local Korean grocer to grind it fresh (most grocers will do this if you purchase a bag – each bag should be about 2 ounces). Be sure to purchase whole flakes so that you can ‘grind’ the flakes yourself with a mortar and pestle or on a stone against another hard surface like marble countertops or granite .

What can I use if I don’t have Gochujang?

The sweet tomato flavour and deep red color provide a close approximation to the taste of Gochujang without all the complex flavours that make it so unique. Ketchup also contains sugar which will soften up your kimchi’s vegetables nicely, making an easy substitution for gochugaru in many recipes!

Why is gochugaru so red?

It is red because it has a large amount of red pepper in it. Other things which can make gochugaru turn reddish are high alcohol content, having been dried with arsenic sulfides, being sun-dried; or simply just through oxidation.
It’s not clear what the metabolic reason for this might be. One theory posits that it may act as an antioxidant to some degree either through its iron content or due to the particular enzymes that consume oxygen and produce superoxide radicals via pathways unrelated to those of normal antioxidant enzymes such as catalase and glutathione peroxidase.

Can I use regular red pepper flakes for kimchi?

Unfortunately, there is no recipe for kimchi because it’s a regional Korean food and has numerous variations. The best I can tell you is to look for recipes with cabbage as the base (most versions of kimchi are made from Napa cabbage) and all of the same requisite ingredients that make up traditional dishes, such as red chiles (or chili powder), garlic, soy sauce, ginger. That said, the consensus seems to be that any type or color of pepper will work just fine.”


Substitute for gochugaru is a wonderful ingredient that can be used in many different dishes to spice up the flavor. It’s also a staple Korean ingredient and it’s not always easy (or cheap) to find outside of Korea. Here are 10 substitutes for gochugaru so you never have to miss out on those spicy flavors again!

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