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10 Best Substitutes For Fromage Blanc

If you are lactose intolerant, vegan, or just don’t like the taste of Fromage blanc, this article will have 10 substitutes for Fromage blanc. Before that, Fromage blanc is a soft cheese that has a mild flavor and creamy texture. Using these alternatives, you can substitute them in a number of dishes!

Top Fromage Blanc Alternatives

  1. Greek yogurt
  2. Quark cheese
  3. Queso fresco
  4. Ricotta cheese
  5. Sour cream
  6. Curd cheese
  7. Cottage cheese
  8. Tofu
  9. Frûche
  10. Plain Yogurt

1. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt Substitutes for Fromage Blanc

Discover the real secret to good health: greek yogurt. It’s full of probiotics that boost your immune system and provide all the nutrients you need. Better yet, it tastes great!

This deliciously creamy, nutrient-rich yogurt is perfect in both taste and nutrition! Classic nonfat greek yogurt boasts double the protein content of regular dairy yogurts, giving it a unique balance of nutrients. For the best experience, top your favorite fruit with this delicious snack.

Greek yogurt is the Best Substitutes For Yogurt.

2. Quark cheese

Quark cheese: Substitutes for Fromage Blanc

The Quark Cheese Company is proud to bring you that wonderfully zingy flavor everyone seems to be searching for. With only two ingredients, stirred up in our unique recipe, we think you’re going to love this tangy dish just as much as we do!

Quark is a fluffy and fun substitute for boring Fromage blanc! It has the flavor of yogurt and pairs well with fruit or toast at breakfast, smoothies for break time, and snacks like veggies and hummus. Quark won’t disappoint!

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3. Queso fresco

Queso fresco: substitutes for Fromage Blanc

The word queso means cheese in Spanish and no dish would be complete without this creamy, fresh-tasting queso fresco that tastes even better than the French original you get Fromage blanc. The version of this blended white cow’s milk cheese is perfect for tacos, non-traditional burgers, and using as a smoothie base.

Queso fresco is a fresh, homemade cheese that you can make at home! Have your family and friends ooh and ah over how delicious the queso fresco tastes. It’s no wonder this incredible cheese pairs so perfectly with tomatoes and avocado top plenty of charred corn tortillas.

4. Ricotta cheese

Ricotta cheese

Meet the producer of your milk, Ricotta. The world’s most versatile eating cheese that goes with anything on your must-have list! Ricotta is a great cheese for anyone who is lactose intolerant or who doesn’t want to feel gross from all the Fromage blanc.

Ricotta is the perfect double for Fromage blanc and a great food topper. It tastes especially delicious when paired with fruit, other fresh ingredients like herbs and citrus wedges, or grilled dessert items such as crostini or even sugar cookies. The ricotta cheese substitutes any recipe that calls for Fromage blanc (or cream cheese). It will definitely add something special to your meal.

5. Sour cream

Spread it on bread, dip veggies in it, or drop a dollop of yogurt into the salsa. We don’t judge. You could say this cultured dairy delight is almost too versatile! With no additives like preservatives or artificial flavorings, now you can eat lighter because you’re making every bite count.

If you don’t like to use sour cream or cheese, try our brand of alternatives. Whether you need it for an egg dish or some guacamole, it will just amaze your taste buds.

Lighten the mood at your next dinner party by bringing out all that sour cream you’ve been hoarding in the back of your fridge. It’s not just for borscht anymore!

Sour cream is the best substitute for yogurt.

6. Curd cheese

Curd cheese substitutes for Fromage Blanc

The perfect substitute for Fromage blanc and a vital source of calcium and vitamin B-12. This creamy cow’s milk cheese is straight from France!

When it comes to cheese, some people prefer options like Fromage blanc for those who don’t eat lactose. For those of you looking for a dairy-free alternative, try some delicious curd cheese with no added sugar and boasting an impressive vitamin and mineral count. 

Now everyone can enjoy this creamy vegan option that tastes just as rich as any other dairy counterpart!

7. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is the perfect substitute for Fromage blanc. Ours is vitamin- and mineral-enriched, so you know it’s healthy too! Enjoy all the traditional lunchroom snacks like ham sandwiches or grilled cheese with your new favorite after-school snack.

For those looking for an alternative to gourmet Fromage blanc, we have cottage cheese! With real and natural ingredients like cream and salt, this product is a crowd favorite. For those with lactose intolerance or those looking to branch out on snacks, this traditional food ingredient is perfect for any diet plan. Not only you can enjoy it as a breakfast side dish or as the center of the meal (try it cubed with balsamic vinegar), but it can go great in sauces and toppings too!

Cottage Cheese are substitutes For Manchego Cheese.

8. Tofu

Tofu is best substitutes for Fromage Blanc

Tofu is good for the environment because it’s 100% vegan food. It doesn’t take up any land or freshwater to produce, plus, it tastes better than regular cheese! Tofu has been around since 300 BC and now they’re using new technology to make their tofu even tastier by adding kefir culture-like organisms (details on what they are beneath this sentence). 

All the health benefits of calcium, vitamins, and minerals in a delightfully flavorful package! You can never go wrong with Tofu.

9. Frûche


Sweeter than Fromage blanc and more complex than cream cheese, Frûche is the perfect replacement for those who want to start a healthy diet. With no added oils or sugar, this dairy-free appetizer delivers flavor!

Frûche is a modern-day cheese substitute that’s almost the same as Fromage blanc. Rich and creamy, it also has protein, healthy fats, and you can whip to create dishes like quiches and creams.

10. Plain Yogurt

Stop and smell the yogurt. When you open your fridge for a midnight snack, don’t settle with a couple of leaves and some water; it’s time to be smart about the food we keep in the kitchen.

Yogurt is a fantastic, healthy substitute for Fromage blanc. Whether you make it at home or buy it packaged, adding a teaspoon of dry milk powder turns any plain yogurt into a thick and nourishing cream cheese-like texture.

Yogurt is alternative for Egg in Lasagna.

11. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a versatile treat. Light, healthy and smooth in texture, you can enjoy cream cheese on its own with fruits or vegetables for breakfast, spread over toast during lunch to give it flavor from the inside out, as a dessert topping after dinner, or simply eat the slice at any time of day. With no artificial flavors and preservatives added–plus 30% less fat than traditional cream cheeses–you’ll never run out of ways to enjoy this American favorite.


What is a good substitute for Fromage blanc?

Many people use thick Greek-style yogurt (at least 2%) as a substitute for Fromage blanc. Since yogurt is thicker than Fromage blanc, it works better in recipes that call for mixing the cheese into or on top of something else. You can also temper your yogurt by letting it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes before serving (this will make it more like soft cream cheese). Don’t forget to season with salt and white pepper!

Can ricotta substitute for fromage blanc?

Yes. Ricotta is a fresh cheese made by adding coagulants to fresh milk, either sheep’s or cow’s milk. Traditionally it can be produced on farms with unpasteurized milk, but these days most ricottas are made with pasteurized milk for safety reasons. The ricotta typically takes the form of either cylinder spread on slabs of marble for slicing into little cheese rounds, or loaves that are sliced longways to produce plump fingers of two inches in length.
Imagine our delight when we discovered that it could be eaten raw! You just have to mix some honey and lemon juice into your spoonful before you eat it…it’s delicious!

Can I use creme fraiche instead of fromage blanc?

No. Creme fraiche is a much creamier inconsistency, but it also has a higher fat content. Fromage blanc is much more similar to sour cream or yogurt with just a little bit of fruitiness whereas creme fraiche has no fruit flavor, and while both are coagulated types of dairy products, they have different densities which will result in the final dish is different.

Is sour cream the same as Fromage blanc?

Similar, but sour cream has less fat for a drier taste. Sour cream is typically used in dressings and sauces to balance out the tastes of sweeter ingredients, whereas Fromage blanc is usually eaten spooned or spread depending on serving size.
The major difference between sour cream and Fromage blanc is that sour cream has higher fat content than Fromage blanc, so it makes for a thicker consistency with a richer flavor profile.

What is the difference between Fromage blanc and yogurt?

Well, yogurt is made by fermenting milk with bacterial cultures like Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus acidophilus which breaks down the lactose to lactic acid. Greek yogurt also has less liquid in it because of the water removed during the straining process, making it easier to drink (if that’s your lifestyle choice).
Fromage blanc is simply made by curdling whole cow’s milk with an acidic substance like lemon juice or vinegar. A cheese still forms in this case because you’re still getting two proteins in milk coming together but they aren’t clumping together so you get a softer, more liquid cheese.

Can you use cream cheese instead of Fromage blanc?

Yes, you can use cream cheese instead of Fromage blanc. You’ll have to use it at a thicker consistency, but if you are using the right soups or custards for this application, so what? If someone is looking for something thinner than cream cheese because they are using fresh fruit topping the dish, then they should opt for Fromage blanc. Either will produce a rich taste that complements well with fresh fruits or ice creams. It’s just a matter of personal preference!

What is a good substitute for ricotta?

Wheat, oat, or soy milk can be used to replace ricotta cheese in equal cup-volume measurement.
There are three ways to make a “ricotta cheese” type spread: 1) use tofu; 2) add flavorings to cottage cheese; 3) whip up some tofu and drain it by wrapping it in sterilized cloth or creating small pockets with clean paper towels before squeezing the water out. All three options will give you a sweet (and rich) tasting “cheese” alternative that is also low-calorie!

Which is better for a lasagna cottage or ricotta?

Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese offers a lower fat version of lasagna particularly for those who are on a restricted diet. This dish should be prepared with plenty of spinach, onion, garlic and herb powders along with ground beef to give it a more authentic flavor.

Is Fromage blanc healthier than yogurt?

Yes, Fromage blanc is healthier than yogurt. Even though both products are made with milk, the fact that yogurt has to be made by fermenting the milk makes it less healthy than Fromage blanc because of what ferments do to dairy (turns it into lactic acid). Fromage simply means cheese in French. That’s why you’ll find several types of fresh cheese that are called “Fromage” including Bourgault and crottin de chèvre.

What can I substitute for Fromage blanc?

An interesting substitute that I learned about is labneh. Labneh is a strained yogurt cheese from the Levant, and it can be substituted one-to-one for Fromage blanc in many recipes.
Labneh is made from milk or cream with prolonged souring to yield an acid taste or using buttermilk as a base instead of milk. The process includes adding a starter culture such as mesophilic lactobacillus bacteria and incubating the mixture at temperatures up to 40°C (104°F) for 8 hours, then straining the mixture thoroughly to remove excess moisture and mixing with fresh hydrogen peroxide or mild vinegar before storing in sealed containers such as glass jars or tin cans.


We hope you love our article 10 substitute for Fromage blanc. Generally, we love to eat cheese, but for some people, it is difficult or impossible. Cheese substitutes can be made at home with ingredients you likely already have in your pantry. The alternatives are surprisingly tasty and they may end up being more nutritious than the real thing! Comment below if you’ve found a substitute that has worked well for you.

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