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10 Best Substitutes For Egg In Lasagna

Lasagna is a staple dish in Italian cuisine, but not all people are able to enjoy it. For people with egg allergies, eating lasagna can be difficult because the sauce contains eggs. Here are 10 substitutes for egg in lasagna that will work well in this recipe.

You can do Egg In Lasagna replacement with Unsweetened Zucchini Puree, Bechamel Sauce, Plain Yogurt, Cream With Cornstarch, Cream With Potato Starch, Water And Arrowroot, Mashed Potato, Mashed Parsnip, Applesauce, Avocado.

Top Substitution for Egg in Lasagna

  1. Unsweetened Zucchini Puree
  2. Bechamel Sauce
  3. Plain Yogurt
  4. Cream With Cornstarch
  5. Cream With Potato Starch
  6. Water And Arrowroot
  7. Mashed Potato
  8. Mashed Parsnip
  9. Applesauce
  10. Avocado

1. Unsweetened Zucchini Puree

Unsweetened Zucchini Puree

Normally, when you make lasagna, you use eggs to bind the cheese and tomato sauce together. However, this is not always possible if someone has an allergy or dietary restriction. Enter the creamy zucchini puree! And if that wasn’t enough – it’s made in-house with care!

It gives an extra burst of flavor to the taste buds with this unearthly delight! So, It’s time to spice it up and add some zucchini. 

Who knew such a mild vegetable could pack such a crisp, refreshing punch? The Unsweetened Zucchini Puree is perfect in so many ways – from nutritional benefits to its use as a substitute for eggs when baking a lasagna or replacing cream in vegan dishes. You really can’t go wrong with a product that tastes great and does you good!

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2. Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel Sauce - Substitute for Egg in Lasagna

Bechamel Camella, the buttery cheese sauce that takes lasagna from a boring dish to complicated and beautiful. You can get it ready in only five minutes but once you’ve made it, there will be nothing to clean up! The delicate sauce from the 1600s, Bechamel Sauce is a versatile base for your next masterpiece. So, use it as a protein-filled dressing for tomorrow’s salad or as a substitute for raw eggs in lasagna. You can’t go wrong with this recipe!

Bechamel is a traditional cooking sauce of French origin. Great for accompanying anything from eggs benedict to lasagna, bechamel sauce adds flavor and thickness to dishes. Just ask the Romans! This versatile food can also replace an egg as it has some proteins that help bind other ingredients together. 

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3. Plain Yogurt

Plain Yogurt is a substitute for Egg in Lasagna

Yummy yogurt is a great substitute for eggs in recipes like lasagna, or add it to scones and muffins for a healthier twist. From sweet to tangy to fruity flavors abound making these little orbs perfect for any palate. Extra rich and creamy with whole milk and living cultures this is all-natural goodness at its best!

The Plain Yogurt is the sweet-tasting, wholesome food that improves your life without any of the guilt. It is made with all-natural ingredients and packed with nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, zinc, B vitamins. Most importantly, our Plain Yogurt can be used to grab a quick breakfast or enjoy an afternoon snack.

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4. Cream With Cornstarch

 Cream With Cornstarch

Cream With Cornstarch can be used as any kind of cream and is gluten-free so you don’t have to worry about what it’s made with. The versatility means that Cream With Cornstarch is perfect for practically anything, from lasagna to coffee!

Cream and corn starch team up to form a delicious soufflé that sits perfectly on top of your lasagna. It’s not just for cooking anymore! With all the same qualities as eggs, our cream will give you an easy baking solution with no fuss.

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5. Cream With Potato Starch

Cream With Potato Starch is a substitute for egg in lasagna.

We bring you the ultimate swap ingredient for your favorite lasagna recipes – Creamy-Potato Starch, which packs all the nutritional goodness of pure cream with none of the calories! With this powdered product from Universal Food Supplements, those annoying high cholesterol levels will be a thing of the past. 

Cream With Potato Starch always keeps you seasonally satisfied whether it’s providing richness to your lasagna or robustness to your cream soup. It couldn’t be more simple: just measure out 1 cup of water for every ¼ cup bulk dairy-free starch by weight into a small saucepan.

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6. Water And Arrowroot

Water And Arrowroot

Water Arrowroot is the secret ingredient to delicious lasagna without all the stress of breaking eggs. Just whisk together water and arrowroot powder, pour over noodles, meat sauce, bell peppers, spinach…whatever you love about lasagna!

Water and Arrowroot is a performance-enhancing powdered sauce that can be mixed into your child’s yogurt for extra protein, or stirred into regular water to make it healthier. Made from all-natural ingredients like vegetables and kale, this healthy alternative to traditional whipped cream is perfect for topping salads with!

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7. Mashed Potato

 Mashed Potato

Mashup some potatoes with a little bit of butter and salt to spice things up. Great for mixing into lasagna, frittatas, or turning it into the dough before frying them in the shape of fries for an extra delicious side dish. This food is sure to have more than enough nutritional value to keep you going all day long!

Try the mashed potatoes with all your favorite toppings for a healthy alternative that only takes minutes to prepare. Mashed Potatoes are cholesterol-free with less than one gram of fat per serving and offer a 4% daily value for fiber.

8. Mashed Parsnip

Mashed Parsnip

Would you like to cook a dish that’s light, airy, and won’t have your family begging for cheese? Make creamy mashed parsnip! It’ll add nutrition from vegetables in place of the heavy cream.

Throw in some garlic and onion and as a result, it will be soft and sweet with a bit of bite to make it perfect for all your favorite dishes: breakfast scramble, carrot pancakes, or lasagna! There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh winter veggies making winter great again. You can even use other options for Parsnips.

9. Applesauce


The sweet, delicious taste of applesauce will have your appetite roaring in no time. Apple sauce is a healthier alternative to the traditional egg in lasagna. It boasts vitamin C and provides nutrients for healthy digestion so you can tackle anything!

Applesauce is a healthy way to get the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are key components of any diet. Whether it’s in the form of sauces or side dishes, applesauce can be used as an egg substitute when cooking lasagna!

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10. Avocado

Avocado is the new staple in every healthy foodie’s diet. High in flavor, low on fat, and high on nutrition, avocados are here to stay. What’s more! Avocado has many versatile substitutes for eggs – good luck finding an egg that tastes as great with your lasagna!

No other fruit is so easy to blend into a delicious sauce or bake right in your lasagna! Did you know that avocados are good for you, too? They’re an excellent source of healthy fats and magnesium – perfect to help lower cholesterol levels while providing you with all the energy you need.

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Is egg necessary in lasagna?

As long as you have binding ingredients, it is possible to use alternatives to eggs in lasagna. Things like chia seeds or flaxseeds mixed with water can be used in place of eggs, which are often found in vegan recipes for the dish. Another option would be cornstarch or flour combined with milk, which are common ingredients that are made into a roux before adding other ingredients.

Can you omit egg in lasagna?

You won’t miss much if you leave the egg out. There is no hard and fast rule about what type of sauce should be used in lasagna – many variations exist. So feel free to omit the egg since it isn’t necessary for a good lasagna.

And remember, when making any changes or substitutions in your lasagna recipe, take note of how these substitutions will affect the taste and texture of the entire dish so you can adjust accordingly to get it just right.

Does ricotta need egg in lasagna?

No, ricotta does not need egg in lasagna. Ricotta is already a soft and creamy cheese and without the egg, it won’t get all mixed up as dairy cheese requires for lasagna. It mixes together nicely with other things such as veggies, sauce, and pasta sheets. This doesn’t mean it replacing the other type of cheese in lasagna because no single ingredient replaces everything that’s needed to cook a dish (nor should you try!) – this just means it doesn’t require meat or eggs to make it work right.

Why do you add egg to ricotta cheese for lasagna?

The egg is a rich, good-quality protein. Ricotta cheese, on the other hand, contains very few proteins and much more carbohydrates. The egg makes ricotta cheese taste better and adds the needed body to an otherwise light, often watery product. Lasagna as we know it would not exist without egg as one of the main ingredients!

What can I substitute for egg in lasagna?

Assuming the lasagna is vegetarian and not vegan, there are a lot of substitutes for egg. You can use buttermilk instead of eggs if you reduce the amount to 1/8 cup per egg and cook it first before running it through a strainer.

You can also use soy lecithin granules as an egg substitute, which often come packed in brown rice flour. I’ve even used mashed banana with no problem as long as it’s cooked thoroughly right from the start.

What can you use to bind instead of egg?

There are a lot of substitutes you can use for eggs, and this has been going on long before eggs themselves became a controversial thing to eat.
The most popular substitute is cornstarch mixed with water, which is suited for frying or scrambling. You can also use whipping cream with vinegar, baking soda + apple cider vinegar, beet juice + yogurt(gives food a pink color).

The substitutions will vary depending on what you’re making– the more moisture-rich the egg replacement is in relation to the original recipe, the higher chance that it will be successful. In recipes that specifically call for binding ingredients like flour or breadcrumbs, you’ll need to make adjustments in amounts if using an alternative binding agent.

What can I use instead of liquid egg substitute?

It’s not that there’s a strict rule about what you can use in place of the egg substitute. It just depends on what sort of dish you’re trying to make. In general, for baking or anything where it isn’t absolutely necessary to have a completely identical consistency, you can use things like vegetable oil, milk, applesauce or soy milk, mashed banana…

But in order to get a similar binding and fluffy texture in cakes and bread without eggs… It is best to use ground flaxseed mixed with water or something that can fully replace eggs when cooking such as Ener-g Egg Replacer which when whisked together vigorously typically binds together well enough.

Which is better for lasagna cottage or ricotta?

Ricotta is the go-to for lasagna / traditional lasagna because it is higher in protein, which adds texture to your dish. Plus ricotta cheese can be pulled apart into strands more easily than cottage cheese so you get more pasta sauce with every bite.

But this doesn’t mean there are no cottage cheese benefits. Cottage cheese has an impressively low-calorie count of just 100 per cup, whereas ricotta only has 540 calories per cup! You could eat a little bit of both or serve up one of these recipes that have more cottage cheese than ricotta for some variety!

What can you use in place of an egg in Lasagna?

You can use a mashed banana in place of an egg for baking.
You can interchange eggs with another liquid such as water, nut milk, coconut milk, etc. And you can swap the animal fat and proteins for vegetables or plant-based versions such as meatless crumbles made from soy protein isolate and produce a healthy vegan lasagna.

How do you thicken ricotta cheese for lasagna?

First, simmer the ricotta with a bit of broth or water, stirring constantly. If you’re using homemade sausage, brown it first and then transfer it to a pan with some more broth/water. And if using store-bought sausage, simply add that. Add  2 teaspoon salt and black pepper then medium heat through for another 5-10 minutes or until completely thickened up.


In this article ”10 substitute for egg in lasagna” We hope that we’ve given you plenty of ideas for how to replace eggs in lasagna and other dishes. We know it can be a difficult ingredient to substitute, but with these substitutes and our guidance, you should have no trouble figuring out the perfect solution for your dish!

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