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8 Best Substitutes For Curd In Rava Idli

Some people dislike Rava Idli because the curd in its recipes gives it a sour taste. Now, if you are reluctant to sour taste, then there are plenty of other ingredients you can use as substitutes for curd in Rava idli.

Curd is a crucial ingredient in many Indian dishes. Rava idli is a popular Indian breakfast dish that uses rice flour and semolina flour. You can either eat it hot, steam it, or soak it in a soup of your choice. One significant difference between Rava idli and other types of idlis is curd as an ingredient.

In this blog post, we will discuss substitutes for curd in Rava idli so you can continue to enjoy this dish!

Substitution for Curd in Rava Idli

  1. Coconut Milk
  2. Buttermilk
  3. Water
  4. Baking Soda
  5. Fruit salt or Fruit paste
  6. Eno salt
  7. Yogurt
  8. Egg

 1. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk: Substitutes for Curd in Rava Idli

We all grew up eating curds to make our Rava Idli soft and flavorful. Unfortunately, they don’t only leave the most rancid taste in your mouth. They might give you a few sour stomach moments too! Rava Idli is one of our most popular dishes for witty and creative palettes who want convenience in their lives – use coconut milk instead to make it moist and soft with no fuss at all!

Do you know that feeling of indulgence after having a fluffy, soft Rava idli with the perfect coconut milk and mustard seeds swirl on top? It is also free of that burning sensation and constipating pain!

Coconut milk is new to India, and we’ve been using it as an occasional substitute for curd in our dishes. So far, many people have said they prefer the taste and how it makes their soft idli easier to digest. What’s better than replacing dairy with more healthy options like coconut milk? So come down to your nearest grocer and see if we have any left!

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2. Buttermilk

buttermilk: one of the Substitutes for Curd in Rava Idli

What is the secret ingredient that makes Rava Idli soft? Buttermilk! What’s the fuss about buttermilk? It has a fresh, smooth texture that you can’t find anywhere else. And of course, it’ll make your idlis super-soft and fluffy!

This traditional recipe adds more creaminess than the original Channa Dosa would offer but claims to be just as healthy with equivalent protein levels per serving. It tastes delicious on its own or can be accompanied with any curry sauce you prefer—for example, Punjabi Maharaja Curry with Cracked Black Pepper features carrots and green peas aiming for optimum.

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 3. Water

Water is one of the Substitutes for Curd in Rava Idli

The authentic South Indian Rava idli is a soft pillow of rice and lentils. This addition to your breakfast routine brings a refreshingly new twist to the dish! The traditional way to prepare Rava idlis is with curd and as a softener. This recipe is softer and sets quicker for those impatient types or those who already have their hands’ complete other tasks.

But some people prefer their idlis without this tangy flavor (though they can’t find them elsewhere), and sour curd is unbearable for them.

This is why 1/2 cup of water substitute is suitable for Rava Idli! You must be careful about not adding extra water. It’s got no added flavor whatsoever – it’s just pure H2O. Isn’t fresh what we need first thing in the morning?

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4. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is Substitutes for Curd in Rava Idli

Dissolve 1/2 tsp soda in a cup of water and allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes before putting Rava idli batter. The baking soda helps the batter stay moist, making softer texture idlis!

 Baking Soda is the perfect, quick replacement for traditional yogurt or curd in Idlis. Ready-to-use liquid packs make it convenient for bakers of all levels to get fresh, fluffy idlis every time.

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5. Fruit salt or Fruit paste

Fruit salt or Fruit paste is Substitutes for Curd in Rava Idli

Is it the creaminess of curd you crave for your idlis? Or need a savory snack to jazz up an otherwise tasty meal? Fruit salt is perfect for this. Going vegan doesn’t mean giving up on delicious food!

If you love eating Rava idli, then this makes perfect sense for you. Additionally, it provides a sweet and tangy flavor profile that goes well with all those spices as well as balances your digestive system. The best part? It lets everyone in the house easily enjoy this fluffy goodness!

Fruit paste is a creative chef’s twist to make vegan Rava idli! This recipe is simple and easy for you to do at home. Apart from some ingredients like rice flour and one tablespoon of oil, you will need some essential kitchen utilities; your blender or food processor with a steel chopping blade is the most important.

Firstly take all the dry ingredients and mix them (flour, baking soda) followed by fresh seasonal fruit (some options here might be mangoes or bananas); add curry leaves and coriander leaves. Grease idli plates with one tablespoon oil put the batter, and steam idlis for 15-17 minutes. Sift through after that before putting in some vegetable oil, giving that mild flavor on these crepes. Your perfect idli plate is ready 

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6. Eno salt 

Eno salt

Eno salt is a brilliant new product that makes it vegan-friendly for cooks all over the world. In place of curd, we can use this batter instead of rice bran, water, and specific cultures to make vegan Rava idli!

Just add the velvety smooth paste to your batter before you cook it up for an irresistible Indian dish filled with healthy goodness.

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7. Yogurt

When you want to substitute curd in your idli batter recipe, try using yogurt. Many people who have an allergy to dairy products use yogurt as an alternative. The main distinction is that there will be slight differences in taste and texture because they react with other ingredients. 

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8. Egg


The spicy and tangy taste of an excellent South Indian breakfast is what’s missing from your life. And no, tomatoes on toast just won’t cut it. That is why we have created this one-of-a-kind recipe that doesn’t just use eggs – or even just curd – for the perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, and flavor. It’s our quick, fluffy Idli Recipe!

Adding egg to the batter makes these pancakes lighter than average and adds a nutty sweetness. The best part? Your recipe will be healthy and delicious as you want because, at this point, there are so many ways to make Rava idli funny-looking faces for kids.


Why is curd added to idlis?

It’s not just added as a filler. Before refrigeration, there was a greater risk that fermented rice would sour and develop harmful bacteria in the old days. Curd is acidic enough to inhibit those kinds of growths during storage. An Ayurvedic practitioner has told me that fermenting with kefir imparts health benefits like probiotic effects and many others (I don’t know how true this is).

Hindi people used yogurt or curd for fermentation because it was less likely to spoil than fresh milk. I think idli -like things may have been more common in pre-refrigerated times of ancient India–they’re mentioned more frequently in ancient Sanskrit texts than Rotis.

Is there any chance of substituting Eno with baking powder in idli?

Yes. But you’ll have a different texture if you bake it as opposed to steaming.
The texture of Indian food dishes depends on the cooking technique and ingredient combinations more than any specific ingredient, so the answer can only be explained in-depth if we know what other ingredients are being used! To thicken the batter, some people rely on coconut milk rather than water if they’re making idli dosa from scratch, or sometimes some plain yogurt for those who don’t eat dairy.
In that case, no, there isn’t baking powder like yeast flakes in India here, and I think yeast flakes make a kind of broth inside and release a flavor and aroma, which makes it taste better (well, my point of view).

What can be made from Idli Rava

Idli Rava can be made into thin, crepe-like, low-carb pancakes.
Ingredients for pancake batter –
1 cup Idli Rava (or semolina) 
1 tbsp olive oil (ghee also okay) 
½ tsp salt or to taste 
Oil or ghee for cooking. Yields 10 thin pancakes were filling four people. The recipe scales well, so if you want more, double the ingredients and adjust the size of your pan accordingly. Directions to follow below after the list of ingredients
Instructions for recipe – 1. Mix all wet ingredients in one bowl until thoroughly combined 2. Now it is time for the dry ingredients, mix them well until thoroughly combined 3. Slowly add wet mixture to dry

Why is Rava idli yellow

It’s yellow because it is traditionally made with raw rice. You may also find raw rice labeled as “ponni” or “rice sevai”.
Soaking raw white rice overnight results in mildly acidic rice, which may cause a slight change of color. The acid in the food (or spoilage) deactivates some B vitamins like thiamin and riboflavin, lowering them to less than 10% of their original levels.

The soaking process does not alter the folic acid content; Vitamin A is not significantly altered; nor are minerals like iron and zinc, which become more available for absorption after they’re rinsed away from the outer coating.

How can I quickly ferment idli batter?

If you want to ferment your batter quickly (idli), the key is to find and use a good quality whole-wheat atta. The next thing we did was change our cooking technique, which yielded the best tasting Idlies we’ve ever had.
All we do now is add water to the flour, a pinch of salt, and starter yeast, mix well with hand or spoon so that no bits of flour remain on top, and cover with a plastic sheet for 12 hours at room temperature where it will be ready in time for breakfast!

First off, wheat dough ferments better than rice dough. Second, fermentation reduces the risk of spoilage bacteria forming while allowing good bacteria – that glutinous bread possesses – more than 2 hours of in cub.

What is equivalent to curd?

To ensure that milk has been set, you can test it by “a clean break”. Dip the spoon into the milk and lift it without scraping against the bottom of the bowl. If it leaves behind a definite layer on top of pouring off all alongside itself, your cheese should be done. 

Are yogurt and curd the same?

No. yogurt is a product of bacterial fermentation and can have either a thick or thin consistency. On the other hand, a curd is not fermented and has a custard-like texture, as it’s made from milk coagulating proteins without adding any bacteria to thicken it. Therefore, there’s no question that yogurt and curd are not the same for sure!

Is baking soda used in idli?

Yes, baking soda is an essential preservative in traditional Indian cooking.
It’s thought that the Indian culture has used cassia for centuries as a dental care treatment by extracting its essential oils to create an antiseptic mouthwash or toothpaste. India claims that the potent aroma of the plant, grown near their dwellings, was effective at expelling insects and other vermin (gnats). The leaves were also mixed with milk to make dandruff shampoo.

What can replace curd in the recipe of Dosa?

You can use coconut liquid instead of curd in Dosa. The fluid needs to be boiled before adding it to the batter.
Curd is an integral ingredient in dosas, so if you don’t have any, you’ll have to skip them or cook something other than Indian for dinner! As a substitute, use canned coconut milk mixed with warm water. Mix well and let it sit for 2-3 minutes before using as you would mix one tbsp curd. 

Conclusion :

In this blog, we will talk about the substitutes for curd in Rava idli to get a soft and fluffy texture. To soften your Rava Idli is vital because you want your food to taste good but at the same time not eat all of your dairy products! So here are some ideas on how you can substitute for these essential ingredients without compromising flavor or consistency.

Hopefully, you will find this article genuinely helpful about substitutes for curd in Rava idli recipes! Let us know which ingredient substitutions work best for you on social media. Your recommendations are valuable to us, so do not forget to share them below,

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