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4 Best Substitutes For Curd In Dosa

A South Indian breakfast called Dosa is traditionally served with curd. This dish has been popularized in the West as an “Indian crepe.” Substitutes for curd in Dosa can be used, but it may not be as flavorful.

Making dosas without curd can be challenging because they require fermenting before cooking, but it is possible! So, We have compiled a list of substitutes that will give you the same effect on your favorite food with less work!

Substitution for Curd in Dosa

  1. Urad dal and Sour cream mixture batter
  2. Rice, Soy Yogurt, Fenugreek Seeds mixture batter
  3. Brown Rice, Coconut milk, Curry leaves
  4. Oats Dosa

1. Urad dal and Sour cream mixture batter

Urad dal and Sour cream mixture batter: substitutes for curd in dosa

Are you tired of using curd for making instant Dosa?

Try Urda dal and sour cream mixture batter instead. It’s a great alternative to curd that will save you time, money, and effort! You can use it in place of curd when preparing dosas or uttapams.

You don’t have to worry about running out of curd or spending hours trying to find one in stores anymore. With this product, all you need is just a few minutes of your time and some water – no more fussing over ingredients or worrying about making mistakes while cooking. And best of all? You get the same great taste as if you used curd but without having to go through all the trouble! 

Make your pancakes at home with this batter instead of having to go out every morning. You have the option to apply it as an ingredient in other recipes like paratha or pakoda! The opportunities are limitless when it comes to what you can do with this fantastic product.

Actually, the amazing part is that it’s super healthy, too – no need for all those preservatives found in store-bought Dosa mixes anymore! Just mix up some Urda dal and sour cram mixture batter before bedtime, leave it overnight; in the early morning the next day, the batter is ready to cook yourself a delicious breakfast without ever leaving your house again. 

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2. Rice, Soy Yogurt, Fenugreek Seeds mixture batter

Rice, Soy Yogurt, Fenugreek Seeds mixture batter: substitutes for curd in dosa

You may prepare your own delicious, healthy, and nutritious Dosa at home with the help of this batter. Rice, Soy Yogurt, Fenugreek Seeds mixture batter is the perfect substitute for curd. Now your job is to blend the ingredients and let them sit overnight before cooking up some delicious dosas for breakfast tomorrow morning!

This mixture will give a nice flavor to your dish. It has all the same benefits as traditional dosa batter. You can substitute it in any recipe that requires yogurt. For example- You can use the batter for preparing idlis too.

The batter is rich in proteins, calcium, and iron. It’s vegan-friendly and gluten-free, which makes it great for people with dietary restrictions. 

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3. Brown Rice, Coconut milk, Curry leaves, and Lemon Juice mixture batter

Brown Rice, Coconut milk, Curry leaves, and Lemon Juice mixture batter: substitutes for curd in dosa

Do you love to eat instant Dosa?

If the answer is yes, then this mixture of batter tricks is for you! It’s a great way to make your favorite dish even healthier. With the use of our special mixture batter instead of sour curd, you can enjoy all the flavors and health benefits that come with each ingredient without feeling weighed down or bloated after eating.

Watch out for these crispy Dosa from the fridge! Cooking a meal with this product is as easy as 1-2-3, brown rice/porridge, and coconut milk to create a traditional batter coating with a dash of fresh lemon juice. Like aforementioned, Curry leaves help to maintain their spicy thrill while completing the mixture. And of course, you can’t forget it’s dairy-free alternative substituting curd you save some money on pots and pans too by using paper plates in place of getting any dishware dirty at all.

This dish is healthy for you because it’s gluten-free and less than 1kg per kilo in salt content (most store-bought cooking options hover around 1.5 kilos).

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4. Oats Dosa

Oats Dosa-

Oats Dosa is a unique dish and quite a different term in India. It’s easy to prepare and doesn’t need curd in preparation! We will discuss the process to make it at home.

You will need the following ingredients for this recipe – 1 cup of oats, 2 cups of water(instead of curd), salt as per taste, ½ teaspoon of cumin seeds (jeera), ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder (Haldi), three tablespoons of oil or ghee, finely chopped green chilies and coriander leaves. The Haldi powder will give the Dosa the same yellow color that comes with the use of curd.

The steps are simple – first, mix all the dry ingredients with enough water to form a batter that is consistent with the batter of pancake. Heat your tawa on medium heat and pour about ¼ cup batter on hot Tawa. Check out Substitutes for Curd in Dhokla

Spread it out into a circle shape using the backside of your spoon or spatula so that there aren’t any holes in between them when cooked thoroughly on both sides until golden brown spots appear on each side. Serve your tasty Dosa hot, and put some coconut chutney or tomato sauce on the side! Yum!

Substitutes for curd in Rava dosa

Rava Dosa is a bit different from regular Dosa instead of rice flour or lentil; Semolina exists as the dominant ingredient in the batter to make crispy Dosa. Alternatively, you can make Rava Dosa batter by mixing Semolina, rice flour, and lentil.

  1. Semolina and Buttermilk Batter
  2. Semolina, Rice flower, and Water batter

1. Semolina and Buttermilk Batter

To satisfy your craving for a tangy flavored Rava Dosa, you won’t have to sacrifice the hubbles and joys. We know the frustration of eating something delicious and then having an unpleasant aftertaste. 

Give your taste buds a new twist in the morning when you start your day. Semolina and Buttermilk is the perfect batter recipe for Rava dosa without curd. Besides buttermilk, salt, oil, and water, it contains semolina and buttermilk. This batter will give you crispy dosas that are delicious! The batter will give your dish the same creamy texture as curd without that sour aftertaste. Check out Substitutes for Curd in Curry

You can make these dosas in minutes! Just blend all of your ingredients in one bowl until smooth. Heat some oil on a pan, pour in the batter, then cook on a hot pan over medium heat until it turns golden brown on both sides. Serve immediately with your favorite chutney or sambar recipe. 

Try this recipe today and see what everyone has been raving! Your friends will be begging you for this secret ingredient once they try your delicious dishes made with this recipe. 

2. Semolina, Rice flower, and Water batter

Semolina, Rice flower, and Water batter

Have a craving for some Rava dosa? We have a perfect recipe that will satisfy any craving! From this Rava Dosa mix, you can make crisp Rava Dosa from scratch. This mix includes water, Semolina, rice flower, and some common Indian spices. Using this as an alternative to using sour curds in your batter will not disappoint you!

A lack of water makes the Dosa batter difficult to handle and unmanageable. Use 1 cup of Semolina, 2 cups of Rice flour, and 4 cups of water in a blender to make it soft. Then spread the batter on hot Tawa and fry till crisp. 

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What can we use instead of curd in Dosa?

Avocado. A ripe avocado, mashed with a fork until it resembles sour cream’s smooth texture, is a delicious substitute for Dosa or idli batter – no need to mix in water either! It tastes great on dosas, idlis, and parathas too.
Nowadays, many brands sell their products as vegan alternatives to dairy curds even by directly advertising themselves as “grocery store curds.” 
Companies’ foods made from almond milk or soy milk are so delicious or silk that they can be whipped into soft peaks, much like Sour Cream Curds for Dosa. 

What can I use instead of yogurt in Indian cooking?

Coconut milk is the most popular replacement in Indian cooking for yogurt. Sour cream and heavy cream are other options, although it’s hard to get them to taste sour naturally like yogurt does when mixed with flavorings like lemon juice or garlic.
The only necessary properties that yogurt possesses besides thickness are its sourness and umami flavor (which can also be achieved by soaking dry mango powder and boiling it in water). It’s worth noting that sourness counteracts sweetness making certain dishes more tolerable than others when cooked with dairy products. Yes, there are other options; however, they may require additional work like modifying your recipes or getting accustomed to new flavors – but either way, you’ll come out ahead in the long run! There are many other replacements you can apply, though, including avocado, mashed potatoes, or sweetened condensed milk.

Can I use mashed potatoes instead of curd in Dosa?

Yes, no problem at all. Many countries have used something other than curd to substitute for Dosa’s traditional filling to varying results. Potatoes are a popular choice because the starch in them expands to help bind the crepe together nicely. You can also try mashed pumpkin for an even healthier alternative!
The use of potatoes is well established globally and has been known as Kati Rolla or Aloo roll (in India), which means “potato-curry” in several languages across Asia, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Sinhala 

Why turmeric is used in Dosa batter?

Turmeric is used in dosas because it gives them their bright orange color.
The earthy, sweet, and spicy flavor of turmeric mixed with black pepper and a pinch of salt make for a delicious filling! The earthiness is excellent if you need something to accompany the rice, but it can also taste great, dipped in chutney or sambar sauce.

How much water to use in Dosa batter to replace curd/yogurt?

The amount of water in a dosa batter will depend primarily on the kind of rice you’re using. But for something like basmati rice, which cooks up dry and fluffy, start with 1/2 cup of water and add more as per your requirement until you see the consistency change (unless the ingredients list already specifies how much to use). Add an extra teaspoon of salt and at least 1/2 cup more water for short-grain or American long-grain rice. And while we’re talking about these other varieties – be sure to rinse your rice well before cooking and soak

Can we use coconut milk instead of curd in Dosa?

This depends on the region your curd comes from. For example, in South India, coconut milk is used instead of other dairy products like yogurt or sour cream; but in North India, it is not typically eaten with Dosa. The answer also depends on where you are because it will be made using curd and coconut milk at westward points. After all, coconuts grow there so abundantly.
When informed about the difference in cuisines across the country, I prefer to use a mixture of yogurt and water when making recipes that call for “curd” instead of all-out substituting “coconut milk” since by doing so, you can maintain consistency with cuisines from states to states while personalizing.


Curd is the perfect breakfast food. It’s nutritious, filling, and easy to prepare–but if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, it can be a challenge to find an appropriate substitute for this crucial ingredient in dosas. 

In this article, we have discussed substitutes for curd in the dosa recipe. We hope the article was helpful and informative! If you liked the post, please share it with your friends on social media to help spread the word about our blog. Thank you for reading!

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