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9 Best Substitutes For Curd In Cake

I love baking cheesecake, but sometimes I run out of curd cheese. Is there any substitute for curd on the cake? The answer is absolutely! You can use many ingredients as substitutes for curd in cake in most baking recipes. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to some great substitutes for curd in cake and show you how to use them.

It is well known that yogurt can replace milk and eggs in baking recipes. It helps provide protein and moisture to cakes and other desserts. But if you don’t like the taste of curd cheese, there are many substitute options available to make your favorite baked dishes that will give your cake the same tangy flavor and texture as the original recipe.

Substitution for curd in baking cake

  1. Mayonnaise
  2. Cultured buttermilk
  3. Sour Cream
  4. Cottage Cheese
  5. Silken Tofu
  6. Vegan Milks
  7. Cream Cheese
  8. Nuts
  9. Mashed Potatoes

1. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise: substitutes for curd in cake

You have ever wondered how to make a cake even moister and delicious? Add Mayonnaise instead of yogurt! Mayonnaise may seem a peculiar ingredient for cake, but it is an ingenious remedy if you’re looking for a protein-rich replacement for yogurt in baking.

Mayonnaise has the proportions of egg and dairy that wouldn’t be difficult to replicate in any blitzing or whisking machine at home while also handy in all other ingredients. Combining vinegar and sugar to make a reasonable substitute for whipped Cream–Mayonnaise will keep your blanched fruit from browning too fast without introducing too many other flavors.

You can also use it to make cake icing or whipped cream. When it seems like there’s nothing else you can do with Mayonnaise, try shocking your friends and whipping up a cool cocktail from this classic condiment!

This creamy spread has been providing culinary inspiration for years because of its versatility and uniqueness. Just make sure your cake is cool enough before you adjust the recipe because Mayonnaise works best when it’s cold. 

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2. Cultured buttermilk

Cultured buttermilk: substitutes for curd in cake

Cultured buttermilk is a whole new level of baking. It’s so flavorful and fresh; you’ll never want to go back to the boring yogurt in your cake again! This cultured buttermilk is an excellent ingredient for baking cakes. Yogurt might be traditional, but it’s going out of style!

Besides being so sterile sounding, it changes the texture and consistency of your cake for the worse. But with this cultured buttermilk, you’ll get a fluffy texture that will please any tastebuds worth their salt. You can bake a better cake with cultured buttermilk because it’s so thick and nutritious. Bake a great-tasting cake in one bowl without eggs or butter!

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3. Sour Cream

Sour cream is one of the substitutes for curd in cake

Sour cream is the perfect ingredient for baked goods. Used as a substitute for curd in cake, which can be buttery and overpowering to delicate cake mixes, Sour Cream will make your cakes moist, flavorful, and sweet.

Sour cream is the finishing touch every baker needs to make their cakes 10x better. Plus, it has less sugar than other baking products like powdered buttermilk and even vanilla extract!

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4. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese is a secret ingredient for any of your favorite cake recipes as a replacement for yogurt in baking. This is a dairy product made from the curdled milk of cows, ewes, or goats. It’s high in protein and calcium!

Made from wholesome milk and wholesome grains, this low-fat dairy product is not only delicious on its own but also makes for a great baking ingredient. Cottage Cheese packs way more protein than regular cream cheese, so if getting your 12g of daily need is what you’re looking for, duking it out with this food will be worth it.

For a healthy and low-calorie alternative to fat-free cream cheese, try replacing one package with 3/4 cup of unflavored fat-free cottage cheese. This will replace the moisture content lost when using traditional baking ingredients. Get that sweet tooth craving off of your back with some nasty sugar and whip up a batch of these insanely easy chocolate chip cookies:

The best way to use Cottage Cheese is in recipes that involve baking the resulting batter, like pound cake or pumpkin pie. When cooked at high temperatures, low-fat Cottage Cheese will provide a moist and tender crumb without yogurt’s disturbing tartness, which would bake off as seedy particles.

When baking, you should use three tablespoons of butter (half a stick), three tablespoons of creamy cottage cheese, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

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5. Silken Tofu

Silken Tofu

Silken Tofu can be used as an alternative to yogurt, eggs, and other vegan ingredients. This feature makes it the perfect replacement for anyone who follows a plant-based diet or has food allergies or restrictions!

Silken Tofu will lay your worries to rest when it comes to harmful ingredients – no need for scary detergents or artificial flavors. Take note of Silken’s organic certifications! Silken Tofu is made from pureed firm, non-GMO soybeans, and water; this calcium-rich alternative to dairy helps condition your hair and is heart-healthy because it contains zero cholesterol or trans fats.

It’s also vegetarian, which means you can enjoy its sweet creaminess without guilt! It boasts only 0 grams of sugar per serving which aids in weight management goals.

Silken Tofu is light, airy, and perfect for baking cakes. Try your favorite recipe with Silken Tofu! Get the tasty cake you love in a healthier package with all the same creaminess in less fat. The best part? You make up to three times more batter in this yummy tofu bake– so come on over for dessert!

Use it in your next batch of yellow layer cake–you won’t notice any difference between original frostings with Tofu whipped topping over vanilla ice cream. Your family will never know the change.

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6. Vegan Milks

Vegan Milks: substitutes for curd in cake

Dairy-free cakes are delicious but not always vegan. Worry no more with Vegan Milks! Vegan milk is a fantastic alternative to yogurt in baking. There is undoubtedly one for everyone! with flavors like strawberry, chocolate, banana, and vanilla bean, 

Vegan milk is delicious, thick, and silky! You can use it for baking your favorite cake recipe. It’s the healthy vegan option that you’ve been searching for. Enjoy this easy process of mixing eggs with our Vegan Milk instead of regular yogurt! This product will turn any cake into a healthier snack to share with everyone in your life. Get your hands on these today!

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7. Cream Cheese

Did you know that Cream Cheese is a versatile ingredient? Its rich taste and velvety custard texture can be used as an egg replacer for baking anything from cakes to quiches to bread. Baking with cream cheese will change the way your cake tastes forever. Plus, it has a wide range of flavors, calories, and fat content – perfect for whatever dietary restrictions there might be at home!

With the natural creaminess of Cream Cheese, use this tremendous substitutive in baking your favorite cake or cookie! It’s like somebody waved a magic wand over your regular cake recipe and turned it into fabulous Cream Cheesecake!

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8. Nuts

You may know that old baking standby, yogurt. We at Nuts think it’s time that you experiment with something new like NUTS! Let us know your favorite type of cake, and we’ll bake it up for you–a little less healthy but way more delicious. You’ll love the rich flavor so much the recipe won’t taste any different than before.

You can never have enough Nuts. And now, you finally won’t. Made with the highest quality ingredients imported from exotic locations worldwide, invest in your taste buds today with this one-of-a-kind recipe, sure to delight any guest at your dinner parties or get-togethers!

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9. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes is another substitutes for curd in cake

Ever wanted to make your cake out of mashed potatoes? Don’t stop reading! Mashed Potatoes are the unexpected new ingredient in recipes that people try to avoid. One of our most innovative uses for this fantastic product is in baking.

Remember all those times when you were too lazy or didn’t feel like spending money on decorating? The upside-down version has gone viral because it’s so crispy but not without sweet surprises inside once you.

Mashed Potatoes are made using the highest quality potatoes that are fresh and delicious. It will turn any cake into a tasty treat! Just add some eggs, butter, and cream cheese, sugar ingredients for your favorite recipe – maybe chocolate or lemon? And voila! You have an all-new dessert with the DELICIOUS taste of Mashed Potatoes.


What can I use instead of curd in a cake?

Some options for a creamy, slightly tart addition to cakes are variations on a fresh fruit puree (sweetens with some liquid if necessary) or use oils instead. Other options might include savory ingredients like feta cheese, miso, or squeeze-packs such as olives in oil. You could also try adding finely grated lemon zest with just enough sugar to coat it entirely before folding it into the cake batter before baking. Fruit punches are essentially the Japanese ingredient used in Japanese sponge cakes – which brings us back to your original question about using Japanese sweetened condensed milk!

Why curd is added to cake

The prime need for ingredients such as curds is the formation of gluten. Curds also give a cake structure and make it dense. Many flours used for cakes these days have milk products such as milk, butter, or cream added to them. All these dairy products contain what we call “lactose” – a sugar – and so by adding them to the flour we provide some extra form of sugar which can create stronger chemical bonds between proteins in the mix and so give the cake’s dough more elasticity and strength than it otherwise would have. This, together with various fats from those dairy products, breaks down any strong gluten into soft, stretchy strands to give a tender-soft texture to your cake.

Can I use butter instead of curd on the cake?

A butter cake is made with butter, and it has a denser consistency than a curd cake. When you substitute for one with another, the amount of fat in the resulting recipe is often different. So yes, technically, you can use butter instead of curd in the cake. However, for anyone looking to cut down on calories without compromising taste or altering texture, I would advise against switching from one ingredient to another so casually! Who did not add curd intentionally; rather, those who love how it tastes mix it into their favorite recipes for a little extra flavor and richness. There are healthier options out there that don’t compromise on taste–choose unsweetened applesauce.

Can I use milk instead of curd?

You can use milk in the cake, but it is best to use another form of fat instead. Milk has a lot of water content which will cause the cake to turn out moist and dry day after day. The best thing you can do for your cake is whip together some butter with sugar, flour, eggs, and vanilla for the first layer of the batter. For the second layer, mix up some butter with sour cream or full-fat yogurt (some people call this type of batter “wet dough”) and switch up some types of recipes so that they utilize both types of topping. The reason why you might want to opt for just one over the other is personal preference; some people prefer cakes without eggs while others only like them.

Which is better, curd or yogurt? 

Yogurt contains less lactose and is easier for some people find to digest. But if lactose intolerance isn’t an issue, then it’s up to your personal preference which you like best because both are healthy and nutritious. Curd or yogurt? Because of the curdling process (milk), yogurt has a fresh taste with more acidic flavors than other dairy products such as cream cheese, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, etc. That being said though-many people claim they prefer the richer taste of cream cheeses, so it’s your call in this one. 

Do yogurt and curd taste the same?

When comparing curd to yogurt, the flavor of curd is more overpowering. Curd has a more robust flavor than yogurt because it can use fermenting agents that are not allowed in yogurt. For example, the ingredient rennet can be used for milk-based products like cheese or thickened milk, making it taste similar to yogurt. However, since rennet is not used in making yogurts, people often describe this strongly acidic dairy product as having “barnyard” flavors instead of being tangy or sour.


With so many choices for substitutes for curd in cake, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. The next time you bake a cake or muffin, consider using any of the ingredients we’ve discussed in place of yogurt. There are plenty of similarities between the two and they produce some delicious baked goods!

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