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10 Substitutes For Cheddar Cheese Soup

Cheddar cheese soup is a staple in many households and restaurants and can be your favorite recipe too. However, this dish can be high in fat and calories. This blog post will discuss 10 options as substitutes for cheddar cheese soup that we hope will help you stay on track with your diet and still enjoy a delicious bowl of soup at lunch or dinner time!

Substitutes For Cheddar Cheese Soup

  1. Asiago Cheese Soup
  2. Grana Padano Soup
  3. Parmesan Soup
  4. Provolone Cheese Soup
  5. Nutritional Yeast Soup
  6. Aged Manchego Cheese Soup
  7. Dry Jack Cheese Soup
  8. Baita Friuli Soup
  9. Sap Sago Soup
  10. Black Olives Soup

1. Asiago Cheese Soup

Asiago Cheese Soup

Got a craving for something cheesy, but not cheesy enough? You cannot beat a hot bowl of cheese soup at any time. In winter, during the cold months, it’s particularly warming and satisfying! Too bad not everyone is a fan unless you are into Asiago Cheese Soup, that is. It tastes just as good as any cheddar cheese soup but with less saturated fat and calories!

Say no to broccoli and try this Asiago Cheese soup! With bacon bits and red peppers, it’s sure to make your taste buds want more. Not only is it vegan-friendly, but also gluten-free! Heck yeah!

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2. Grana Padano Soup

Grana Padano Soup

Have you eaten salty yogurt? Have you eaten very mature cheese? The Grana Padano soup is the perfect soupy solution for when you are feeling a little peckish. It’s got that delicious and cheesy flavor, but not too much that it makes your tongue curve wrong. Surprisingly, you are filling good protein to help rebuild muscle after running around all day chasing your kids.

When life hands you a cold day, reach for this soup. Grana Padano soup is a cheddar cheese soup replacement packed with protein and fiber. Get warm from the inside out when you make it your go-to meal during winter months or when you eat healthier? It’s an easy way to do both!

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3. Parmesan Soup

Parmigiano-Reggiano and Parmesan Soup

It’s not the same as being back in Italy, but homemade Parmesan soup is a close second. This cheddar cheese soup alternative’s smooth and creamy texture pairs well with your favorite bread or veggie sticks for a delicious low-carb combo that you can call 2-parmesianoes heart’s soul!

This soup uses ingredients like Parmigiano-Reggiano, onions, and seasonings for sweet perfection. Also, it adds generous chunks of other cheese for extra yumminess – like giving your taste buds an orgasm. After one bowl of soup, there won’t be anything left in the imagination; you’ll feel satisfied in every way. 

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4. Provolone Cheese Soup

Provolone Cheese Soup

Perfect for when you want soup but are looking for something that is hot and perfect on a chilly day, Provolone cheese soup is the solution. This soup will keep you coming back again and again with its all-natural ingredients, delicious provolone cheese, water, chicken broth instead of one cup milk or cream or more. 

Rich in Vitamin A (88%) and containing Calcium (61%), your palate’s happiness doesn’t end there. With 12 grams of protein per cup too! This product has the taste to please the real pizza lover who needs some alternative options other than just veggies!

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5. Nutritional Yeast Soup

Nutritional Yeast Soup

Nutritional yeast is a natural cheese substitute rich in B-vitamins. This healthy soup has all the good stuff! Free of protein, carbohydrates, sugar. It is a savory soup that will satisfy your palette without weighing you down. The best nutritional yeast soup on the planet!

There are even alternatives to cream cheese if you have a sensitive health condition. You may have recipes & ideas for your soup with basic ingredients such as almond milk, Greek yogurt, plain yogurt, mustard extract, pepper flakes, broccoli florets, or chunks of broccoli. 

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6. Aged Manchego Cheese Soup

Aged Manchego Cheese Soup

We’ve been serving the best soup in town for years, but we had to step our cooking game up. What does a person do when they know there is a cheddar cheese soup version of their favorite dish? They go for it. This new feature keeps things light and healthy, considering the years’ worth of aged Manchego cheese into one bowl.

Not only will your taste buds thank you, but this hearty soup will also be exactly what your body needs after long days spent out in the cold. Thanks to its all-new flavor combinations. And don’t worry about wanting something not too heavy like our tomato bisque, because now it’s even better!

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7. Dry Jack Cheese Soup

Dry Jack Cheese Soup

Dry Jack cheese soup comes with ingredients for hearty tomato flavor, chunks of fresh vegetables, and only the best quality cheese. But don’t take our word for it; you should give this soup a shot!

Try this hearty cheddar cheese soup replacement that will be a perfect cold-weather treat cooked in medium heat. Dry Jack cheese is in the cream and balances out the cheesy flavor in a way that makes this soup not too heavy. You’ll be able to enjoy it without feeling sluggish when your evening comes around. Be sure to add some black pepper for perfection!

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8. Baita Friuli Soup

Baita Friuli Soup

Baita Friuli cheese soup is a delicious, creamy cheddar cheese soup replacement for people who are looking to reduce their dairy in their diet. You can enjoy this soup as a meal replacement if you want the health benefits of veganism. However, you may have trouble keeping it up due to cravings, lack of physical energy, or just because you miss that cheesy taste from before.

High in protein, low in saturated fat and carbs, look no further than Baita Friuli cheese soup if you’re trying to get your keto on!

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9. Low-Fat Sap Sago Soup

Low-Fat Sap Sago Soup

Get ready for a brew so satisfying and soothing, and you will never want to leave its wholesome presence. Low-fat sap sago soup’s ingredient list is filled with all the good stuff. The ingredients include sweet potatoes, soybeans, carrots, celery root, and aromatic vegetables (fresh broccoli, green beans) like yellow onions and garlic. A double helping of lentils adds tons of fiber too!

It has eight grams of protein per serving and a hefty dose of antioxidant vitamins. At only five hundred calories a cup–less than many other soup varieties. Low-fat sap sago soup makes it easy to fit in healthy eating. You would not want to resort to weight gain, rights? Check the product details or the product packaging for reference purposes of popular recipes and other recipe ideas. Go for the natural sweetness or sweet flavor. 

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10. Oil-Cured Black Olives Soup

Oil-Cured Black Olives Soup

Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or someone looking to get more nutrients in your meal, oil-cured black olives soup is perfect for any occasion. It’s not just delicious soup; it’s the choice of chefs everywhere. This soup will fuel both your body and soul, rich with ingredients like olive oil and any cheese except sharp cheddar cheese.

This is an excellent substitute for cheddar cheese soup for those who need to eat more cheese except cheddar. This soup contains only the best oil-cured black olives and some other ingredients.

Meanwhile, you have to consider allergen warnings from the above-mentioned ingredients especially if you are into dietary supplements. For your sauce starter, you may have maple syrup,  some cups of chicken stock, or cups of milk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use in place of cheddar cheese soup?

The one thing you will need to consider when replacing cheddar cheese soup with another type is the primary purpose of the dish. If it’s for comforting and appetite-inducing purposes, then a hearty stew-like beef and lentil soup can work great in place of traditional cheddar cheese soup. The whole pumpkin in the picture above could replace baked pumpkin in this application.
Please be mindful that by including meat or beans, this meal becomes satisfying but not strictly vegetarian. For parties or buffets without a set main course, vegetable soups like squash and carrot soup make great appetizers because they’re lower in fat than most other dairy-based soups.

Can you substitute Velveeta for Cheddar?

There are many types of cheeses, but there are only two that you can substitute for each other like you’re trying to do. These are cheddar cheese and cheese whiz. Yes, I know this seems quite harsh, but it’s true.
Velveeta will not replace either cheddar or cheese whiz in these situations because both of these products have different consistencies compared to Velveeta. Additionally, what makes it complicated is that Cerviche has a creamy soup texture. Velveeta does not taste anything like cheddar or cheese whiz at all despite looking similar on the surface!

What can I use instead of Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup?

There are plenty of recipes that omit or substitute for dairy products like cheese soup. There are vegan substitutions though not all substitutions are equally successful. They include soy milk + flour for mayonnaise or sour cream, avocado dip with lime juice and tomatoes, and beans for ground beef.

What kind of cheese melts best in soup?

When it comes to melting cheese, there is no one best type. The trick is to use cheeses that are appropriate for the specific kind of soup you’re making. For example, if you’re making old-fashioned hot and buttery soups like shepherd’s, Indian curries, or baked beans, then cheddar would be the go-to variety of cheese for creating that satisfying roux texture.

What can I substitute for shredded cheese?

Some cheese substitutes that may be worth trying include soy and almond cheeses (vegan), Marmite (a pungent yeast extract spread; vegetarian), Nutella, peanut butter, cashews, and tahini. These substitutes will vary in taste, but you might find one that’s better for your diet or lifestyle. I hope this helps!

Is Campbell’s condensed cheddar cheese soup gluten-free?

It is important to note that Campbell’s condensed cheddar cheese soup does not contain any wheat. 
However, some corn starch used in the production process of another food item may have been accidentally transferred to this product, impacting the gluten status. 
Nevertheless, if you are highly sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease, you should not eat this product. Some people with low levels of gluten sensitivity occasionally experience gastrointestinal symptoms after consuming foods that contain small amounts of undeclared gluten. 

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, cheddar cheese soup is a favorite dish for many people. However, if you are looking to switch it up because the season has changed and your taste buds are craving something different. Extra cheese in soups is okay as long as you are not hurting your diet. Of course, always go for savory dishes that are a healthy option for your cheese in soups.

Above are 10 great substitutes for cheddar cheese soup ideas that will still have those cheesy flavors but with some new twists! We hope this list gives you some inspiration as well as satisfies any cravings that may be coming your way. Do you have another substitute for the cheddar cheese soup idea? Let us know in the comments below or by sending us an email so we can share it with our readers!

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