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10 Best Substitutes For Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds are a spice that is commonly used in Indian cuisine, but they can be hard to find. If you want the flavor of caraway seeds without having to track them down, here are 10 substitutes for caraway seeds.

You can do caraway seeds replacement with Fennel seeds, Coriander seeds, Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds, Dill seed, Anise seed, Black mustard seed, Fenugreek, Dried parsley flakes, Celery Seed.

Caraway Seeds Substitutes

  1. Fennel seeds
  2. Coriander seeds
  3. Mustard seeds
  4. Cumin seeds
  5. Dill seed
  6. Anise seed
  7. Black mustard seed
  8. Fenugreek
  9. Dried parsley flakes
  10. Celery Seed

1. Fennel seeds:

10 Best Substitutes For Caraway Seeds

Fennel seeds are the perfect substitute for caraway seeds in breads, salads, and some sauces. These tiny black seeds have a spicy taste that’s tangy but not overpowering. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to fennel seeds. You can store them in an airtight container with your other spices until they’re ready to use!

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Fennel seeds are the Millennial’s secret ingredient. You can use them in a lot in food, but we’ll let you know more about that later! Fennel is better for one’s gut and offers many of the same benefits as caraway seeds. Caraway is an appetite suppressant, a digestive aid and has antibacterial qualities. Both seeds can enhance strong flavor in soups and salads, binding with other ingredients unexpectedly well like never before to give some extra zing.

2. Coriander seeds:

10 Best Substitutes For Caraway Seeds

Delicious, but you can’t buy them anywhere. And it is a good coriander seeds replacement.

Introducing coriander seeds, the natural and healthy substitute for caraway! You can use this in your favorite recipes because it tastes just as good. If you’re missing out on all of the benefits of these coriander seeds, we recommend that you put a pack in your shopping cart next time so that you don’t have to miss any of those lovely flavors.

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These coriander seeds are way easier to use because they don’t need any chopping. It is a perfect caraway seeds substitute. Start making many types of dishes from Greece, China, and India like always but swap out those spices with these healthy alternatives that taste just as good!

3. Mustard seeds:

Substitutes For Caraway Seeds

The white spice of the Mediterranean and Indian cuisine is now easily accessible. Like most people, you might not really know what mustard seeds are.

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Mustard seeds pair well with coriander in baked goods, dress up any soup, or make a scrumptious stuffing! These exotic spices are just what you need to take your cooking game to the next level. Add that extra zing for an exciting flavor experience!

If you simply want to enjoy your sandwiches or eat something a little spicy, then this is the perfect product for you! You can find Mustard seeds in just about any type of cuisine and we’re excited to introduce them to even more foods.

4. Cumin seeds:

Substitutes For Caraway Seeds

Why have just caraway seeds when you could also have cumin! Their potent spicy flavor will leave your palate wanting more. For centuries, these aromatic seeds have been used in some of the world’s most delicious cuisines and for good reason: they can really make a difference to everything from sauces to curries.

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Cumin seeds are the perfect addition to your favorite baked goods, curry, and more. They’ll add a special something that will make them uniquely yours.

If you’re looking to add that extra fiesta flair into your dishes, or if you want something new for breakfast toast, reach for cumin instead of boring ol’ caraway.

5. Dill seed:

Dill seed

The key ingredient to your latest culinary masterpieces. Whether you fancy scones, baked cabbage rolls, or zucchini soup, Dill seed is what takes your dish from ho-hum to jaw-dropping in minutes. Toss a tablespoon of these tiny seeds into boiling water with some vegetables and herbs for a deliciously fragrant broth; or use them as an all-natural replacement to caraway seeds when baking rye breads, apple dumplings and other assorted dishes that simply demand an herbal twist!

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Dill seeds have a tangy, refreshing taste that is perfect for cooking. They can be used in many different recipes like chicken soup, salad dressings, or dips. Dill is also great for seasoning stews because it pairs well with beef and lamb.

6. Anise seed:

Anise seed

Anise seed is a versatile spice, which can be used as both a seasoning and for its medicinal properties that range from digestive to antifungal. In the kitchen, nothing beats its taste in coffee cake or in green bean casserole. For some time now, more restaurants have been using anise seed over more expensive options such as caraway seeds to add an aromatic quality with just a hint of licorice. Sold at many small markets, this product makes even the simplest snack exciting!

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Anise seed is a tasty excellent substitute for caraway seeds. It is sweet like it has also a sweet flavor, licorice-like flavor is perfect in cookies and traditional German dishes like the flavored rye bread known as katenspitz or Monte Cristo sandwich.

This versatile spice is a caraway seed substitute and can liven up any dish. From cheese to rice, any Asian dishes, Indian dishes or others are never dull with this little pod!

7. Black mustard seed:

Substitutes For Caraway Seeds

Broken black mustard seed is the perfect substitute for caraway seeds in recipes–pair with brown sugar and touch of honey, cocoa, or vinegar to add complex flavor and crunchy texture.Imagine having an always ready jar of black mustard seeds without the telltale aroma.

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When you want a unique spicy flavor for your recipes, all you have to do is grab them out of the back of your pantry – just like they were next month’s calendar or that collection of old keys. And since caraway seeds are often used in salads and pastas, it makes sense this versatile seed can be swapped-out as well. Paired with celery, carrots and onions? Your new favorite slaw awaits! Fried up in a place where hamburgers are being made? Just add them too! You’ll feel like a culinary mastermind when you use these handy little goodies in tamales, cheese balls, appetizers or any other dish.

8. Fenugreek:


You’re looking for a new herb to spice up your meal? Fenugreek is just the thing. This delicious Indian spice has been used as an additive in dishes like curries and was found to have anti-flatulent properties when tested on rats. It’s also easy to grow – all you need is some dry soil and water!

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Fenugreek is a versatile spice from the Mediterranean region. Use it to extract juices, flavor curries or soups, or in chili and pasta dishes. Fenugreek also works well as a substitute for caraway when making rye bread like pumpernickel.

9. Dried parsley flakes:

Dried parsley flakes

Do you love making everything taste better but hate the flavor of caraway seeds? Fear not, for we have the perfect solution! Dried parsley flakes make for a flavorful and aromatic substitute to your traditional caraway seed. Not only do they have a brilliant green color that will beautifully blend into any dish, but drying creates an intense scent that is highly appetizing.

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For all the soups, sauces, and any dish needing a finishing touch.

Parsley flakes are an excellent alternative to caraway seeds, as all those little crinkly leaves will add just the right amount of zesty flavor with no mess! Keep these dried parsley flakes in your kitchen or spice cabinet so you’ll never be without that home-cooked taste again.

10. Celery Seed:

Celery seed

Liven up traditional dishes like sauerkraut and coleslaw with the intriguing tang of celery seed! If you’re looking for a substitute for caraway seeds, don’t reach for expensive imports or your spice cabinet- we’ve got what you need right here. Sprinkle it on everything from pastries to rice pilaf, salads to stews. You’ll be tasting something completely new that’s sure to tantalize the taste buds.

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Celery seed is a great spice to have in your pantry if you like cooking dishes from certain cultures that use caraway seeds. Cooking celery root soup without caraway can make it seem mushy and not as flavorful, but adding some of this naturally-flavored alternative will help give an authentic taste.


What can I use instead of caraway seeds?

Lemon peel, pumpkin pie spice, dill seeds.
-Lemon peel – makes any dish lighter and brighter. Adds citrus-y flavor too, which complements many savory dishes nicely (soups, stews, or baked into ground beef). Cook with it they same way you would use caraway seeds.
-Pumpkin Pie Spice is made of cinnamon sticks and nutmeg with no other added flavorings; it can also take the place of caraways if you’re not after a savory flavor. Add to soups or roasts at the beginning before cooking for best results.

Is there a substitute for caraway seeds in rye bread?

It’s nearly impossible to replicate the exact flavor and blend of compounds in caraway seed when making rye bread without it. As a substitute, try adding fennel seeds or celery seeds – they give an almost identical taste and are both natural compliments to rye bread. If you don’t have access to either, oregano is about as close as your going to get. And if you don’t want any added savory flavors at all then you can omit the salt too; just add back a bit more sugar if needed.

Can I substitute celery seed for caraway seed?

You can, but you may need to adjust the other ingredients in your recipe depending on what their flavor profile will be.
Celery seed has a very distinctive earthy, celery flavor which caraway does not have. A good way to determine how much more of one or the other you’ll need is to smell them both and try tiny bits of each. Remember that a little goes a long way so start small and then taste again after adding some until it tastes right for you.
Whenever I want celery seeds, I get them at my local health food store! I recommend Whole Foods market stores for all natural goods!

What can I use instead of caraway seeds in sauerkraut?

Sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds! You can also use cumin or dill. All these options are low-cost and readily available in most grocery stores. I find it really helpful to make kraut with a few different varieties of flavorings so that you don’t get tired of the same old thing every week. Add your favorite one(s) into the cabbage at any point during fermentation.

Is caraway seed the same as cumin?

There are several similarities between caraway seed and cumin. They both come from the same plant species (Carum Carvi) but have a very different taste. They also share many of the same health benefits, as well as chemical compounds.
It’s worth noting that both plants are rich in essential oils and volatile flavor compounds such as terpenes, carvones, thymol, and limonene. So what is it about these two ingredients that result in their vastly different tastes? The answer is simple – the soil they’re grown in! Caraway seeds tend to be grown on alkaline soils while cumin usually grows on sandy salt-rich terrain or clays with high levels of limestone.

What flavor do caraway seeds have?

Caraway seeds have a somewhat pleasant nutty, earthy flavor that is ascribed to both the specific aroma compounds and to various substances in the oils derived from its fruit.
A caraway seed may be categorized as producing a pungent or spicy-onion odor and taste. The aroma for caraway has been attributed to an aromatic furanocoumarin similar to umbelliferone with phenylpropanoid groups which are formed during the process of plant maturation.

What can I use as a substitute for caraway?

A few substitutes to try out are celery, fennel seeds, and cumin.
Celery is great with fish dishes like salmon. Fennels goes well with eggs and cream sauces so breakfast or brunch fare should do nicely. Cumin is good in savoury dips such as hummus, baba ghanoush, and tzatziki; excellent when roasting root vegetables or eggplants., plus I find that it has a really nice earthy flavour that pairs well with legumes like green beans, chickpeas (or “garbanzo beans”), lentils, black-eyed peas etc.;

Can I omit caraway seeds?

Caraway seeds are known to have a less than favourable taste, so some chefs include them sparingly or not at all when cooking traditional dishes. You can omit the caraway and still end up with something delicious. So long as you’ve cooked it for the appropriate duration, do what works best for you!

Is caraway seed the same as fennel?

Caraway and fennel are different plants, but they do share some qualities. Both are members of the Apiaceae family. Fennel is mostly grown for its bulbs and seeds while caraways often go into pickling or beer. I myself don’t eat it because it has a slightly more taste like black pepper, which can be off-putting to some people, but if you like herbs then give it a try!


Caraway seeds are a versatile spice that can be used in many different dishes, but they’re not always easy to find. If you don’t have any on hand or if you want to try some new flavors, here’s a list of 10 substitutes for caraway seeds!

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