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10 Nutritious Substitutes For Cannellini Beans

Cannellini beans are a staple in many recipes. They’re popular for good reason: they have a creamy texture that’s easy to work with, and their flavor can be altered simply by cooking them in different ways (e.g., stewed, mashed, or whole). But sometimes you just can’t find cannellini beans at the grocery store! What do you do then? Never fear—here are 10 substitutes for cannellini beans so you’ll never have to go without your favorite dishes again.

You can do replacement for cannellini beans with Great Northern Beans, Black-eyed peas, Pinto beans, Lentils, Navy beans, Chickpeas, White beans, Fava beans, Kidney beans, Lima beans.

Substitution For Cannellini Beans

  1. Great Northern Beans
  2. Black-eyed peas
  3. Pinto beans
  4. Lentils
  5. Navy beans
  6. Chickpeas
  7. White beans
  8. Fava beans
  9. Kidney beans
  10. Lima beans

1. Great Northern Beans:

Northern beans is a great Substitutes for cannellini beans

We all know they say “never happen twice!” and we get that. But for those rare times when you need beans to fill the void, turn to this Great Northern Bean. It’s a white kidney bean so it will give you everything your other cannellini varieties won’t! There’ll be no bland or dry beans here, just nutritious beans that are hearty and rich in flavor.

Great Northern Beans are little but mighty. A perfect substitute for cannellini beans, these tiny beans measure in at about one-sixth the size (and don’t require soaking). They have the same creamy consistency and assertive flavor as their larger relatives, and can easily be paired with your favorite dish. Use them to make soups like White Bean and Great Northern Bean Soup or Three Cheese Chicken Thighs with Garlic Roasted Vegetables.

They are an excellent source of fiber, protein, and thiamin. They are also a good source of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B6. Their high fiber content makes them a good choice for people who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, and their high protein content makes them a good choice for people who are trying to build muscle.

2. Black-eyed peas:

Black-eyed peas! a perfect substitution for cannellini beans. Start off your week with the ingredient that can substitute for cannellini beans in any recipe. Whether it’s a stew, soup, salad or pasta dish—just toss in some peas and call it done. It’s easy to prepare these legumes ahead of time so get cooking this weekend. Plus, they’re rich in antioxidants, vitamin B and protein.

Black-eyed peas are hearty and nutty, so go ahead and use them in your vegan chili or any soup recipe. Legends say that good luck is just around the corner once you have endured a black-eyed pea season!

3. Pinto beans:

pinto beans is another Substitutes for cannellini beans

Pinto beans are a great substitute for cannellini beans in many recipes. These light brown beauties offer a healthy helping of protein to give you the energy when cooking up your favorite soups and stews. They’re hearty enough to hold their shape whether steamed until perfectly soft or cooked crisp with bacon and onion!

Pinto beans are the perfect way to cut back on protein and carbs thanks to their gram-for-gram nutritional profile. Our responsibly sourced pinto beans have that tender texture your family knows and loves. So don’t put up a fight next time mom is asking what’s for supper—let Mighty Fine Foods do the cooking.

4. Lentils:

lentils are healthy Substitutes for cannellini beans

The lentil is a legume that looks like a lens. Bingo! You’ve found the right word to describe these tasty little things. Lentils are often eaten in place of white beans as part of soups, stews and salads: they’re flavourful, inexpensive and nutritious (even if not the prettiest thing).

Want more info on this tiny-but-mighty member of the pulse family? Here goes! Daily consumption of lentils lowers cholesterol levels; their high dietary fiber content slows glucose absorption which helps stabilize blood sugar levels; and some studies have shown that regular pulses intake lowers blood pressure! Stick with us during Lentils week next month for lots more amazing benefits from our favorite bean, I mean legume.

Naval base beans are the perfect substitute for cannellini beans in any of your favorite recipes. They’re high in fiber, so they’ll help you feel fuller longer, and their dark color will make your plate look more appealing!

Navy beans are the healthier one-stop substitute for your typical cannellini beans. With 1/3 less fat and 25% fewer calories, you’ll feel great about this swap. They’re also an option for those on a stricter diet, giving up gluten, or just wanting to be more inclusive at mealtimes with people who have different dietary needs. Surprise friends and family by swapping out their usual favorite and introduce them to these new flavors!

6. Chickpeas:

Chickpeas are a great ingredient to substitute for cannellini beans or as an addition to your favorite mashed cauliflower recipe. They’re high in fiber and make the perfect base for casseroles, soups, or snacks. Give cooking with chickpeas a spin today!

Chickpea power is the key ingredient in many dishes and cuisines–allow us to unlock the secrets of this versatile, yet underappreciated legume. Did you know that they may be helpful for anyone suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar? Loaded with fiber, these legumes can help regulate insulin levels without making dieters struggle on their restricted diets as compared to other protein sources like meat. And if you’re trying to drop some pounds for swimsuit season (or any time during summer), chickpeas are a great option! One cup packs almost 15% of your daily quota for fiber which will keep you fuller longer while zapping out hunger hormones and feeling more.

7. White beans:

Bean sprouts are having a moment. And why not? They offer plant-based protein, fiber and even some vitamins. However, for this product to be complete, it needs one more nutrient: omega-3 fatty acid! So here we have it – beans that also act as a substitute for cannellini beans or any other type of white bean you can think of!

A close second for cannellini beans, these little white gems are versatile.

A clear alternative when you can’t find your go-to. Serve them up in a pot with some crispy bacon and onion, or use them to make the perfect summer salad.

8. Fava beans:

Fava beans are a favorite among Mediterranean cuisine for their nutty flavor and smooth texture. These beans plump up while they cook and make the perfect substitute for those pesky cannellini beans that you just can’t seem to grow in your garden!

Fava beans are the perfect substitute for canned cannellini beans, and even a hard-core bean hater just might start to see them as divine. Cooked in your favorite recipes for hours until they’re just right on the inside, then served up with whole cloves of garlic, slices of lemons, slivers of salty ricotta cheese—you’ll never look at fava beans (or your diet) the same way again.

9. Kidney beans:

There is nothing better than a meaty pair of cannellini beans. But what if you want that taste without the heavy feeling? Kidney beans are here for you! They’re slightly less fancy, but they still make the perfect soup or baked bean recipe – and will do so with more than just a half-gallon at one time!

North American Kidney Beans are a nutritious and versatile substitute for cannellini beans. They’re tasty when eaten cubed in salads, mixed with Elbow Macaroni, or served over risotto as an Italian classic! Not only will you reap the nutritional benefits of eating kidney beans by replacing your traditional white bean soup recipe; you’ll also save money because the smaller size requires less food compared to other larger sizes.

10. Lima beans:

Lima beans are a great alternative to Cannellini beans. They have a slightly more starchy taste, but they make for excellent soups and salads. We’re talking about what puts the flavor in dishes like Cajun-style red bean gumbo or Indian chickpea stew! Lima beans also find their way into Italian cannellini e fagioli soup, Caribbean crab cakes with creamy lima bean sauce, even Lebanese tabbouleh salad!


What is a good alternative to cannellini beans?

There are many alternatives to cannellini beans. Perhaps you should try some black beans, red kidney beans, or pinto beans. Why not even give some lima beans or butter peanuts a go? I hear those make great substitutions for those with higher glucose levels that need to watch their blood sugar as well as those on low-carb diets. What about soya protein powders such as soy flour and soy protein isolate? They usually come in a variety of flavors too like vanilla, chocolate strawberry and vanilla coffeeshop mocha – yum! And everyone’s favorite carob powder is an excellent source of fiber and has amazing antioxidant properties!

Can I use chickpeas instead of cannellini beans?

Yes, you can use chickpeas instead of cannellini beans. It will also taste better that way because the two varieties differ in terms of flavor. Otherwise, do try experimenting to make your own unique soup by combining different types of legumes and vegetables together!

Can you use butter beans instead of cannellini beans?

You can use butter beans instead of cannellini beans, but it may depend on your taste preferences. Cannellini beans are typically the kinds of beans people like to eat in a soup, whereas butter beans have a sweeter taste that would be better suited for dishes like chili or rice and bean bowls. Both types are great options for adding extra protein as well!

Can I use kidney beans instead of cannellini?

Yes, but make sure you and the person preparing your dinner are aware of the substitution. Kidney beans are more savory in flavor than cannellini beans which tend to be sweeter. This doesn’t translate well if family members don’t know that they’re eating a different bean. They might think it’s saltier or less flavorful, for example, when it’s just the difference between cannellini and kidney beans! Enjoy!

Do Aldi sell cannellini beans?

Yes! Aldi sells cannellini beans at the typical low price that their customers love.
Honestly, there is nothing more satisfying than going to lent this year feeling like you’re not only appropriately dressed but also secretly obscene in your savings. I am a short person and wholesalers might not be my thing, but I can get a ton of day old bread here for cheap. 100% need a car or bike though for the really good produce and dairy goods. If you don’t have one, it’s probably worth it to catch public transport out to ALDI — all the way across town? Totally doable with some nice sturdy shoes on hand just in case!

Are chickpeas white beans??

Chickpeas are not white beans. They’re from the Fabaceae family, and in 1965 they became the national food of Afghanistan following a “national contest.” You can enjoy chickpeas instead of black beans or pintos in your favorite Mexican dish. Chickpeas are often used as an extender for meatballs, chicken salad, or tuna salad, too. A veggie pizza might make use of them on crust with fixings like olives and peppers (or you can try some mashed up chickpea mixture for patty burgers). And if you do any cooking at all, there likely will be plenty of instances when you need to know how to roast chickpeas properly.

What is the healthiest bean you can eat?

The healthiest bean you can eat is the lentil. That’s because it has a nice blend of proteins, manganese, and valuable plant chemicals (especially phytonutrients) that promote your good health. In addition to that, lentils have a low glycemic index which means that it helps you maintain stable blood sugar levels as compared to meat and starch-based foods.
Lentils are also high in dietary fiber which aids digestion by moving bacteria out of the intestines even as they add essential nutrients into them at the same time. Fiber promotes strong immunity and good colon health.

Are cannellini beans as healthy as chickpeas?

Yes! They are made of the same white soybeans you find in refried beans, but with a much gentler and shorter cooking process so they don’t turn from perfect to mushy. Chickpeas are great too, but these will be more light, fluffy and delicate.
No need to choose between the two—they’re both good sources of protein. Cannellini beans provide 16g per serving, which is softer than chickpeas at 22g per serving. So customize your soup-making based on what you like best!Cannellini beans also provide higher levels of potassium (720 mg vs 490 mg).

Are chickpeas better than beans?

Certainly not!
Some people have gone far enough to say that chickpeas are worse than beans, but there is just no truth to this statement. Chickpeas and beans both have their own benefits and disadvantages, but they cannot be said to be better or worse. It doesn’t do a thing for either legume if you compare them in an arbitrary way such as this; so don’t let others get you down if you prefer one over the other! .. But I still recommend trying each of them and figuring out what’s best for your specific taste buds – why deprive yourself?

Can you use chickpeas instead of cannellini beans?

No. Chickpeas are a bean. Cannellini beans are specifically bred and sold for use in Italian dishes, such as meatballs. They’re sometimes called “Italian white kidney beans.” You can’t substitute one for the other without drastically altering the dish you’re making. It’s more than just deciding on different types of legumes; they each have their own flavor profile, sauces that work best with them, and cooking methods that emphasize certain flavors better than others.


The cannellini beans were delicious, but you’re not in the mood for that tonight. No worries! There are plenty of other foods to use as a substitute for those lovely little legumes. In fact, there’s more than 10 different substitutes for cannellini beans we can think of right off the top of our heads! Here they are (in no particular order): black beans, navy beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, lima bean sprouts and others. What do you have on hand to swap out your favorite dish with? Let us know what substitutions work best for you by leaving a comment below.

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