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10 Best Substitutes For Bok Choy

Bok choy. It is a kind of Chinese cabbage. It has been grown for centuries in Asia. It’s used in many different dishes because it can be eaten raw or cooked and has a mild flavor. One thing to note about bok choy is that the leaves are often consumed while the thick white stem can be discarded. Bok choy can be replaced with many other vegetables. Now in this article, we will know about 10 substitutes for bok choy.

You can do baby bok choy substitute with Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Baby spinach, Chives, Kale, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage.

Bok Choy Alternatives

  1. Broccoli
  2. Cauliflower
  3. Carrots
  4. Zucchini
  5. Mushrooms
  6. Baby spinach
  7. Chives
  8. Kale
  9. Swiss chard
  10. Chinese cabbage

1. Broccoli:

10 Best Substitutes For Bok Choy

Enjoy the taste of nature’s delicacy with this healthy and crunchy treat. Cooked in its iconic green color, broccoli is a great low-calorie sandwich filler that will also give you all the vitamins and minerals you need for day-to-day life.

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Broccoli is a sparkling green jewel of a vegetable in a family that also features cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. You can use it anywhere you would use an almond extract- to flavor coffee or desserts alike. It has vitamins A,E,C and vitamin K with 2/3 more vitamin C than orange juice!

Broccoli is a powerhouse of nutrition, particularly when it comes to vitamin K and E! It’s also gluten-free and loaded with sulfur that helps fight infection.

2. Cauliflower:


Cauliflower is a great, healthy alternative to bok choy. It is a great bok choy substitute. It has white florets and green leaves, which makes it easy to find in the store. Not only is it nutritious and flavorful, but you can also substitute cauliflower for difficult vegetable recipes like macaroni and cheese or tuna noodle casserole!

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Cauliflower is a valuable vegetable as it is full with protein, fiber, and important vitamins and minerals. You can eat it raw in salads or add to any dish for an interesting flavor twist. When cooked long enough cauliflower will release its natural sweet or nutty flavor and create a velvet texture that pairs well with sauces like hummus, pesto sauce, sour cream dips, curry powder coulis or cheese dip.

3. Carrots:

10 Best Substitutes For Bok Choy

A fresh, sweet root vegetable that’s great for dinner. Carrots are nutrient-rich and have a tender texture that makes them a perfect substitute for bok choy or spinach in stir fries.

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It may be hard to believe, but the perfect substitute for those healthy greens like bok choy and spinach is funnily enough a vegetable that you can find at any grocery store: carrots. Want to know how we figured that out? If not, then I guess you might as well just scroll down. Carrots are full with Vitamin A which is good for your eyesight plus it helps promote eye health! They also have tons of antioxidants which means they help boost your immune system’s natural defenses while fighting aging too.

4. Zucchini:


Zucchini is the perfect bok choy replacement! Light airy texture with a slightly sweet flavor. 100% vegan, all natural. Low calorie and low carb alternative makes zucchini better than ever when it comes to this healthy and low-calorie square vegetable! Keep one in your fridge that’s always ready to go (apart from peeling)!

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The versatile zucchini is a powerhouse of nutrition and flavor. Whether you’re cooking, baking, or tossing into drinks, it’s the perfect choice for any occasion. With this veggie you’ll be able to stay on track with your diet while also experiencing newfound freedom in the kitchen. It’s layered taste is addictive and satisfying – choose this as your new favorite!

5. Mushrooms:

Substitutes For Bok Choy

Mushrooms are little packages of nutrition. They’re low in calories, chock full of potassium, and have no fat at all! These little guys make a great substitute for bok choy with their flavor enhancing umami factor.

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Mushrooms are a great way to add protein and flavor to your favorite dishes. They are perfect for vegetarians who need an animal-free replacement for bok choy or meat. Mushrooms are a good source of vitamins, and they’re a great substitute for bok choy. They also taste delicious when roasted with spices.

So don’t be afraid to try something new: go wild and get some mushrooms on your pizza.

6. Baby spinach:


A nutritious way to start your day, baby spinach is an excellent alternative for families with vegetarian or vegan diets. Thin stems and a light flavor make this leafy green a favorite among those who want to keep things simple.

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For those of you who love Asian cuisine but dislike the taste, spinach is just as nutritious and satisfying. With a slightly different taste, baby spinach has all the benefits of more traditional leafy greens. It’s surely an excellent alternate choice to enjoy with your loved ones!

This versatile cruciferous veg is packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s a great source of iron and folate for pregnant women in particular. You can use it as an addition to soups and salads or even stir fry it. Add a bit of cheese on top, too–they’re sure to love it!

7. Chives:


We haven’t met someone who doesn’t love chives! Let the virtues of these small, oniony green herbs enchant you. Chives are a versatile replacement for other flavors in many recipes to top soups and tacos or à la minute additions to sauces.

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And did we mention their nutritional benefits? Low in calories but high in nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and calcium—chives have a low glycemic index rating—and can be used to make various dishes gluten-free. Guys (and gals!), don’t forget that one of the best things about chives is they’re also remarkably easy to grow at home on your windowsill!

8. Kale:


Kale is the perfect substitute for bok choy in any recipe. It is high in dietary fiber and rich in vitamins A, C, and K along with calcium and potassium.

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Eating kale, a rich source of vitamins and minerals, is like eating broccoli on steroids. Send out food with the nutrients your body craves! Eat right from morning to night with our Craveable Crunchy Kale Salad for breakfast, Perfectly Powering Kale Pesto Pasta salad for lunch or dinner – you’ll never miss your leafy greens again.

9. Swiss chard:


A tasty addition to your menu, Swiss chard can be used as a replacement for bok choy or enjoyed simply fresh. Sautéed with onions and garlic in olive oil before adding broth and potatoes makes a wonderful vegetarian soup. This leafy green is also an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K, dietary fiber, iron and magnesium.

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It’s easy to add Swiss chard to everyday cooking because it lasts up to five days without wilting.Swiss chard is a great vegetarian alternative to bok choy. It’s high in iron and while being low-calorie and easy on the wallet!

Use the leaves in place of bok choy for stir-fries or your next kale salad to get the vitamins without so much fuss!

10. Chinese cabbage:

Chinese cabbage

A staple vegetable in America, Chinese cabbage tastes good when grilled, steamed or added to a stir fry. With only about 26 calories per serving and nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and fiber this superfood is the perfect substitute for bok choy!

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Usually used as cooked cabbage or in Chinese cuisine, this little head of lettuce is one of the healthiest greens you can find. Excellent source of folate, potassium, manganese, calcium and much more! Swap with bok choy to enjoy all the benefits without any of the confusion we’ve been going through recently.


What vegetable can you substitute for bok choy?

You can substitute cabbage for bok choy. Cabbage has a taste most people enjoy and is relatively inexpensive to buy in bulk at your grocery store. It can also be eaten raw, which eliminates the need to cook it before use.
Cabbage is more difficult to find than the supermarket, but many other vegetables can be found locally at your farmer’s market or co-op if you’re not able to do your shopping at a chain grocer. These could include collard greens, napa cabbage, red leaf lettuce, escarole and bibb lettuce.

What can be used instead of bok choy?

Bok choy is a great alternative to cabbage when you want an extra leafy vegetable but don’t want to use spinach or lettuce. You can also use it as part of a stir fry with your favorite protein, or for those who like a little less “bite” in their vegetables try using the silkier leaves on the stalk instead of chopping and eating them raw.

Can I substitute regular cabbage for bok choy?

Absolutely. You can use any type of leafy greens you want. The way that bok choy is used in Chinese cuisines usually includes gingers, garlic, and whole cloves too. Most importantly however is to use enough dried pepper (or fresh) so it really tingles with flavor (including a bit of acidity). To get this going you will need between 1/2 ts-1ts per lb depending on desired intensity – some people think this dish should be very spicy but it’s up to you how the level of hot and savory flavors fits into your diet… the best thing to do would be taste a little bit before adding more if you’re unsure!

Is bok choy similar to leeks?

Bok choy is a leafy cabbage whereas leeks are typically bulb onions.
Bok choy has large, flat leaves with crisp white bottoms that look somewhat like celery and crisp green tops that taste fresh and slightly peppery. In contrast, leeks have a whiter interior with much smaller leaves and taste milder than bok choy. They’re both excellent sources of vitamin A, C, K as well as other minerals such as calcium which is why I love to include them in my diet!

What is the taste of bok choy?

Bok choy tastes like a crisp and juicy mixture of cabbage, spinach, and mustard greens. All very nutritious!
If you are unfamiliar with bok choy but would still like to try this leafy green vegetable, then I recommend starting with baby bok choy that is either stir fried or steamed. Baby bok choy has a milder flavor than full size bok choys, making it easier to explore since the other flavors in the dish will not mask its mild taste. If necessary, add minced garlic or ginger for more complex flavors; this also adds antioxidants while providing more vitamins A and C as protection from free radicals.

Is bok choy like celery?

Bok choy and celery both belong to the same family, which is called Apiaceae. They’re also both leafy, but bok choy is a vegetable and it’s common in Asian-style cuisine dishes like stir fry. Celery suits Western cooking a lot more because of its uniqueness in flavor.
Bok Choy can be served raw or cooked tastefully with other vegetables for additional texture and flavor. It’s best when eaten raw alone or mixed up with nuts and seeds as an addition to salads.

What can I use instead of baby bok choy?

You could use broccoli, cabbage, turnips, or collards. Which is best would depend on the dish and what ingredients it already contains. Try some experimenting to find out which ones you like best!
Just be aware that these plants are not as tender as bok choy so cooking times may need to be adjusted accordingly. For example, one minute might become two minutes for broccoli in order to achieve a nice crisp texture. If you’re going for something really crunchy but still a little soft inside like “barbecue” style coleslaw you may want to cook longer than two minutes (maybe even five!) when using either of those vegetables instead of bok choy.

Can I use regular bok choy instead of baby bok choy?

Yes, you can use regular bok choy instead of baby bok choy. Bok Choy is mild in flavor and has a somewhat crunchy texture, making it interchangeable with other popular leafy vegetables like spinach or kale.
Although baby bok choy typically cooks faster than the larger non-baby variety of this vegetable because it is much smaller in size and therefore less dense – putting them at equal cooking time will allow for more extensive flavor development. Baby bok choys cook quickly, softer, and still maintain that delicious sweet-sour cabbage aesthetic.


If you’re in the market for a vegetarian or vegan substitute for bok choy, we’ve got 10 substitutes for bok choy. It’s also high in vitamin A and calcium! Bok Choy is an Asian vegetable that’s crisp and crunchy like celery but with a milder flavor than cabbage. We hope these alternatives will make your time cooking more fun and enjoyable while still providing various nutrients. Comment below on what substitutes work best for you!

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