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13 Best Substitutes For Apple Jelly

There are literally hundreds of substitutes for apple jelly. In nature, there are a lot more substitutes than you think. You will surprise, how much honey can substitute for the flavor, texture, and even color of your favorite thing! There is no hassle or any replacement that is difficult to create. You will be able to change over and have a replacement product within minutes. Within the next few paragraphs, you will find several of the most popular replacement options that are available! We will discuss replacement options for everything from the texture to the appearance of a product!

You can do replacement For Apple Jelly with Honey, Peanut Butter or Nutella, Gelatin, Marmalade or Orange Jam, Cooked Prunes, Peach Jam, Marinara Sauce or Tomato Paste, Applesauce, Strawberries, Pear Jam, Lemon Juice, Mango, Pineapple.

Substitution For Apple Jelly

  1. Honey
  2. Peanut Butter or Nutella
  3. Gelatin
  4. Marmalade or Orange Jam
  5. Cooked Prunes
  6. Peach Jam
  7. Marinara Sauce or Tomato Paste
  8. Applesauce
  9. Strawberries
  10. Pear Jam
  11. Lemon Juice
  12. Mango
  13. Pineapple

1. Honey:

apple jelly substitutes

Honey is by far one of the most popular replacements in nature. With all of its nutrients, properties, and benefits, honey is a very popular replacement. This replacement option is possible with any type whether it be imitation or real. The replacement process involves two easy steps, which are; adding honey to your item and then mixing it up thoroughly until you reach your desired consistency!

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If you want things to taste like they have honey in them try using a bit more than normal but remember that too much can make your product unpleasant. For example, if you were trying to replace apple jelly with honey you would add more honey than normal to it and then mix thoroughly.

2. Peanut Butter or Nutella:

apple jelly substitutes

Peanut butter is a really good replacement option as well. It isn’t used very often but it would be able to take the place of applesauce in your favorite recipes! You will need to add more peanut butter than you normally do, although this replacement option is almost always a hit with everyone!

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If you prefer something sweeter than smooth peanut butter tries using Nutella instead. This option should be finely blended into whatever you are trying to replace since some kids may not like this replacement at all!

3. Gelatin:


Another replacement that is more natural and less processed than the rest on this list, gelatin is a replacement option that isn’t very well known. Vegetarians, as well as vegans, can use this replacement to make any recipe their own! To replace jelly with gelatin just melt it really quick and mix it into whatever you are trying to change over!

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Make sure you allow your replacement item to chill in the refrigerator before serving or else it won’t be hard enough to hold up on its own. The only thing that needs to be considered for this replacement is whether or not you want artificial coloring added to your replacement product.

4. Marmalade or Orange Jam:

Marmalade or Orange Jam

Both marmalade and orange jam can replace jelly but are a bit sweeter than an actual replacement option. You will need to add less of it than normal because their consistency is quite different in the first place.

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You should blend it up thoroughly and combine it with whatever replacement you are using until you reach your desired texture! This replacement option is an excellent way to make a replacement product for jelly!

5. Cooked Prunes:

Cooked prunes

Prunes are another sweet replacement option but it does not contain any of the nutrients that real fruits do. The replacement process consists of cutting up raw prunes and then cooking them in your replacement item. You should cook your replacement until you reach your desired texture and consistency! If you want this replacement to be sweeter add a few more prunes than normal.

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This replacement would work well as peanut butter, jam, honey, or even marmalade! However, the taste will be slightly different from each one so if you really enjoy the flavor of prune tries combining all three into one recipe first before adding anything else to it.

6. Peach Jam:

Substitutes For Apple Jelly

Another replacement option that isn’t used very often but works well is to use peach jam instead of jelly. You should really only use this replacement for real fruits and not imitations at all! The replacement process doesn’t involve much mixing or combining, just add more peach jam than you normally would with your replacement item and mix thoroughly until you reach your desired consistency!

Once you have found the best replacement options for whatever food you are trying to change over, it will be easy to make any recipe your own! With these replacement alternatives, you can take on the task of changing a simple fruit into something that everyone loves!

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By using some of these replacement options anyone can create their favorite brands from scratch without having to buy anything from the store. As long as you have a replacement item on hand to make the replacement easier! If you are looking for more great replacement ideas, check out this recipe replacement article here!

7. Marinara Sauce or Tomato Paste:

Substitutes For Apple Jelly

If you are going to use this replacement option, try using reduced sugar products since they have a nice taste without any of the negative effects that come with high amounts of sugar.

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If you want something sweet in taste but healthy at the same time try replacing applesauce with two tablespoons of orange juice mixed together with one tablespoon of honey!

8. Applesauce:

13 Best Substitutes For Apple Jelly

For this replacement, if possible try using unsweetened applesauce in place of jelly. You can add some honey or even yourself for even more flavor and taste.

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This replacement works best when replacing fresh apple jam with one that is store-bought since the flavor won’t be sweeter than it already is.

9. Strawberries:


These delicious berries work wonders as replacements since they have their own sweet goodness to them! They also offer so much better nutrients and health benefits so try using them as a replacement for jelly!

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Once you have found replacement options for your replacement item, the process of changing it over won’t be hard at all! Just add less replacement with whatever replacement option you are using and mix thoroughly!

10. Pear Jam:

pear jam

This replacement option works well with both fresh pears as well as those store-bought imitations. You should use about the same amount of pear jam to replace items you decide upon but try using less on your replacement than normal since it’s a little sweeter than most things! There are many replacement options in this world for all different kinds of food items and fruits are no exception to that rule.

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Many people enjoy getting their servings of replacement items daily but others like them occasionally or even just on special occasions only! There is nothing wrong with either preference because whatever way satisfies your cravings is what matters!

These juicy fruits work well when it comes to replacements since they offer their own sweetness as well as that of apples. They are also super healthy and easy to find replacement options with!

11. Lemon Juice:

lemon juice

If you want something that can be used as an alternative replacement option for both the flavor and consistency, try lemon juice! It offers its own tartness but can be blended up with items such as cream cheese or yogurt easily enough.

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This is a great replacement option for people who may not like sweet things in replacement products!

12. Mango:


This tropical fruit has some amazing qualities that will make it perfect for your replacement needs.

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It works well on its own or can be blended with other replacement options from this list. This replacement option is great for people who enjoy cooking and baking as it works well with any recipe!

13. Pineapple:


This replacement option is sweet but still full of amazing nutrients that will make it easy for you to replace apple jelly with. Just like cantaloupe, there isn’t a need for much extra sugar added since the pineapple itself has plenty!

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This replacement works great in replacement recipes even if the combo sounds a bit wacky at first! Adding fruits and veggies into replacement products is something many people never think about so try using pineapples as replacements instead of actual applesauce or jam today!


What are some replacements for apple jelly?

Yes, you can use cherry jam or Granny Smith apple jelly. Other replacement choices are: 1) cactus fruit juice 2) raspberry jelly 3) guava nectar 4) orange marmalade and 5) concentrate of any other fruits

How about a replacement for apple jelly?

There are different kinds of replacements for bacon. There is no replacement available to replace the taste, texture, or feeling when eating a juicy, plump, and succulent strawberry on a warm summer day. It is very difficult to replace a husband’s love with another man because their wives’ expectations are so high!

How many replacements do I need to let my friend have?

If you are a replacement for apple jelly then your replacement will be twice as much as an actual replacement for bacon since you both cannot occupy the same position in his life (his wife might feel left out). In case that he doesn’t love his wife anymore then increase your replacement by 5 times and insist on taking her place. If he still refuses to go along with this suggestion then add a replacement for french fries too.

How to Substitute for Apple Jelly?

Apple jelly is a type of preserve that is made from apple juice. You can substitute for it by using sugar and pectin. Boil the apples in no-sugar juice or water until soft, then drain well. Place in a large saucepan with 1 cup sugar to every 2 cups apple puree. Add 1 teaspoon pectin per cup of juice and stir well to combine. Bring the mixture to a gentle boil, stirring often, until it is thickened and clear. You can refrigerate your homemade apple jelly in clean glass jars or use it fresh on toast.


In conclusion, replacement options are a great way to get many replacement products into your life without having to spend so much! They help you avoid unnecessary expenses as well as offering the chance to use newer replacement items in recipes or meals that you may have been stuck eating for years. Finding replacement options is fun and easy but making them work with the original replacement item can be challenging at times. You may have fruit jam but not like it mixed with this replacement option so then all you need is something else sweet enough to replace apple jelly’s flavor!

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