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10 Best Substitutes Celery In Chicken Salad

This article is about substitutes for celery in chicken salad. Celery tastes excellent with the mayo and spices typically found in chicken salad, but You can utilize some reserves if you don’t want to use celery.

Substitutes Celery In Chicken Salad

  1. Bok Choy
  2. Diced Apple
  3. Asparagus
  4. Broccoli florets
  5. Beets
  6. Cabbages
  7. Jicama
  8. Lettuce
  9. Radishes
  10. Cauliflower Florets

1. Bok Choy

Bok Choy is one of the substitutes celery in chicken salad

You can use Chinese cabbage to substitute for celery stalks if you’re cooking something like chicken salad. You know this veggie is the handsome one in the market. 

But did you also know that Bok Choy is high in vitamins A and C? Trust us, there are various ways to use Bok Choy. You can cook it or eat it raw. 

Heck- just about anything tastes good with Bok Choy! Add some garlic powder to your cooked Bok Choy and voila – an easy side dish that looks fancy but was effortless!

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2. Diced Apple

Diced Apple

A wholesome and tasty apple is an excellent addition to any recipe. The fresh fruit goes well with peanut butter, has lovely crunch vegetables for salads or as a healthy substitute for celery in a salad.

Apples are not only great substitutes for celery in a tasty version of chicken salad but also a vegan substitute to add some zing and stronger flavor to your dishes.

Apple slices are an easy substitute for celery sticks in any traditional chicken salad recipe. These diced apples have been soaked in vitamin A, iron, and potassium for natural nutrients.

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3. Asparagus

Asparagus is also substitutes celery in chicken salad

When you need a substitute for celery in a salad or an addition to rich chicken salad, whip up some flavorful Asparagus. These green stalks are rich in vitamins and minerals, making them a satisfying part of any diet. 

The health benefits of asparagus include antioxidants that help your heart stay healthy. You can eat it alone or with another dish to bring fantastic and bright flavors.

The ingredient is an excellent substitute for celery in your healthy chicken salad, delivering vitamins and nutrients to make it a wholesome meal! Or it can act as a substitute for celery in a salad to create one of the most delicious recipes around.

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4. Broccoli florets

Broccoli florets

Broccoli is an excellent substitute for celery in salads. You may use blanched broccoli to offset the bitterness, making it a staple superfood in modern-day healthy dishes. 

When cooking with broccoli florets, there are two ways you can go about it. One way is to cook them until they’re soft and tender, which works excellent when sautéing or steaming over other vegetables. 

But if you want that crunchy texture, another option is to lightly roast or steam your veggies until just crisp-tender, then throw them on your favorite dish!

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5. Beets

Beet is also beneficial when it comes to substituting celery in a delicious chicken salad! When you’re in the mood for a side dish that’s healthy and delicious, Beets are here to deliver. 

Whether you eat it raw or roast, these colorful roots will never disappoint! Since they’re rich in vitamins A, B-complex, C, and minerals like calcium and copper, you’ll be bringing about both nourishment and style to any meal with this soulful selection. 

Roasted Beets pair well with pork chops or shrimp cocktail, while Raw Beet works excellent when paired with chickpeas for an easy appetizer.

You can also use Substitutes For Celery Salt

6. Cabbages


Cabbages are versatile – you can add them to salads, slaws, quick sauces, or stir-fries. You can also use it as a substitute for celery. Add a healthy and crunchy cabbage to your next meal and feel the benefits.

Cabbages are a massive part of vegetable dishes. They’re tasty and provide nutrients, minerals, and vitamins such as vitamin C and fiber!

 Cabbages are the perfect crunch for your lunch sandwich, veggie burger, or even in a taco. With various colors and textures, there is always one that satisfies your taste preferences.

7. Jicama

Jicama is a root vegetable that provides vitamins like A, C, folate, and minerals such as iron. If you need to replace celery in your salad or chicken salad, you can also acquire jicama. 

It has fewer calories than celery and is full of nutrients. You can even find nutrients like vitamin C, carotenes, potassium, magnesium, and fiber. It also tastes great in any dish. 

Try jicama in your favorite fruit salad recipe instead of celery for an extra texture boost. Its crunchy texture will make it an easy substitute for those who want the satisfaction of that celery crunch!

8. Lettuce

Whether you’re looking for a substitute in your homemade chicken salad or vegetable soup, lettuce can be a fantastic choice. There are abundant varieties of lettuce leaves that you may use in your dishes, including romaine, red leaf, or green leaf. 

Lettuce is an excellent salad base because it’s so versatile and easy to work with! The vegetables also have folate, potassium, and calcium.

With vitamin A, potassium, and other nutrients, you can be sure that this is not just delicious but healthy. If you’re craving that refreshing crunch in your salad or want to try something new with your wraps or appetizers, fresh lettuce is the way to go!

9. Radishes

Radishes are brimming with vitamins and minerals required to maintain energy levels. Substitute for celery in a basic chicken salad recipe by adding diced chunks of radish to the mix. 

Radishes, an ingredient of the cabbage group, are generally eaten raw. Snack on radishes, dice or slice them into a salad, or make quick-pickled radishes to top a taco. 

Radishes are brimming with vitamins and minerals required to maintain energy levels. They are low calorie and high in vitamin C. They also have an excessive amount of fiber! Radishes are a great way to add extra flavor, nutrients, variety, and color to your dinner plate!

10. Cauliflower Florets

Cauliflower Florets is one of the substitutes celery in chicken salad

Cauliflower Florets are healthy substitutes for celery. They pack tons of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins so they can become a new staple in your kitchen. 

Cauliflower is low fat, low carb, and gluten-free, perfect for many diets, including paleo or vegan lifestyles. Cauliflower florets are versatile substitutes for fresh celery because they have a similar crunch and flavor! They are a great way to get some extra veggies into your diet. 

When you want to keep the clean taste only cauliflower provides and want an alternative to standard lettuce, you can toss them into salads, soups, or any dish that needs some fresh flavor!


What can I use in place of celery?

Celery is a tricky one. You can’t just use any vegetable in its place because fresh celery stalks have that distinct flavor that you need if you’re making a soup or gravy, for example.
If you have no choice but to replace it with something else, try using fresh chives to see if they provide the right balance of sweet, salty, and strong flavors needed for your dish. They are so easy to store- all you need is an airtight container!
And they even freeze well too! Some other veggies might work too, depending on what type of dish you are preparing- spinach for a creamy salad, cabbage may work in slaw recipes, or coleslaw dressing recipes. If none of this pan out, then I would recommend replacing classical.

What spice can be used in place of celery salt?

It is common in the southern US to use a bay leaf when a recipe calls for celery salt. Ceylon celery seeds can also be used, but they are distinct from true “celery salt.”
Many believe that these substitutes do not work well in sauces and soups where you can utilize the familiar flavor of celery salt better.
If you are looking to make a recipe less salty, then go ahead and omit it altogether. However, I recommend trying other spices, such as celery seeds or a bay leaf instead. Or you could miss it and let the cooking process reduce the saltiness of your sauce. Season with salt if you deem it necessary. In summary, when substituting for celery salt, it’s essential to be mindful of how the two differ to not create dishes with flavors too far off from what was intended by the original recipe.

Can I use salt instead of celery salt?

If you want a less salty taste, then using salt instead of celery salt is an option. The response is based on what you are cooking.
If it’s just for seasoning, you’re unlikely to need the same amount of salt as what you find in celery salt, so there shouldn’t be any issue with substituting it. However, if your chicken soup recipe calls for 2 ounces of celery salt per pound of meat, then double the amount of salt would make it too salty.
For example – let’s say that instead of 2 ounces per pound, only 1 ounce was called for per pound, then it should be fine to double that and use 4 ounces of salt for one pound. Celery Salt is also known as celery seed, celery powder, and celery seasoning.

What seasoning is similar to celery?

Curry leaves are a common spice used in southern Indian cooking. They have a similar “celery” taste and smell, making it an easy spice substitute for the celery blandness many people crave at times.
In India, curry leaves are primarily grown through farming because they need a warm climate to thrive in. This reality also makes them more expensive here in North America, so it’s more popular for people to grow their own if they can manage the climate variance of these climates.
If you want to try using curry leaves in place of crunchy celery, you can easily find it at any Indian grocery store. In addition, there is a species of plant native only on the pine barrens of South Jersey that has this flavor profile.

What can I substitute for celery in chicken salad?

You can substitute water chestnuts, green peppers, or cucumber (along with other vegetables like grated carrots). Water chestnuts are not only lower in calories and fat than most tubers; they’re also closer to sorghum in their taste and texture.
Cucumber has about half the calories of celery and is a great fresh choice for salads like classic chicken salad, creamy salad, green salad, or tuna salad! Green peppers tend to have a bit more sugar than celery does, so keep that in mind.
However, if you opt for a showy vegetable that will still add bulk to your recipe without counting calories or fat, then substituting green pepper or cucumber is the way to go. For flavor, try finely-grated carrot mixed with cucumber—the sweetness is often appreciated.

What is the best substitute for celery salt in recipes?

I recommend adding celery seed instead of celery salt. Celery seed has a somewhat similar flavor profile to celery salt, making it an excellent substitute for seasoning if the two are used interchangeably.
Only note that because celery seeds do not have sodium content like celery does, they may need to be added with caution if sodium was already called for throughout the rest of the recipe! In general, when substituting for celery salt, keep in mind how they differ from each other and try to utilize them accordingly.
In addition, one can substitute curry leaves as well as green peppers and cucumber. Of course, these suggestions are made more out of necessity when it comes to health benefits from substitutes, but they’ll do when all else fails.

What can I substitute for celery in chicken soup?

Celery is not the only option to use in place of the celery. one can replace it with cabbage, zucchini, mushrooms, chives, or parsley. Cabbage instead of celery would have extra potassium because it’s higher in potassium content than celery.
Zucchini has a tough outside skin that One could peel for easy chopping and cooking. Mushrooms are excellent replacements for vegetable dishes without requiring further pre-cooking preparations other than washing them off before adding them later on into your container. 
Chives are a good idea for an alternative because they have a similar taste and smell to celery. If you don’t want to use chives, then fresh parsley is another good choice. Parsley would influence the food with vitamin K, manganese, and iron.


Celery is a popular substitute in chicken salads because it provides the crunchiness and flavor of mayonnaise. The celery substitutes can also add variety to your salad when you eat the same one day after day. Celery is not only delicious, but it’s a healthy choice for a side dish too.

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