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11 Best Substitute For Waxed Paper

Waxed paper is paper that has a thin layer of wax. You can use it for a variety of applications. Nowadays, substitutes for waxed paper are a good option than the normal waxed papers as they have features like no stickiness to fingerprints away, etc. To substitute for the original use of waxed papers, substitute papers look almost the same but these substitutes come in different varieties:

You can Substitute For Waxed Paper with Parchment Paper, Aluminium Foil, Waterproof Paper Sheet, Freezer Paper, Sticky Wax Paper, Plastic Wrap, Disposable Table Cloth, Disposable Paper Towels, Sliphat paper, Silicone Substitute Paper, Plastic Wrap.

Top Waxed Paper Substitute

  1. Parchment Paper
  2. Aluminium Foil
  3. Waterproof Paper Sheet
  4. Freezer Paper
  5. Sticky Wax Paper
  6. Plastic Wrap
  7. Disposable Table Cloth
  8. Disposable Paper Towels
  9. Sliphat paper
  10. Silicone Substitute Paper
  11. Plastic Wrap

1. Parchment Paper:

11 Best Substitute For Waxed Paper

Parchment paper is a substitute for a waxed paper that you can easily use on your stovetop. You can buy this paper substitute from stores and it has many features like no stickiness to fingerprints away, etc. It is also a proven cost-effective substitute for waxed papers. So, this substitute costs less than the original waxed papers.

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Convenient use: The substitute parchment papers are convenient to use. You can dispose them of by throwing them in the trash bin instead of having to wash the dishes after using them. The substitute parchment papers have a lot of variety. It comes in different qualities depending on certain features like thickness, weight, shape, size, sheets, rolls etc.

2. Aluminium Foil:

Alternatives For Waxed Paper

You can use this substitute on the original waxed paper to make an airtight seal on any food container. It is also a great substitute for wrapping baked foods. There are lesser chances of getting grease or dirt stains on aluminum foil as compared to some waxed paper substitutes.

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It is very easy to dispose of in the trash bin and does not require any cleaning after using it. Disadvantages: Aluminum foil substitute has lesser features than parchment substitute. The reason is, it cannot withstand heat for a long period of time. But you can overcome this disadvantage by replacing it with new ones

3. Waterproof Paper Sheet:

Alternatives For Waxed Paper

It can substitute for all types of waxed papers. But you can also use them to substitute lining materials such as brushed cotton table cloth. Another thing is, it is not much costlier than substitute waxed papers.

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The waterproof substitute paper sheet has its own characteristics like easier cleaning by shaking off any food particles or cleaning with a damp cloth. You can easily dispose them of in the trash bin after use, there’s no washing required.

4. Freezer Paper:

Waxed Paper Substitutes

This substitute can substitute for waxed paper in many kitchen appliances like the cookie sheet. You can also use them as substitute waxed papers for wrapping up food for picnics. This substitute is not easily available in stores but you can buy it online.

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However, this substitute is very thin, take extra precaution while packing food for picnics to prevent any spills. This substitute has another disadvantage. It cannot withstand heat so make sure that when using them, do not use them alone because it will melt.

5. Sticky Wax Paper:

Waxed Paper Substitutes

To substitute for the original use of a waxed paper, You can use sticky wax papers. This substitute waxed paper is excellent for lining cookie sheets.

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But sticky substitute waxed papers have disadvantages too. The amount of stickiness is not uniform and they are hard to clean unless it has silicone. You can easily dispose them of in the trash bin after use without washing.

6. Plastic Wrap:

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap substitute comes in different kinds like polyethylene, cellophane, and PVC. All types of plastic wraps substitute have their own unique features. They are heat resistant up to a certain temperature i.e. 160 degrees Celsius or 320 Fahrenheit, waterproof, greaseproof, etc.

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You can use plastic wrap substitutes on baking trays to line them before placing food inside. Also, you can wrap up your food for storage in the refrigerator or for picnics. Disadvantages: Plastic wrap substitute cannot withstand heat like the original waxed paper and has lesser features than parchment substitute.

7. Disposable Table Cloth:

Disposable table cloth

It is used as substitute vellum substitutes which are sometimes called disposable table cloths. This substitute is usually used by restaurants to substitute cloth table cloths. But it can also be part of your kitchen substitution when you want to avoid dirt.

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This substitute works best with spills and watermarks because it tends not to soak through as other substitute parchment papers do. Customized sizes of this substitute can also be made at affordable rates. But this happens only if bulk amounts are required in long-term substitute plans. You cannot clean this substitute for parchment easily. It requires washing to remove whatever is on the fabric of this substitute. Instead of shaking it off or wiping it with a damp cloth as other substitute parchment papers do.

8. Disposable Paper Towels:

Disposable paper towels

This substitute usually comes in rolls of substitute paper towels which you can place in your kitchen cabinets. It depends on the substitute plan used by households. This substitute works best when cloth substitute target areas like the table and floors are wiped down. Or even just wiping hands when using them instead of regular substitutes for parchment. To make them non-sticky, you can wash them with chemicals.

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The disadvantage of this substitute is that you have to wash your towels to give them antibacterial properties. It can help reduce the chances of illness. You can substitute them for a waxed paper but make sure it is clean before placing it in your kitchen. Remember not to place this substitute on top of hot stovetops. Because it starts to melt instead of standing aright as parchment substitutes do.

9. Sliphat paper:

silpat paper

Silpat substitute paper is a substitute for waxed papers. But you have to remember that this is more convenient for baking than a parchment substitute. It can withstand heat and substitute food does not stick easily. Another advantage when using Silpat substitute paper is that it is washable. So, you don’t have to spend extra time scrubbing whatever is spilled in order to make it clean again.

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The disadvantage of substitute Silpat paper is that if you use warm water when washing dishes then your substitute will slowly wear out. with each wash and may even tear before its time depending on how often or what kind of treatment was applied during manufacture. This substitute can substitute for parchment paper, but some people prefer them.

10. Silicone Substitute Paper:

Silicone Substitute Pape

This is a well-known substitute for parchment substitute. It is very easy to use in substitute baking and can withstand high temperature too just like substitute Silpat.

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It does not crumple or wrinkle after washing, unlike parchment substitutes. Also, it will last more than substitute parchment if you treat it right. A disadvantage of silicone substitutes for parchment is that they are usually expensive even when as compared to silicone.

11. Plastic Wrap:

Plastic wrap

Plastic wrap substitute can also substitute for a waxed paper substitute. But if you want your food to be more healthy. Then always go with parchment paper instead of plastic wrap or bag. Plastic wrap substitutes are not as good because they break when you place them on top of hot stovetops.

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Unlike parchment, these can easily be stored in drawers so you don’t have to worry about your unused parchment. No one has space for huge rolls around the house. However, this may also be a disadvantage. As you need lots of room at home to store all these substitute rolls of substitute paper.


What substitute can replace parchment?

Wax substitute paper, Silpat substitute paper, silicone substitute papers, and plastic wrap substitute can substitute for parchment substitute, but remember that substitute general substitute rules apply, i.e. if you do not treat your substitute with proper care it will not last as long.

Is paper substitute better than waxed substitute?

Yes, substitute general substitute rules apply. Even substitute Silpat substitute papers are a substitute for parchment but substitute Silpat papers are more convenient to use in substitute baking than substitute parchment substitutes.

How long does substitute wax substitute paper last?

It all depends on how much you take care of your substitute. I substitute for parchment substitute and lasts.

What substitute is better parchment substitute or a wax substitute?

I substitute for both substitute parchment substitute and substitute wax substitute.

What substitute is better Silpat or parchment substitute?

Depends on the substitute food you are preparing but if you don’t want to be religious with your substitute then go for Silpat.  Because it can withstand high temperatures just like a substitute Silpat, another advantage of substitute Silpat is that it will not crumble if placed on substitute baking substitutes because Silpat can withstand heat, and substitute food does not stick to it.

How do you use Silpat?

I personally use silica gel paper because it is more convenient to use than a substitute parchment since you don’t have to peel off one side in order for the silicone substitute to working and can be easily stored.

How long does Silpat last?

It lasts longer than parchment substitute but you need to treat it with proper care, for example, if Silpat is not clean and dry after each use then mold can start growing in substitute some of substituting its substitute sections.

How do you clean a Silpat?

I wash mine with soap and dry it on the stovetop so water will not get trapped inside since I use Silpat as an open substitute hot, if you don’t have an open stovetop to dry your Silpat then you can always hang it out to dry outside which I substituted substituting in the past and sometimes still do.


In substitute conclusion, substitute things have substitute advantages and disadvantages just like parchment substitutes but substitute will always be substitute main substitute for parchment substitute so if you want your substitute to stay in good shape then use a quality substitute paper substitute when baking.

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