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10 Best Peppadew Peppers Substitutes

This article will provide you with a list of 10 peppadew peppers substitutes. Peppadews are an unusual and rare type of pepper that has become very popular in recent years. They can be hard to find, but they can also be expensive when you do find them. If you want to try this unique pepper, but don’t have the time or money for it, then keep reading!

You can do peppadew peppers substitution with Jalapenos, Cherry tomatoes, Roasted red pepper, Olive oil, Garlic cloves, Sweet cherry peppers, Pimentos, Sweety drop peppers, Rocoto chiles, Giardiniera.

Peppadew Substitutes

  1. Jalapenos
  2. Cherry tomatoes
  3. Roasted red pepper
  4. Olive oil
  5. Garlic cloves
  6. Sweet cherry peppers
  7. Pimentos
  8. Sweety drop peppers
  9. Rocoto chiles
  10. Giardiniera

1. Jalapenos:

10 Best Peppadew Peppers Substitutes

If you’re on the hunt for that perfect snack to spruce up your nachos, frigid fruit salad or yummy eggs at brunch – look no further! With a spicy kick and an amazingly fresh flavor Jala-peens are what you want in your kitchen. These little cubed gems give you all of the color and crispness without any added fat, saving calories for more important things like ice cream. It is a perfect peppadew substitute.

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Generously stuffed with a hot mixture of diced peppers, this crunchy little pickle will wake up your taste buds in all the right ways. Topped off with our signature spicy pepper sauce, these dill-pickled peppers make for an amazing addition to any sandwich or burger combo. For an appetizer that packs a serious punch, serve some fresh jalapeños on a toothpick and watch them disappear before your eyes at your next event.

2. Cherry tomatoes:

10 Best Peppadew Peppers Substitutes

When life hands you tomatoes, don’t just sit there and cry. Make your days better with them! Life will never be the same again when you make our delicious cherry tomatoes a part of your everyday diet. Our little sweet and tangy tomato buddies are beauties, from the inside out.

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Bursting with nutritional benefits such as powerful antioxidants, lycopene, and vitamins A & C these tomatoes are a main ingredient in many of today’s popular foods like soups, salads, lasagna and even juices! What’s more is that they can be eaten whole (which means less chopping!) or chopped up and used in any recipe imaginable. Give them an Italian twist by mixing cherry tomatoes with basil leaves, olive oil, sea salt, lemon, pepper, garlic powder or parsley.

3. Roasted red pepper:

Roasted red pepper

Roasted red peppers are a great side in any dish! . They go great with pasta, chicken and so much more. Roasting the pepper not only gives it that perfect taste but also helps cook the fatty acids in the peppers leaving less fat for you to consume while cooking your other meal; however, roasting does make these a bit higher in calories.

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Don’t worry you can still enjoy them though because they have low saturated fats, which is good for your heart! You won’t be sacrificing anything by adding these roasted red peppers to whatever meal you’re making at home or even out on dinner.

4. Olive oil:

Peppadew Peppers Substitutes

Olive oil is the perfect supplement for salads, scrambled eggs, sandwiches and countless other dishes when you need something more than just table salt. This all-natural product comes in a variety of flavors with mellow green labels.

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The flavor of this olive oil is earthy and nutty. Much like you would use it to saute your morning’s fresh vegetables, the unrefined oils will give any dish a rustic color that will make others at the table drool with envy.

Olive oil is an edible vegetable oil obtained from different means such as extraction or pressing. You can use it for dips, dressings, marinades, or brushing recipes to replace mayonnaise. This versatile cooking ingredient not only tastes great but also helps maintain healthy energy levels by supplying omega-3 fats.

5. Garlic cloves:

Garlic cloves

There’s more to garlic than its mellow, garlicky flavor. It offers a wealth of health benefits, including boosting immunity and preventing colds! You can use Peppadew peppers as a garnish for everyday meals during winter seasons. If you’re looking for an easy way to use both garlic cloves and peppadew peppers in your cooking routine at the same time, this is just what you need!

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Fresh garlic cloves made in our own little garden. These things are great! They’re fresh, spicy, and awesome with pasta. Garlic is full of calcium, copper, zinc, water-soluble B vitamins such as riboflavin and folic acid all under the power of Vitamin A. It doesn’t stop there though – it also contains selenium which helps to fight cancer and aids your immune system so you can get sick less often. Try some today!

6. Sweet cherry peppers:

Sweet cherry peppers

I know you’ve always wondered how to get your hands on these rare little guys. Sweet cherry peppers are a type of pepper similar to jalapenos, but they’re sweet, crunchy and juicy rather than spicy. These funny-looking peppers are grown in Greece and South America and they come in colors such as purple, yellow, red or white. It is a great peppadew substitute.

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Cherry peppers are a wonderfully versatile fruit that you can use in salads, as an appetizer on crackers and mild cheese, or chopped to create any number of easy sauces and dips. Their flavor ranges from sweet with a slightly sour undertone all the way to mildly hot. Sweet cherry peppers are not only delicious but also have high levels of vitamin A, Vitamin C, folate, and fiber. Most importantly though these little poppers pack in incredible amounts of antioxidants! 

7. Pimentos:


Pimentos are a great substitute for people who can’t eat spicy foods like chili peppers. The sweet, smooth flavor is enough to satisfy any appetite. It’s made of butter and 100% red bell peppers. Trust me when I say you can throw these onto anything and it’ll taste better!

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These peppadews, also known as Pimentos. Peppered with flavor, these peppers have the perfect amount of heat and crunch. A little bite off your sandwich or a nice addition to your salad will be great for you!

Peppadew peppers are a milder type of chili pepper present in Southern Africa. Pimentos also referred to as the “King of Paprikas” is another sweet version of this fruity and spicy pepper that originated from Hungary.

8. Sweety drop peppers:

Sweety drop peppers

Sweety Drop Peppers are like the Nutritions of peppers, for those who want a real substitute to that peppadew kind. Sweet and fruity taste from the pear gives everything you put them in a fantastic kick. It’s sweet and savory on its own or mixed with something more sour! They’re so easy to care for, just grow in water-soaked soil and feed frequently.

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Sweety Drop peppers are a little sweeter than the peppadew variety, and will hold up to other ingredients without clumping together. They’re great for making sauces, taco fillings, or eating whole. These sweet pods have about 10 calories per serving and no sodium!

Sweety drop peppers are a delightful little snack! Loaded with Vitamin C, B6, and antioxidants these tangy little gems will curb your sweet tooth like no other. Ever feel bloated or have had too much sugar? These peppadews can fix that in no time!

9. Rocoto chiles:

Rocoto chiles

Sometimes, you’re craving a fiery punch of flavor. When this hunger strikes, the Rocoto chile is always there for you. The green and red color scheme offers a powerful exterior to match its spicy interior. In addition, they dry easily and have a long shelf life so you can store them in your pantry without worry about them spoiling anytime soon. Plus, rocotos are an excellent source of Vitamin A!

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Rocoto chiles are a type of Chili pepper, originating in Peru. You can often use them in Peruvian cuisine and typically grow from 4 to 6 inches long and 2-5 inches wide. The rocotos range from very mild to scorching hot with flavors that include sweet, citrusy, tangy, bitter/sour or aromatic (depending on the origin). 

10. Giardiniera:


Giardiniera – a staple of southern Italian cooking, is an addictive combination of cauliflower, celery root, carrots, and olives marinated in olive oil for hours then cooled to allow the flavors to blend. It’s available through Grace Farms with greaseproof paper on the inside and out to make clean-up a snap.

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Giardiniera is a great way to take any dish from bland to bold. This jar contains olive oil, pickled vegetables, and spices for your edible gardening needs. 

Instead of buying tin peppers, Giardiniera preserves fresh peppadew peppers so you can enjoy the pepper’s sweetness at its peak quality. Simply substitute the bottle of mild giardiniera that came with your recipe with one or two jars of hot giardiniera!


Are peppadew peppers the same as piquillo peppers?

Peppadew peppers are traditionally a vegetarian dish and piquillo peppers are not.

Peppadews come from South Africa where they go by the name “African Cherry.” They can be prepared most ways, but usually cooked in vinaigrette or tomato sauce to let their rich flavors shine. Piquillos hail from Castilla-Leon, Spain and can also be prepared in many ways. One of the more well known being roasted on an open flame to make charred piquillos to serve as either a hot or cold appetizer with sherry vinegar and olive oil for dipping.

Are peppadew peppers the same as sweet cherry peppers?

No. Peppadew peppers are a South African chile that produce tangy flavor and sweet mild heat. They’re eaten whole, including the small seeds or harvested after maturing to be used in sauces, salads, pastas, curries and much more.
Sweet cherry peppers are essentially pickled cayenne pepper without the vinegar brine but with sugar thrown in for extra sweetness.

Are cherry peppers and piquante peppers the same?

Nope. They are different varieties with just the same name, and they come in two colors — red and yellow.

Cherry peppers are smaller than piquante peppers, making their flavor more intense. In addition to being shaped like a cherry, this is also why you’ll find these kinds of peppers grown near vineyards; they taste great on an antipasto plate or cut up into your favorite fried rice dish. Piquante peppers have a shorter maturity period as well as lower sugar levels (aka they’re not quite so sweet). Either way, both variants are delicious and worth trying for the first time! Happy eating!

What are peppadew peppers?

Peppadews are a sort of smoked sweet and spicy pepper, which come from South Africa. They have a nice flavor to them that’s great for many dishes, including sandwiches, dips, chicken dishes, or just in general.

Also known as tamaties and Pippin peppers. Typically they are available in the form of jarred peppers in olive oil sauce with garlic and spices. Viewing the contents of the jar will reveal little round appetizer-size peppers that resemble grapes or cherry tomatoes when seen head on. When sliced lengthwise squarely across their bellies then diced these little gems become perfect rosettes to add to your favorite appetizer platter or entree as an impulse food alongside other more dain

Is there another name for peppadew peppers?

Yes, they’re also called Pimento or Red Pepper. They grow in South Africa and are less spicy than a jalapeño pepper with a similar shape to a tomato-like fruit with delicious flesh red inside. You can eat them raw as well as cook them. The taste is subtle but distinctly peppadew! Peppadews have all the same benefits that tomatoes do–they’re rich in Vitamin C and Beta-carotene which converts into vitamin A, they help fight high cholesterol, and they have antioxidant properties. Not to mention it’s still winter so you need this refreshing fruit! Trust me, when I ate my first one I felt like I was promoting National Fruit Day already!

Is there another name for piquillo peppers?

Piquillo peppers are also known as the Pimiento de Padrón pepper. They have a bumpy, sweet flesh that makes them great for stuffing if you’re feeling adventurous with your cooking! These peppers can be found in jars or on sale at dried fruit and nut warehouses. Green piquillo peppers look like jalapeños but they are smaller and sweeter than jalapeños with earthier flavor notes. It is primarily used in Spanish cuisine which is now taking flavors from Asian palettes too, so by incorporating these into your dishes it’ll open up a whole new world of flavor to try!

What can I use instead of Peppadew peppers?

You could use several things as a substitute for Peppadew peppers. You could try diced fresh mango, cherry tomatoes cleaned of their seeds, green chiles or habanero chili. It is also worth noting that these substitutes are only good in dishes where they will be thinly sliced, cooked on the stove-top and tossed in later – after the majority of the heat has dissipated and wilted any raw cucumbers that are already mixed in with your dish.

Are peppadew peppers spicy hot?

Yes, they are a little bit hotter than your average bell pepper.
Peppadew peppers, also known as cherry peppers and pimento peppers, are sun-ripened red or green sweet peppers that originally came from Africa. These peppers have a uniquely sweet flavor along with an additional kick of heat that makes them perfect for salsa, nachos and other spicy dishes. They are best when raw but can be used in oven-baked dishes as well as sauces that need some added fire to them.


When you need a peppadew pepper substitute, try these 10peppadew peppers substitutes. If all else fails, just use red bell peppers or pimentos for some extra flavor and color! Here are the substitutes we found that work well in recipes calling for peppadews. Which of these substitutions do you think will be most helpful? Let us know by commenting below!

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