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15 Best Grand Marnier Substitute

Grand Marnier is one of the most popular liqueurs in baking. It is often used in cakes because it gives a nice orange flavor with a kick from the liquor. However, it can be expensive and hard to find at your local grocery store. Luckily there are many substitutes for grand Marnier that you can use as an alternative to Grand Marnier. You will notice that these substitutes taste a bit different than grand Marnier does, but they might also give your cake a new delicious flavor!

You can Substitute For Grand Marnie with Cointreau, Campari, Cognac, Coconut Rum, Coffee Liqueurs, Amaretto, Bourbon, Almond Extract, Citrus Juice, Brandy, Orange Extract, Liqeurs, Mint Extract, Caramel Sauce, Coffee Beans.

Top Grand Marnier Alternative

  1. Cointreau
  2. Campari
  3. Cognac
  4. Coconut Rum
  5. Coffee Liqueurs
  6. Amaretto
  7. Bourbon
  8. Almond Extract
  9. Citrus Juice
  10. Brandy
  11. Orange Extract
  12. Liqeurs
  13. Mint Extract
  14. Caramel Sauce
  15. Coffee Beans

1. Cointreau:

15 Best Grand Marnier Substitute

Cointreau is another popular orange liqueur, and it can be used as a substitute for grand Marnier in a pinch. Make sure you do not get the triple sec instead!

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Try to find Cointreau with real oranges if at all possible. The flavor will be a bit more orangy and less sweet than Grand Marnier.  

2. Campari:

15 Best Grand Marnier Substitute

Don’t let the bright red color throw you, Campari is actually quite good in baking as a substitute for Grand Marnier!

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You can use it in both savory dishes and desserts, but mind some of the other ingredients that are in your food. It has such a distinctive taste, so make sure the rest of the flavors balance well with it or it will become overpowering. Campari pairs really nicely with chocolate cake!  

3. Cognac:

Grand Marnier Substitute

You could also try substituting Cognac for Grand Marnier. This will give your cake an entirely new flavor, but might still work well in some cakes!

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However, this grand marnier replacement would not work if your cake had any baking soda in it because of the acidity levels. Also, using cognac is not a good way to cut corners on your booze budget! Cognac is very expensive, so if you enjoy baking with grand Marnier it might make more sense to just buy the grand Marnier and save that money for something else.

4. Coconut Rum:

Grand Marnier Substitute

Coconut rum can be used as a substitute for grand marnier in baking in recipes. I have never tried this myself because it just sounds weird to me, but if anyone tries it and has success with it please let me know!

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You might like the taste of coconut rum mixed with chocolate cake or something like that!

5. Coffee Liqueurs:

Grand Marnier Substitute

If you want to keep the liqueur part of the Grand Marnier, but don’t want the orange flavor, then check out different coffee liqueurs.

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You can find many of them in grocery stores, and they often taste like chocolate which pairs nicely with cakes or cookies!

6. Amaretto:


Another common baking ingredient is Amaretto. It has a nice almond flavor that pairs well with cake, especially if you add some sliced almonds to the top for decoration!

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You can also use almond extract in place of Grand Marnier, but you will need to add a lot more since it is not as concentrated.  

7. Bourbon:


If you are looking for something with nice floral notes, then try bourbon instead of Grand Marnier. Bourbon comes from Kentucky and is known for having the distinct flavor of vanilla beans. Keep in mind you might have to go down several liquor store shelves before you find it!

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The best substitute I have found so far is Wild Turkey 81 proof bourbon. It has enough kick that people won’t mistake it for cooking liquor, but still isn’t going to break the bank like some other brands can be.

8. Almond Extract:

almond extract

You do not necessarily need to use grand Marnier for flavoring in baking. Almond extract can be used instead, and it is a common substitute ingredient anyway.

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It can also help cut down on your budget if you really like using orange liqueur in recipes as I do sometimes!

9. Citrus Juice:

If you want a nice citrus taste without the alcohol, then check out some of the flavored juices in the grocery store. OJ is great for cakes because people already think of it as an essential ingredient.

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You could even experiment with lemon or lime juice to get different results!

10. Brandy:


If your recipe calls for a brandy then you should be able to substitute it with Grand Marnier liqueur.

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However, this will make the grand Marnier much more potent so only substitute it up to 1/2 cup of liquor for each 1/4 cup of brandy called for in the recipe.

11. Orange Extract:

orange extract

If you are interested in making your own homemade cake, then the orange extract is a great substitute for Grand Marnier. You can also use this to flavor frosting since the store-bought kind can be pretty expensive!

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This will give your cake a nice strong orange taste that pairs nicely with chocolate cake or cookies.  

12. Liqeurs:


There are many other options out there for flavoring cakes, but it is really important to know if they have any baking soda in them before trying them out. Some of these will work just fine, but some of them could ruin your recipe and make the final result inedible because of an interaction with baking soda.

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A few examples of more uncommon liqueur substitutions would be Maraschino, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Drambuie.

13. Mint Extract:

Mint extract

This is another one that I would stay away from because it could ruin your recipe, but you can use the mint extract as an alternative to grand Marnier in baking.

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This will give your baked good an intense mint flavor that I personally wouldn’t like much but maybe okay in very small amounts on occasion.

14. Caramel Sauce:

Caramel Sauce

There are many other flavorings that you can substitute for Grand Marnier, but one trick I like to try when I have extra is caramel sauce as another option to replace the liqueur.

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Caramel has a very similar vanilla-like taste which pairs nicely with almost any cake or cookie!

15. Coffee Beans:

Coffee beans

If coffee really takes over your life like it does mine, then you may want to start using coffee beans on your next baking adventure. Grind them up while you’re at the store buying new ingredients so that they are ready to go when you get home!

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This will give any cake or cookie a nice strong coffee flavor without having to add extra liquid into the recipe.


What is Grand Marnier?

Grand Marnier is an orange liqueur (flavored liquor) that has been made by the SFR family for over 150 years. It was first made in France, but now they are most well-known for their brandy spirit which is distilled from wine and aged in oak barrels! This specific type of spirit is what made grand Marnier so unique and special.

Why substitute Grand Marnier?

Grand Marnier, like any other liquor, can be expensive. If you are just beginning to bake then it may not make sense to spend a lot of money on flavoring for a recipe that won’t yield much profit overall. Another reason is to cut down on the calories and fat in your recipe. If you are already going to substitute out the sugar, then it may be a smart choice to make a grand Marnier substitution as well!

What is Grand Marnier used for?

It can be used as a liqueur, but it is most well-known to use this type of brandy spirit in baking recipes. A lot of people like the orange flavors that would normally come from marmalade or oranges when substituting Grand Marnier. It’s very common to use this spirit in cakes, cookies, and other baked goods such as bread and pastries.

How do you substitute Grand Marnier?

Grand Marnier has a very distinct orange flavor so it can be hard to replicate in baking recipes. A lot of the time people use other liqueurs, different kinds of fruit juices, extracts, and purees to replace the Grand Marnier. In general, any citrus juice or flavoring works well! You can also substitute Grand Marnier with caramel, amaretto sauce, applesauce, or even coffee beans in some recipes.

What are some common substitutes for Grand Marnier?

Grand Marnier is most commonly subbed out for alcohols such as rum and brandy, but you can also try things like orange juice to get the same orange, zesty flavors. You could use extracts or purees in a pinch as well. Chocolate is another common product that bakers substitute for Grand Marnier!

How do you substitute sugar?

Sugar can be swapped out for erythritol, stevia (both liquid and powdered), or even just plain old Splenda. As long as you are using a zero-calorie product to make your baked good then it’s considered a substitution. You can also substitute sugar with fruit! Blueberries work especially well because they add a natural sweetness that goes along very well with most recipes.

What are some common replacements for sugar?

Erythritol is the most popular zero-calorie granulated sweetener. It is natural and great to use in baking recipes. Sugar alcohols are also a popular substitute, but they can change your recipe slightly because of their varying responses to heat. You should always read the warnings on any product you buy.

What is an alternative for flour?

The most commonly used substitute for flour in baking is gluten-free flour! There are a lot of brands out there that make it so you will have no problem finding one to use in your recipe. You could also try swapping the flour out for coconut flour or almond meal as well.


In conclusion, there are many substitutes for grand Marnier that you can use as alternatives in cooking and baking recipes calling for it where you need price break, quality break or just want to experiment with some different flavors. It’s great finding out that you can substitute something you love with a different flavor that you might now not have ever tried, and fall in love too!

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