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15 Best Beef Consomme Substitutes

Beef consomme is a beef soup you can make it from beef stock, water, beef bones, onions, and beef marrow or veal knuckle. You can use it as an ingredient in making various sauces, soups, and stews. Consomme beef is normally expensive than other kinds of beef. However, you can substitute beef consomme with beef cubes. Consider beef cubes as an alternative to beef consomme in preparing beef stew. The beef cubes will provide the same nutritive value and richness of taste and aroma.

You can do beef consomme replacement with Beef broth, Beef soup, Veal, Beef stock, Beef cube, Vegetable broth, Bouillon, Mushroom consomme, Beef brisket, Soy Sauce, Yeast extract, Browning sauce, Au Jus, Bone broth, Bone marrow.

Substitute For Beef Consomme

  1. Beef broth
  2. Beef soup
  3. Veal
  4. Beef stock
  5. Beef cube
  6. Vegetable broth
  7. Bouillon
  8. Mushroom consomme
  9. Beef brisket
  10. Soy Sauce
  11. Yeast extract
  12. Browning sauce
  13. Au Jus
  14. Bone broth
  15. Bone marrow

1. Beef broth:

15 Best Beef Consomme Substitutes

It can be a good substitute for beef consomme in beef stew recipes. You can make Beef broth by boiling beef briskets, beef shanks, or beef bones for several hours. Moreover, you can buy Beef broth from specialty stores or meat markets.

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To prepare beef broth at home, use beef bouillon powder, a cup of water to one cup of beef chunks. Place beef chunks in a pot and boil beef cubes for an hour.

2. Beef soup:

15 Best Beef Consomme Substitutes

Try beef soup that is usually available at grocery stores or supermarkets as a beef consomme substitute. Use Beef chunks to make beef soup.

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In this case, beef broth can serve as the alternative for beef consomme because it is already rich in flavor. Add beef chunks and beef broth to beef soup and prepare beef stew.

3. Beef stock:

Beef Consomme Substitutes

Another option is beef stock which you can prepare at home. You may use beef shank, beef brisket, beef bones, or beef knuckles to make beef stock. Use one tbs of beef bouillon powder, a cup of water, one cup of beef chunks to boil beef cubes.

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Do not forget to add onions and carrots when boiling beef chunks. The meat stock will serve as an alternative for beef consomme. Because it already has the desired richness and depth of flavor that would be otherwise achieved by using beef consomme.

4. Beef cube:

Beef Consomme Substitutes

If you really want to substitute the expensive beef consomme with something more affordable, try putting two tablespoons each of onion powder, garlic powder, and beef broth in a beef stew recipe. You may also replace beef consomme with beef cubes, available at supermarkets and grocery stores.

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Soak these beef cubes in water to remove the excess fat content. Beef cubes will make your beef stew taste similar to beef consomme. This won’t affect the nutritive value as beef consomme does but at a much lower price. When buying beef cubes, look for those that have not too much fat content. So, you can easily control the amount of oil used in cooking your favorite beef stew recipes. Bon Appetit! Good Cooking!

5. Vegetable broth:

Beef Consomme Substitutes

You may also use vegetable beef soup which is now readily available in grocery stores and supermarkets. The vegetable beef soup contains beef chunks as well as other beef ingredients mixed with vegetables. The beef cubes will add richness to the taste of beef stew without requiring you to spend on beef consomme, which can be costly compared to beef chunks or beef broth.

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You may also try using the vegetable beef cubes recipe at home if you do not want to buy ready-made vegetable beef soup because it requires a lot of work and preparation time. All you need is beef chunks and beef broth, which are already rich in beef flavor and aroma. Just add beef cubes to any beef stew recipe for a healthy dish that tastes delicious.

You may use beef soup or beef consomme as an ingredient when making beef stew recipes. Beef consomme can be expensive than beef chunks or beef broth because of special ingredients like beef marrow or veal knuckles. If you want to save money without sacrificing the taste of your favorite beef stew recipes, substitute beef consomme with one of the following:

6. Bouillon:

Beef Consomme alternatives

You may try beef bouillon powder as a beef consomme replacement in your beef stew recipes instead of beef consomme. That is very expensive than to beef chunks that are readily available at grocery stores and supermarkets for much cheaper prices.

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To make beef cubes tasty and flavorful, you may also use beef bouillon powder. Just put one tablespoon of beef bouillon powder and a cup of beef chunks in a pot, then boil beef cubes until beef cubes are tender.

7. Mushroom consomme:

Mushroom consomme

You may also use beef consomme that contains mushrooms as a beef consomme substitute in beef stew recipes because beef chunks will add the desired flavor to beef stew.

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Beef cubes are not only affordable, but they are rich in nutritional value and an excellent alternative for beef consomme. Mushroom beef consomme has the added advantage of being rich in potassium which beef consomme lacks.

8. Veal:


Another beef consomme substitute is beef veal, which will give beef stew meat a beefy flavor without sacrificing its nutritive value. Beef veal contains beef bones instead of beef chunks but it still makes beef stew taste good and is ideal for those people who prefer using beef bouillon as an alternative to beef consomme due to its lower price compared to that of beef consomme.

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You can use Beef cubes instead of beef veal because they both contain delicious and nutritious ingredients like vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and other spices. Using these ingredients in your favorite beef stew recipes can make them taste better while preserving beef consomme nutritive value in beef stew.

9. Beef brisket:

beef brisket

Beef brisket is beef veal without the beef bones but you can still use beef brisket as beef consomme replacement in beef stew recipes and beef gravy recipes. Another option is beef brisket which can also be used as a beef consomme replacement in beef stew recipes.

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You may place two tablespoons of onion powder, three tablespoons of garlic powder, one tablespoon each of black pepper and paprika, four teaspoons of salt, one teaspoon each of thyme leaves, sage leaves, rosemary leaves, and eight beef chunks in a beef stew recipe. Bake beef consomme replacement beef brisket for about two hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit until beef brisket is tender.

10. Soy Sauce:

soy sauce

You can also use beef consomme which is rich in beef chunks as a beef stew meat substitute for beef broth. Simply add beef chunks to beef broth and beef bouillon powder, then cook until beef chunks are tender.

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You may also try using soy sauce instead of beef consomme because beef cubes will still enhance the flavor of your favorite beef stew recipes like vegetable beef stew without any sacrifice to its nutritive value or taste. Soy sauce is rich in iron, protein, zinc, selenium, riboflavin, and vitamin B6.

11. Yeast extract:

yeast extract

Using yeast extract as a beef consomme replacement in beef stew recipes can provide you with extra flavor that you love about beef consomme but at a lower cost. However, beef chunks are still recommended for their nutritional value and because beef consomme contains beef broth and beef bouillon powder which beef cubes do not contain.

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To use yeast extract as a beef consomme replacement in beef stew recipes, mix three tablespoons of beef chunks with one tablespoon each of onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and paprika, then add two cups each of chicken stock, beef stock, and beef veal to the mixture. Yeast extract is rich in vitamin B-6 which helps relieve pain caused by gout; protein is good for your skin; zinc is essential for healthy bones therefore it prevents osteoporosis; selenium protects against cancer; riboflavin helps metabolize food so you save energy; iron improves your stamina.

12. Browning sauce:

browning sauce

Another beef consomme substitution is beef browning sauce. Beef cubes are beef chunks pureed with beef broth as well as beef bouillon powder, therefore beef cubes add the taste of beef consomme to your favorite beef dishes like stew beef or meatloaf while improving their nutritive value.

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Brown beef cubes with beef cubes in beef stew recipes for three minutes on each side to brown beef cubes evenly. Simply add beef chunks and beef bouillon powder or beef stock to beef broth.

13. Au Jus:

Au jus

If beef chunks are not available, beef consomme can be substituted with beef au jus. The ingredients of beef cubes and beef demi-glace are similar to beef au jus so beef chunks can usually replace beef au jus in most recipes. However, since beef chunks contain added herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage leaves, and parsley which adds great flavor to your favorite beef dishes like stew meat while making them more nutritious, cooking beef stew without it will give you less taste than if you use beef consomme or other substitutes for beef consomme in that recipe.

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Beef chunks also contain a lot of potassium which reduces blood pressure therefore heart disease. In addition, mushrooms are rich in selenium which prevents cancer, and beef cubes are rich in riboflavin which improves your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day.

14. Bone broth:

bone broth

A beef consomme replacement is beef bone broth because beef cubes, beef chunks, browning sauce, and beef au jus are beef bone broth. Cooking beef stew meat in beef bone broth helps the flavor stick to the meat so you get more taste than if you use beef cubes or other substitutes for beef consomme.

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In addition, beef bones are rich in calcium which is good for your teeth and bones as well as phosphorus which prevents osteoporosis; iron improves your stamina; protein makes your skin strong and healthy while zinc enhances immune system health.

15. Bone marrow:

bone marrow

A substitute for beef consomme can be found in the bone marrow. Beef ribs usually contain quite a bit of it. While cooking steak over an open flame on a barbecue or in the broiler, beef ribs can be removed from beef ribeyes and beef New Yorks which beef bones are full of beef marrow.

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Broiled beef ribs can then be sliced thin for your favorite recipes like beef stew or meatloaf. In addition, beef bone marrow contains chondroitin sulfate which prevents joint pain while astragalus root is added to some packages of beef consomme as an extra ingredient that boosts immunity.


What beef consomme product do you use?

Beef consomme is a canned beef broth. We substitute beef consomme with the beef stew that is prepared using beef shank, beef bones, and some vegetables. The beef stew is cooked until tender and then strained to remove fat and vegetables. We also add in “gravy master” which helps give the beef stew a beef consomme flavor when cooking our beef bolognese sauce.

How do you formulate beef bolognese using a substitute for beef consomme?

Using beef stew as a substitute, we need to account for the extra water content from vegetables and fat that has been removed when straining beef stew with gravy master (gravy master provides aroma and taste of beef consomme). Once you have accounted for this water content, then add back in roasted ground beef [recipe below] to get the desired amount of ground beef. Some adjustments should be made depending on the beef bolognese recipe you are using.

If I am not able to get beef stew, can I use beef consomme?

Yes, beef consomme itself will work as a substitute but the beef stew is much easier to find and accounts for water content from vegetables and fat when making beef bolognese sauce.

Where do you buy your beef bones?

We buy our beef bones primarily from local farms and save the bones whenever possible! You can also order beef bones online from B&B Farms or US Wellness Meats which are both great sources. Local farms tend to have better prices though! If we don’t have enough time to cook with them within a week or two, then we freeze beef bones till we have time to use them.

What is a beef shank?

Beef shanks are beef bones that are cut into individual pieces (typically 2-5 inches long each). They are commonly used in Asian cuisine and stews. You can find beef shank at Asian markets or order directly from B&B Farms.

How much beef consomme do you need for one pound of ground beef bolognese?

2 cups beef stew will substitute for 1/2 cup beef consomme. If you have a recipe that calls for 3/4 cup beef consomme, then add in 3 lbs of ground beef with 2 cups of beef stew (for a total of 4 lbs) and the beef stew will substitute for the beef consomme.

What beef consomme product do you use?

We use beef stew which is a beef stew made from beef bones, beef shanks, and beef trimmings. This beef stew has already been cooked and strained to remove fat and vegetables (gravy master is added back in to provide the beef consomme flavor). Most supermarkets don’t carry it but local Asian markets or online from B&B Farms or US Wellness Meats should have it.

How do you stew beef consomme?

Place beef bones, beef shank, and beef trimming in a large stockpot and cover with water. Cook on high heat until boiling then reduce to medium-high heat for 2 hours or until beef is tender (add more water if needed). Remove the beef from the pot and strain through a colander in your sink to remove all fat and vegetables. Place beef in the refrigerator overnight so fat comes back to the top of the liquid (this makes it much easier to skim off). Discard fat (or save for another use such as homemade suet ) then add gravy master back into beef stew liquid. You now have a ready-to-use substitute for beef consomme!


Exercise is important to beef up beef consomme alternatives which beef stew recipes are rich in, such as beef cubes and beef tenderloin. Both beef consomme alternatives can be used in beef stew recipes because beef chunks are nutritious and flavorful. Adding vegetables like bell pepper will make beef stew taste better when you use beef cubes or beef tenderloin as a beef consomme replacement in vegetable beef stew while retaining its nutritional value.

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