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My name is Kamruzzaman, I am a food blogger. Substitute foods are all about healthy substitute foods and how they can be used to improve your health and lifestyle. My goal is to help people change their relationship with food from one that causes them distress or guilt to one that brings joy.

I am a substitute food enthusiast who loves to cook and eat healthily. I first started substituting foods when I was in high school, where my doctor told me to cut out dairy from my diet. Since then, I have been experimenting with different subs for many of the common foods that people don’t usually think about being able to make substitutes for (such as milk).

Since this blog is all about cooking and eating healthier, you’ll find recipes on substitutions for those of us who are lactose intolerant or vegan. You can also find plenty of gluten-free recipes because sometimes you just need something tasty without wheat!

Mehak Naeem


Mehak Naeem RDN, a Licensed Dietitian /Nutritionist with a Masters in Human Nutrition & Dietetics and expertise in Content writing, Counseling, Diet and Recipe Planning, and Product Development.

I also run a Faisalabad-based Nutrition clinic where I work on my Nutrition philosophy that states, “Food doesn’t just Nourish body but soul too and the right food can heal people”.

Being a dietitian helps me see the food from different perspectives. Being passionate about my profession makes me stay up to date about fads and facts of nutrition. Research fascinates me, and being a lecturer makes me explore more about the research world and reiterate it in an easy understanding manner.

I have been in the academic line for 5 years and helped hundreds of students with their future goals. Moreover, being a research supervisor I have been a part of different researches to explore different advantages that one can gain from natural foods.
The essence of a dietitian is all about working towards wellness, so I like creating content that can motivate the audiences and help them achieve their goals. Wellness can come from many sites, so I can provide nutrition counseling with meal plans to help them achieve people their goals such as weight management, disease management, sports nutrition, and most importantly, General Wellness.

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